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Lyrics submitted by oofus. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Forums Lyrics Artists add Journals. Artists - F. Read More Edit Wiki. Once again she steals away Then she reaches out to kiss me And how she takes my breath away Pretending that she won't miss me Oh I would bleed to love her Bleed to love her Oh I would bleed to love her And once again she calls to me Then she vanishes in thin air And how she takes my breath away Pretending that she's not there Oh I would bleed to love her Bleed to love her Oh I would bleed to love her Somebody's got to see this through All the world is laughing at you Somebody's got to sacrifice If this whole thing's going to turn out right Oh I would bleed to love her Bleed to love her Oh I would bleed to love her Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Bleed To Love Her song meanings. Add your thoughts 7 Comments. General Comment Stevie never sang this song Which I have NO doubt is about Stevie. So, yeah. WOW I almost dropped dead upon checking my email and seeing all the fanfic updates for tonight!! OMG Someday! Stories of Us!

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Revolutionary Peeta and Counselor Peeta! Off to read and review and squee! Thank you, fanfic gods. We have obviously done something to please you.

Fleetwood Mac - Bleed To Love Her , ukulele chords (uke tab)

My guess is Obama reelection but I will go with whatever. This is all just been on this tour, naturally. From Log in Sign up. Attention All Fleetwood Mac Fans:. Bleed to Love Her Fleetwood Mac. All the world is laughing at you. Lindsey Buckingham Bleed to Love Her. Ask twoathreeafowar a question ask anon bleed to love her lindsey buckingham syw. I would bleed to love her. SYDNEY, 22nd October Well, I think, um, you would have to say that one of the things that has always been appealing about this band, is that we have, to a fairly substantial degree, lived our lives in the public eye.

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SYDNEY, 24th October Well, I think one thing you could say about this band is that part of what has made us what we are, and part of what I think was engaging to the listener, was the fact that we were certainly writing and singing about our lives, but those lives were right there for everyone to examine. I forgot how much I absolutely LOVE this song bleed to love her fleetwood mac lindsey buckingham stevie nicks christine mcvie john mcvie mick fleetwood love music the dance lyrics. And how she takes my breath away Fleetwood Mac bleed to love her lyrics.

Many of the lines reflect that kind of thought process. Fleetwood Mac lyrics Bleed to love her song lyrics music quote love love quote relationships. Fleetwood Mac bleed to love her personal. Listen Heaven. Fleetwood Mac bleed to love her say you will music. Was this a recent confession? Not that I doubted this for a second.

Like not even reflective but that he was talking in the current. It was a diff vibe to his other speeches Attention those who read my fanfic: I will be sending out a new email later today with another part of the BTLH sequel. This concert is what all musical dreams are made of and it's just fabulous. From the opening chords of "The Chain" through to Christine's beautiful encore of "Songbird", the chills and thrills will run up and down your spine just like Lindsey's fingers run up and down his guitar fretboard.

This is a live musical masterpiece and is very addictive viewing and listening. The fabulous five are in fine form throughout, and it appears to be a total reinvention of sorts. The wonderful arena of the Warner Bros. Studios compliments the occasion with it's lavish stage set. However, it's the lead guitar-driven performances of Lindsey Buckingham that steals the show from the hard-rock blues of "I'm So Afraid" which is a passionately orgasmic experience to behold!

Stevie Nicks' crowning moment comes in the form of the beautiful "Silver Springs" - wonderful! The finale is something to behold too, complete with the accompaniment of the USC Marching Band - "Tusk" and "Don't Stop", which leads us to Christine's heartfelt encore at the piano - Fabulous!

If you don't own this on CD and DVD then where have you been for the past ten years - go out and buy tomorrow!!! This DVD is an absolute work of genius the band maybe all in there 50s but they still rock with the best of them, They sound like a band on top of there game and the songs all classics even the new ones bleed to love her and temporary one fit right in there with the rest and for them to bring back silver springs which was last played live in for the behind the mask tour and was shamefully left off the rumours album and put as a b side to go your own way has to be along with landslide one of the best songs ever written and the performance of it was so heartfelt and emotional no surprise it got put up for a Grammy.

The band may sound older but they proved they have not lost any of there magic Lindsay is a genius on the guitar and his reworking of big love is inspired Christine as ever sounds amazing with her golden voice and as always leaves me with a lump in my throat when she sings songbird at the end of-the concert Stevie her voice sounds older but it is still a powerful instrument and she looks great and puts so much into her performance Mick and john the best rhythm section there is these 2 guys have played together since the before there was a fleet wood mac and they compliment each other perfectly johns low key performance to Mick's wild man bug eyed look The performance of tusk with the USC Trojan band was out of this world definitely a showstopper gave a the song a great twist and brought a dream to life for Mick as he had intended for the local marching bad to perform that song with them whenever they where on tour but it never worked out until now well worth waiting over 25 years for.

This is a 10 out of 10 performance and everybody should have this in there music collection. I saw them perform in for there say you will tour and although Christine was missing they still performed a brilliant blistering show that at over 2 hours long and over 17 songs would have left many a younger band shattered but they where outstanding and they still have that magic even now approaching there 60s.

Miss S 8 July And-- what? It went through tracks in order, then to 5, now to But I remember other songs being there. I don't know. It's an absolute exorcism. Stevie just wails out the end, just screams it out. Then she walks over to Mick and she extends her arm up into the air. So great. I just noticed something! I bet she's looking at Eddy her husband.

What ruins the song a little-- I've finally figured it out! See, I've always thought "You Make Loving Fun" was a good song, but something about the live version irked me. I've figured it out-- Stevie's backup singers sing in it. I don't find thier voices all that great. But the backup singers do a little ditty in it.

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This is one of my favorite Christine songs. But I guess I can kind of see why they didn't put this on the CD. There's something missing from it.

Good song. Screwed up in that particular performance. But they still should've put "Gold Dust Woman" in there. They left "Gypsy" off the CD too? Okay, this better have something in it to justify cos "Gypsy" is one of the better. Okay I am also noticing that they cut Lindsey's explanation of "Big Love" beforehand. Oh well, the song MORE than makes up for it. It is absolutely amazing to watch him play. Wow, it's amamzing the things you notice. I should watch this more often.

I swear, the dog twitched right along with the music as she slept-- it was great. My dog was dreaming about Fleetwood Mac. You know you've had success when that happens. Now, of course, we have "Landslide". What is amazing about Stevie, is that even at 51, she still looks young. Granted, she's not as skinny anymore, but that's another thing I like about her. For once, a female singer in a band does not have to be thin to be beautiful and to be given regard. This woman has paid her dues. They all have. Look however you want, Stevie.

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And you have never heard a crowd cheer so much as they do when Stevie and Lindsey hug after Landslide. Now we're to "Temporary One"-- the new Christine song. They cut her speaking bit in it, oh well. Again, it's made up for. This one they tend to swing out with crowd shots, as they often do with Christine songs.

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I've tried it so many times, and I can never get it to where it sounds decent. Of course, my voice isn't phenomenal either, but still!!

Stevie can quite easily pull it off, as only she can. It is a very beautiful song, and it is fitting that they picked as a single off this album. It's a whole extra, what, seconds? Big Deal There!! You know what's cool about Tusk?