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The real trick for me is the note feature in each list. The app truly works Wonders. Love this thing. A friend told me about this app. It has simplified my life times 1, So many pieces of papers and notepads I was frustrated I could not somehow organize them so I could keep up and not feel overwhelmed with everything I had to do. I could not keep up with anything. Now it is all in one place and alplabetized so it is easy to locate. I can put a reminder and due dates on each item so I get a reminder to do it as it needs to be done. I can delete it once it is completed without having pages of notepads with items marked through but needing to keep the page with other items that need to be done.

I can share lists with family members so they can add items to a Wishlist for Christmas or for items needed at the grocery store. Which by the way is the easiest way to have a grocery shopping list because you add items as you think of them and it is shared so whoever does the shopping always has a current list. I have the app on my laptop and my phone. The lists always sync on both so always have it available no matter which one I use. Absolutely the best thing that has happened to me to simplify my life. I owe my friend and will be taking her out to one of the nicest restaurants in Dallas as a thank you for how she has helped me get my sanity back!

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Thanks Rebecca you are a saint. I have tried more than 10 Organizational programs, most of which were free, had nominal cost or had plenty of Internet Hype and after about 5 years and many trash cans later, this one is hands down the best!

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I manage 6 Departments with multiple direct reports. I sit on 4 Boards and have numerous family commitments with teenage kids.

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I would be lost without this program. Although they look very different, they both strive for minimal design and smooth operation. They also keep things simple in terms of task features, giving you everything you need for managing tasks without trying to do anything else. In both cases, you end up with a streamlined app that does exactly what it says and everything you need is accessible within a click or two.

Once again, TickTick has an excellent calendar interface integrated into its app, giving you a wider overview of your to-do lists. Aide from being design and optimised for Apple devices, Things also offers up a few unique features that you end up wishing were more commonplace.

Another simple but great feature is headlines. This allows you to break up to-do lists with headlines so you can categorise tasks and make larger lists easier to read. Again, simple but effective. Aside from creating tasks, setting due dates and all the usual things you would expect from a task management app, WeDo wants to help you develop good habits and you can create separate habits lists.

The essential to-do list app for Mac lovers.

If your aim to manage tasks more effectively and improve that work-life balance or develop better habits, WeDo is definitely worth a look. While many of the tools in this article are task management apps built around the to-do list concept, Google Keep is far more limited in terms of features. Strictly speaking, Google Keep is a note taking app with a checklist feature that acts as a to-do list. You can also create bullet point lists, add voice notes, type text notes and add pictures to your dashboard and organise them with colour codes and lables.

Trello is a project management tool for individuals and collaborative teams.

Essentially, you assign dashboards to projects or large tasks and these dashboards contain lists of cards. These cards can contain tasks, to-do lists or checklists, which can be assigned to members who are then able to interact with them. You can set due dates, mark tasks complete, add comments, rearrange or reschedule tasks and talk to members via instant messaging through the Trello app.

Habitica gamifies the to-do list experience by getting you to create an Avatar, which receives points and bonuses for completing the tasks on your list. The more points you win, the stronger your Avatar becomes and the more in-game features and rewards you unlock. You can create positive habits that earn you points as well as negative habits you want to avoid, in which case points are taken away from you. You can also create habits that have both positive and negative outcomes — for example, eating a healthy dinner.

If you eat something healthy, you win points; if you eat something unhealthy, you lose points. We all have our own way of working and our own requirements, so the rest of this article is going focus on helping you decide which of these apps meet your needs. Having support for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android will give you the freedom to do this without losing your favourite to-do list app. All of the apps in this article are designed to help you become more productive but they vary greatly in terms of features. Most of them are very good task management tools while some are better than others when it comes to project management, collaboration and reporting.

That said, if you need to manage projects, teams or collaborate with others, then your list of options narrows. This is a really tricky one because all of these apps offer great user experiences. The best to-do list experiences come from the apps that really focus on this role. Then we have Habitica, which is by no means your typical to-do list app, but what an experience the team behind it has managed to create.

In this case, you really need to be able to schedule tasks, group them together, prioritise tasks and manage them as you progress through each project. The free versions of nTask and Trello should have everything you need to manage the most complex of projects. The potential issue with nTask and Trello is they may actually have too many features for managing personal tasks and projects. If you still want that simple to-do list experience, with just enough features to help you manage more complex workloads, then Wunderlist and Todoist are probably for you.

For an even more minimal experience, you may find the paid versions Any.

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The standout winners in this scenario are nTask and Trello — but far the best experiences for teams and individuals who need to collaborate. Teams need to be able to communicate and both of these apps have integrated messaging built into their software. Which means team members can discuss and collaborate on tasks from anywhere, whenever they need to.

With the paid version of either app, you can manage multiple teams, any number of projects and organise the most complex of workloads. You get a lot of project management features to help you calculate budgets, define risks and issues with each project, arrange meetings and some really strong reporting to go with it.

The best to-do list and task list app for Mac OSX: Wunderlist

There are also unique productivity features, such as time tracking, which allows you to see how long tasks are taking. You can get most or all of these features in Trello by integrating with other tools and you are going to need other tools anyway but nTask may be able to reduce your over expenses by offering so much right out of the box. What I can do is score each app based on the features they offer, their availability across different platforms and the asking price. Keep in mind there are cheaper or free versions of most of these apps available. Most of the apps in this article have free versions that you can use to get a feel for them yourself — so try out the ones you think have potential and see how you get on.

Your email address will not be published. Folders: Group related lists into folders to manage projects or complex tasks into manageable categories. Reminders: Set reminders to ensure tasks are never forgotten. Notifications: Get updates via push, email and in-app notifications.

Collaborate: Share your lists with others and collaborate on groups tasks. Comments: Communicate with other members within the Wunderlist app for improved teamwork. Highlight tasks: Highlight the most important tasks with colour-coded priority levels. Reports: Keep on track of your progress with reports and earn Todoist Karma points for hitting targets. Key features Task management: Create checklists, schedule tasks, set deadlines, repeat tasks and set priorities.

Project management: Assign tasks to team members, set project budgets and cost estimates, add lists for project risks and issues. Time tracking: Monitor how much time is being spent on tasks.

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Activity log: Keep track of all activities on your profile for insights on performance and productivity. Gantt charts: View progress on Gantt charts for an overview of entire projects.