How do you switch x and y axis in excel for mac

The y-axis needs to be numeric. Please, edit this topic's initial post and add "[Solved]" to the subject line if your problem has been solved. Ubuntu I tried with both scatter chart and line chart. Can you attach it here, or at least a sample from it? But, I could not delete Y values. They are still pointing old values.

Finally, I pointed to them to empty cells.

How to Change X and Y axis in Excel Graph

But this leads to very incorrect graph. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I think the problem is the way your table is arranged, but I don't understand what you're doing well enough to re-arrange it. Each data series seems to have multiple x values with only one y value--rather the opposite of most data series.

I'm not sure how to get OOo to do that--if it can at all. Programmer AOO 4. This has graph created using same data orientation. I tried to create like his graph by manually editing data ranges. But, I could not remove Y data range. This is quick reply from my side. This is sample. Positive Correlation - as the x variable increases, so does the y variable. An example of a strong positive correlation is the amount of time the students spend studying and their grades. Negative Correlation - as the x variable increase, the y variable decreases. Ditching classes and grades are negatively correlated - as the number of absences increases, the exam scores decrease.

No Correlation - there is no evident relationship between the two variables; the dots are scattered around the entire chart area. For example, students' height and grades appear to have no correlation as the former does not affect the latter in any way. As with other chart types, nearly each element of a scatter graph in Excel is customizable. In case your data points are clustered at the top, bottom, right, or left side of the graph, you may want to clean up the extra white space. The below screenshot shows my settings:.

When creating a scatter graph with a relatively small number of data points, you may wish to label the points by name to make your visual better understandable. Here's how you can do this:.

Flip x and y axes in Excel graph - Super User

That's it! All data points in our Excel scatter plot are now labeled by name:. When two or more data points are very close to each other, their labels may overlap, as is the case with the Jan and Mar labels in our scatter diagram. To fix this, click on the labels, and then click on the overlapping one so that only that label gets selected. Point your mouse cursor to the selected label until the cursor changes to the four-sided arrow, and then drag the label to the desired position. As the result, you will have a nice Excel scatter plot with perfectly legible labels: Add a trendline and equation To better visualize the relationship between the two variables, you can draw a trendline in your Excel scatter graph, also called a line of best fit.

To have it done, right click on any data point and choose Add Trendline… from the context menu. Excel will draw a line as close as possible to all data points so that there are as many points above the line as below.

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Additionally, you can show the equation for the trendline that mathematically describes the relationship between the two variables. For this, check the Display Equation on Chart box on the Format Trendline pane that should appear in the right part of your Excel window immediately after you've added a trendline. The result of these manipulations will look similar to this:. What you see in the screenshot above is often called the linear regression graph , and you can find the detailed guidelines on how to create it here: How to make a linear regression graph in Excel.

Changing Axis Labels in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

As already mentioned, a scatter plot usually displays the independent variable on the horizonal axis and the dependent variable on the vertical axis. If your graph is plotted differently, the easiest fix is to swap the source columns in your worksheet, and then draw the chart anew.

If for some reason rearranging the columns is not possible, you can switch the X and Y data series directly on a chart. Here's how:. As the result, your Excel scatter plot will undergo this transformation:. That's how you create a scatter plot in Excel. In our next tutorial, we will continue with this topic and show how to quickly find and highlight a certain data point in a scatter graph.

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Please stay tuned! I do not have the plus button you have for your graph Also, I have never said this so why am I getting a duplicate response? Just click anywhere on the chart for the plus button Chart Elements button to appear. And sorry for the "duplicate response" message, our webmaster is working on it already. If I have a set of connected sample data for x and y values that varies in size, but I want them to be plotted in order of numerical size, how do I sort them without manually moving around the data entries.

As an analogy in letters I have the letters 'b' , 'f' and 'd' but I want to plot them in alphabetical order so they appear from left to right as 'b','d','f'. The corresponding y-values would obviously have to follow so they stay with their x-value. Others say you need to write a macro of your own.

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I don't see the "Value from Cells"-box. Why so? E-mail not published. Scatter plot in Excel How to organize data for a scatter chart How to make a scatter plot in Excel Scatter chart types 3D scatter plot in Excel Scatter graph and correlation Customizing scatter plot Adjust the axis scale to reduce white space Add Excel scatter plot labels Add a trendline Swap X and Y data series Scatter plot in Excel A scatter plot also called an XY graph , or scatter diagram is a two-dimensional chart that shows the relationship between two variables.

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  6. How to arrange data for a scatter chart With a variety of inbuilt chart templates provided by Excel, creating a scatter diagram turns into a couple-of-clicks job. If your dependent column comes before the independent column and there is no way you can change this in a worksheet, you can the swap x and y axes directly on a chart. Tip: How to fix overlapping labels When two or more data points are very close to each other, their labels may overlap, as is the case with the Jan and Mar labels in our scatter diagram.

    As the result, you will have a nice Excel scatter plot with perfectly legible labels:. To safely edit the contents of the Series boxes, put the mouse pointer in the box, and press F2. February 10, at am. Svetlana Cheusheva Ablebits. February 11, at am. Tobias Holm Johansen says:. March 1, at pm. Linn Bjurek says:. April 5, at am. Nils says:. August 12, at pm. Post a comment Click here to cancel reply. Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments received we cannot guarantee that we will be able to give you a timely response.

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