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Most Mac OS X users are familiar with disk image files ending with the ". Files ending with ". The icon is a picture of a hard drive on a piece of paper with the corner folded up. If double-clicking on the file does not mount the image, opening the image from the Disk Utility application may work. Failing that, the Terminal application may work. Double-click on the. IMG in the Finder. This will open the image and reveal the file or folder that was used to create the image.

Look for the mounted file or folder on your desktop. It will also be displayed in the Finder, located on the left column. Eject the disk image by clicking on the "Eject" button next to it in the Finder. You can also eject it by dragging it to the "Trash" in the Dashboard. The "Trash" icon will change to an eject button as you drag the file.

Ultimate Optical Disk Imaging Utility / Extractor / ISO Creator

I would have never known this, I have almost exactly the same problem. Thanks for the instructions. My last copy of Toast is version 6.

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Roxio update fees are outrageous and Toast is getting too complicated for my taste. Nice to see that they have at least one forward thinking developer still on staff. The last Toast I really liked was version 5. Now, I guess my knowledge of these kind of operations is simply not sophisticated enough, but I would be very happy to learn it and to get things working. I thought it was just my computer. A rather noobe mistake :- , just as I thought.

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Good point. On the other hand, Xcode allows all kinds of other wonderful debugging modes and experimental software to run. So if you are doing cutting edge kind of work on your Mac, you will probably have to install Xcode sooner or later. There are several solutions on the Apple site for this problem, so I will not detail them all here!

I ran into some of the problems you described when first trying to install Macports on Leopard. When I installed the older version, Darwinports managed to update itself automatically — without having to handconfigure paths. My problem is that, when I enter ccd2iso image.

Could someone help? Did you get the path right? This is strange. I had absolutely no problems converting my. If your image. Any way to download again or try another source for the same file? I just found another set of files in iso for the same program! It would have been satisfying to get ccd2iso to work, but it was time to cut my losses. I tried again:. You seem to be having some issues with paths and permissions.

Try repairing permissions in Disk Utility. Non-standard paths and such can occur from repeatedly doing upgrades I solved all of these sorts of issues on my own computer by starting with a fresh install of It took some time but a lot of annoying issues went away. Well, it had also said that sudo and port were unrecognized commands. For instance, sudo install ccd2iso gave me an unrec. Was odd. I did figure out the permission fixing, though. Was just me being silly and trying to write while it was all still read-only. Command line business seems to be a little too far out of my range. Appreciate the quick response, though!

Keep practicing with the command line. Eventually it gets easier. This was an ambitious project with which to start exploring the command line. I think fink messed with it. A lot of similar problems were cleared up when I finally bit the bullet and started from scratch. You get rid of a lot of dicey preferences files as well. It worked!

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I have the same file downloaded. According to the instructions, i downloaded xcode, macports and darwinport ports but i keep getting an error which says sudo commant not found in terminal. The problem in this method is that cdd2iso is ignoring the. The start of the file is 0 for some time, before the real data starts. I remember having some issues like that at the beginning.

Follow the steps above very carefully and ccd2iso should work for you.

How to Create Windows-Compatible ISO Disc Images on a Mac

The audio tracks are misaligned even after using that, but it sounds like others have the same problem even using CloneCD itself to burn the same image. So the problem was with the image and not with the procedure. Good to know. Thanks for letting us know, Trejkaz. I figured out what was going on when I looked at the. Thanks for the info Trejkaz. If this is indeed a software limitation, it would be great if somebody would add a more sophisticated error message. If the developers do stop by here, consider informative failure messages a feature request by both Trejkaz and myself. Hey guys, complete noob to both terminal and Mac OS here, but I followed every step up until installing ccd2iso.

Just rename the file so that it includes a. If you get stuck, you can burn an image to DVD , as well as a thumb-drive. Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can't convert iso to img on mac Ask Question.

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Asked 6 years, 7 months ago. Active 3 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 32k times. This is what I entered: cd Desktop hdiutil convert ubuntu What should I do?

IMG to ISO How to Convert 2018

Braiam Can you point where did you get that instructions? That's fine, it's not openable. But it can be converted and booted from.

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From that very same documentation : Note: OS X tends to put the.