Blu ray burner for mac g5

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Posted June 4, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts. Posted June 5, I suggest getting an external Blu-ray drive for use with the Air.

MCE offers internal Blu-ray for Power Mac G5, Mac Pro

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Using The Original 'Cheese Grater' Power Mac G5 in 2019!

And the bracket this reader used also had a heatsink feature but I doubt that really matters much but they were relatively cheap. Of course if you don't care about any of that you can do this very cheaply with the all metal 5. Drive is SATA but is 15mm high too tall. Replies noted other capacity USB Passport drives were the same way - buyer beware.

How to convert videos for LG G5?

Card is bootable with Mac Pro 5,1 bootrom version Combo USB 3. Most still seem ok with using Silicon Image's drivers from mid See article link below.

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Includes card info and some initial real-world benchmarks. Reports are from OS X OS X FYI - Includes reports on compatible and incompatible external cases - some ext. This Hardware was generally powered by powerpc processors, meaning that widespread intel chips found in everyday PC's were unable to run the mac os. However around this all changed when Apple decided to use intel chips in their desktop machines, a move which both enabled them to build faster more groundbreaking machines but at the same time got people thinking hmmm now that apple are using intel chips, does this mean that I can install the mac operating system OSX on my PC?

It all boils down to what hardware you have at your disposal, as some pieces of hardware are more compatible than others, some hardware combinations can run mac osx almost perfectly after the necessary patches and fixes have been applied. Again there is no substitute for a genuine mac that JUST WORKS, as many people in the hackintosh community will attest to, it is however a fun project, that will put your technical skills to the test! I personally want to build a hackintosh for the sole intention of bluray support, as I have a whole load of Family videos that i want to fit onto multiple blurays, and with blu ray software beginning to emerge for the mac, I want to utilise the new technology which at present is not available direct from Apple.

Running this software will require my hackintosh to run osx at a minimum version of My Hackintosh will Contain the following Components:.

FastMac Announces 4x Blu-ray Burner for Pro Macs – The Mac Observer

Intel Q 2. Ok so lets get started. The next step is to remove the fan rear fan mount, which is held on by small screws which are visible when you look closely, once these are unscrewed the fan mount will pop out:. The next thing I did was mount my 80mm Fans onto the stock fan mount.

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The next step is to mount the new components into the g5 case using the mounting pins you just removed. The mounting pins are all different sizes but you will find that some of them are the same length, I attached these to the motherboard and sat it in the g5 case with the graphics and pci cards attached to see if it would sit properly in the g5 case.

I used some hi temperature Evo-Stik Serious Glue to mount the old mounting points onto the g5 case and screwed the pci cards into the case to hold motherboard in place whilst to ensure that the mounting sockets stayed in position and lined up with the original g5 pci bracket holes on the donor case.

I left it to dry for 24 hours.