Erase and install mac os x 10.7

Once you see the Apple logo appear in the middle of the screen you can release the Command and R keys. Your Mac is now starting up in Recovery Mode.

How to Reformat Mac OS X Without a Recovery Disc or Drive « Mac Tips :: Gadget Hacks

When the Mac has completed its startup, you should see a window similar this one: Click on Disk Utility and then click the Continue button. Typically the hard drive is named Macintosh HD but yours could have a different name. Click the Erase button and follow the prompts to erase the hard drive.

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You will be warned that everything will be removed from the hard drive and that this is permanent. Select your Wi-Fi menu and, if needed, enter the password needed to connect to this wireless network. This could take around an hour or so When the installation has finished the Mac should automatically restart itself and take you to its Setup Wizard which will ask you a series of questions to guide you through initial setup of your Mac. Note that this may take up between 10 and 60 minutes, depending on your Internet connection speeds.

How to reinstall Mac OS X from scratch

Do not start the installation process when your download finishes. Our goal is here to keep a soft copy of the installer and in the flash drive. Double-click InstallESD. This may take a minute or two. Plug in the flash drive into your Mac and launch the Disk Utility application.

You can do it quickly by searching via Spotlight. Note: This will remove everything in the flash drive.

Reinstalling Lion

Keep a backup of the files within if you still need them, then come back to this section. Once the flash drive is formatted, re-select the formatted USB drive from the left menu, and click the Restore tab.

Do the following steps carefully:. First, a reboot!

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Then, select the Mac OS X on the right. Click the Erase button button and everything including files, applications, settings, etc in your Mac will be completely deleted.

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Note: Do this with caution as there will be no way for recovery from this point onwards. This time, select Reinstall OS X , the second option from the list. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience.