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I might give Ubuntu another try on mine. September 30th, 4. Will give it a shot I wasnt aware of the heated issues Let me ask you this Or if I get things working on the Mac Pro, would I have better performance? September 30th, 5.

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It's the same for all macs running Linux as far as I know. As for running an AMD instead, you'd really have to test, as it will all depend on what services and apps you are running.

Maybe you are using a modern video card that would see a bottleneck from the PCIe 1. Or maybe if your primary purpose is running some single-core app. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The first generation model includes the machines from through Aristides Guirrengane. What is the ideal frequency so I can upgrade to 16GB? I have a memory of 8GB but I have doubts if I can use it on my computer.

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Ok thank you, but is there any problem since I already have two 4GB memories installed, add a memory with different size 8GB mhz? As I stated you can mix! Just as long as you don't mix within the bank. As to using the faster clocked RAM it won't run any faster than what the systems clocking is. So it should work here, but you are paying a bit more for it needlessly. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Rumors initially expected the machine to differ physically from the existing G5 and considered a number of different possible internal configurations based on different chipsets, but the coincidence of Intel releasing a new Core 2-based Xeon workstation platform just prior to the Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC made it fairly obvious that the resulting machine would be based on it.

As such, the name "Mac Pro" was widely used before the machine was announced.

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Apple Mac Pro Dual-Core Xeon GHz Specs - CNET

The Mac Pro is a workstation similar to other Unix workstations such as those previously manufactured by Sun Microsystems. Additionally, the codecs used in these applications are generally processor intensive and highly threadable, speeding up almost linearly with additional processor cores. In general, the Mac Pro has been well received in the press. Post revision, the default configurations for the Mac Pro includes one quad-core Xeon at 2. Like its predecessor, the Power Mac G5, the Mac Pro is Apple's only desktop with standard expansion slots for graphics adapters and other expansion cards.

The current Mac Pro is available with one or two processors with options giving four, eight, or twelve cores.

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  5. While electrically the FB-DIMMs are standard, for pre Mac Pro models Apple requests that users use larger-than-normal heatsinks on the memory modules that they install. Mac Pro computers made in and later do not require memory modules with heatsinks.

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    The Mac Pro has room for four internal 3. The hard drives are mounted on individual trays also known as 'sleds' within the bays by captive thumbscrews similar to the ones used for the PCIe expansion slots. A set of four drive trays is supplied with each machine. Adding hard drives to the system does not require cables to be attached as the drive is connected to the system simply by inserting it in the corresponding drive slot.

    Apple Mac Pro 2x 2.0GHz Dual-Core (4 Cores) Xeon (Early 2006) MA356LL/A 2 - Good Condition

    A case lock on the back of the system locks the disks trays into their positions. Various 2. Many optical drives require the older style ATA ports, including those currently shipped with new machines. The first slot is double wide and intended to hold the main video card, arranged with an empty area the width of a normal card beside it to leave room for the large coolers modern cards often use.