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The distinguishable difference between the two is that ALAC is an Apple-exclusive format that's fully supported by Apple products, while FLAC was initially developed as a absolutely open-source format but isn't in the list of supported media formats for Apple ecosystem. If you've got a large collection of music files that are in. The solution? Thankfully, The web is full of audio converters.

How to Convert FLAC to Apple Lossless (ALAC) on Mac and PC

Video Converter for Mac is one such tool for you to get the job done without any trouble. It works quickly, flawlessness and supports almost all sorts of file conversions. Despite its name, it takes care of all your music conversions, including FLAC files to Apple Lossless on Mac while still retaining the original quality. In addition to converting back and forth between formats, the tool also supports extracting sound tracks from a video and save as audio format of your choice.

And the last but not least, you can further tweak the conversion settings you want you new minted file to be. Launch the program and you will notice simplistic wizard and a host of options on the main window that you can master in minutes. To get started, click Add File button on the top toolbar to locate the file or the folder where the FLAC files are or simply drag and drop them to the program's window.

Top 6 Free FLAC Converters for Mac in

After adding FLAC files to the queue it is time now to select what you want to the files to be. Click the Profile drop-down menu on the bottom left corner to bring up the format selection dialog as shown below. For advanced users, you could continue to press Settings button near the Profile menu to fine-tune the target quality of audio file.

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This will open a Profile Settings window where you can adjust the parameters to your own actual need. In most cases, fre:ac will show up with a simple search for freac or audio converter in these directories. Check out fre:ac's entry in the Snap Store! The Linux version of fre:ac is now available as a Flatpak package on Flathub. This increases visibility of fre:ac for Linux users and simplifies the installation process.

Here's how to convert FLAC to MP3 free:

If your Linux system is already setup for Flatpak , installing fre:ac is as easy as clicking Install on its Flathub page. Thanks everyone who was involved in getting fre:ac packaged as a Flatpak and published on Flathub! Contact Forums Blog News Home. Translation Status Donate to fre:ac. Follow freacproject. News Feed RSS 2. Latest news Continuous AppImage builds now available fre:ac v1. Welcome to the fre:ac project Sunday, 11 July fre:ac is a free audio converter and CD ripper with support for various popular formats and encoders.

It supports all of the formats available for regular audio file conversion.

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No need to enter track names manually. Portable application, install on a USB stick and take it with you fre:ac can be installed on a USB stick or external drive so you can take it with you and use it on any computer. It will also store its configuration files on the portable drive.

How to convert FLAC+CUE to MP3

That way it will always start up with your custom settings. You will save time and get the job done quickly. Full Unicode support for tags and file names fre:ac provides full support for the Unicode character set. If you like music from all over the world, you can tag your files correctly.

Easy to learn and use, still offers expert options when you need them fre:ac's user interface is designed to be intuitive so you will be able to use the basic features without any trouble. It still offers advanced options when you need them so you will be able to go beyond simple ripping and format conversion using fre:ac.

Windows: Freemake Audio Converter

It can be translated to other languages easily using the 'smooth Translator' utility that is included in the distribution. Completely free and open source without a catch fre:ac is available for free without any adware or other foul things. However, the project relies on your support to be able to push the development further.