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Is now a dedicated technical consultant at PepperByte. Specialist in virtualization and security. After deploying new ESXi 4.

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Also the new hosts were not reachable from the network. At first we thought of network problems although other servers in the datacenter did not experience this sort of problems.

Reserved Space for Virtualization

Further investigation led me to problems with the MAC-addresses. How to do this…. Install the latest VMware tools. RDP into the virtual machine and take not of the IP information on all nics.

The Host Virtual MAC Address Riddle -

This keeps you from getting weird messages later about IP addresses already being assigned to a nic. Shut down the VM. Click on each network adapter and write down the current MAC address. Then click on remove to remove the nic from the machine.

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If you go back in and look at the nic you will notice that it has the MAC that you manually added. Hidden devices, especially old nic need to be removed. You will see unused devices showing greyed out.

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    Cloned ESXi Duplicate vmk0 MAC Addresses

    Or just use the client and browse the datastore, download the vmx you want to edit, edit with wordpad, upload in place, run the VM. RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

    Virtualbox change mac address

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    Manually Assigning a MAC in VMware

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