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There are a lot of features provided by Autocad. Some are as follows —.

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  • AutoCAD for Mac: An Overview.
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Start Your Free Design Course. The current version of Revit is only supported by windows but cannot be used in other operating systems like Mac OS. Revit is featureful and some of the features are as follows —. The cost is as follows —. AutoCAD vs Revit tools are used in industries for commercial purpose to create 2D-3D designs blueprints for buildings, bridges, computer etc.

Difference between AutoCAD vs Revit

The purpose of Autocad is to draw 2D lines representing real elements whereas Revit can be used to create 3D components equipped with real-life information. Autocad focuses on design and modifications of individual elements of a project whereas, in Revit, the project is considered as indivisible. The modifications and last minute changes are easily done in Revit as compared to Autocad , where the modifications are manual and time-consuming. Autocad is available as both web and mobile app and can be used on both platforms Windows and Mac.

Revit can only be used on Windows operating system. Based on the requirements, available hardware and design requirements one can choose between Autocad and Revit to create blueprints.

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    You can change the size, shape, and configuration of your block references, which gives them intelligence and flexibility in just a couple of clicks. You can link all the data from your tables with assigned Microsoft Excel tables. This is a very useful feature, as it also allows you to apply formulas to your spreadsheet. Just like the Windows version, the Mac version enables you to use customized menus, ribbons, palettes, and toolbars to save and restore your workspaces.

    You can create both multiline mtext and single line text as a single object. You can then format this text and create boundaries and columns. You can save views by name, which allows you to easily return to a view to apply to layout viewports or for a quick reference.

    Grip editing is a feature that allows you to move, reshape, and manipulate objects easily. You can use different types of multi-functional grips that can offer some grip-specific or object-specific options. These include object and layer transparency, model documentation, image references, and others. As many Mac users were disappointed with the lack of features in the initial releases, things have changed drastically in the last couple of years.

    Here are some interesting features that were added through the years:. Many other features were added in the past eight years, each of them taking AutoCAD for Mac one step closer to working as perfectly as the Windows version. These improvements were most noticeable in the UI department. It still looks a bit different from the Windows version the ribbon still looks more like an AutoCAD classic setup , but the latest version certainly makes it easier for people making the switch from Windows.

    One of those improvements is that the drawings are contained in the program frame, rather than each drawing having its own floating window like before. Open drawings are also more easily accessible through the file tabs with a single click.

    Import/Export File Formats in ARCHICAD

    In addition, the program now uses a single drawing panel. The toolsets have also gone through some changes to make them even more similar to the Windows version. For example, at the top of the drawing area you will find a customizable toolbar that has the most frequently used tools — just like the Quick Access feature on Windows. And, just like tools are split between workspaces on Windows, you will now see that the area on the left side of the screen has been split into two tabs — Drafting and Modeling.

    These tabs are further grouped into panels.

    How to Open, Edit, and Convert DAE Files

    This not only makes it easier for Windows users to switch to the Mac version, but it also reintroduces some of the features we know and like. You have to think about other products and specialized toolsets that you will be using.

    AutoCAD to Maya Architectural Modeling

    For example, many professionals who make their living in 3D modeling also use Plant 3D or Civil 3D — none of which is available for Mac. By the same token, Navisworks, Revit, and Inventor are all Windows-only products that are currently unavailable to Mac users. Both versions of AutoCAD are optimized for the respective operating system, so chances are that a Mac user will heavily prefer the Mac version. Keep in mind the specialized toolsets we mentioned above and do your research on which of those you need. The programs themselves operate by the same laws and have virtually the same features.

    No matter which of these two versions you end up choosing, you will hardly make a wrong choice. AutoCAD is efficient and potent on both platforms and it will make your 3D modeling and documenting projects easy and professional. Check Autodesk Offers Now. Maya vs. Maya LT Maya vs. Blender AutoCAD vs. What Is Different? Tool palettes; Geographic location; Powerful, simplified rendering; New feature highlighting; Material creation, editing, and mapping; Camera creation; Walkthroughs, animations, and flybys; 3D print studio; Design share; Data extraction; Reference Navisworks models.