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The next thing to try would be to do the full install using the Windows XP VM and hopefully the installation won't be broken, but I don't have another hours to invest in that effort at the moment. D3DXFloat32To16Array, aborting" error anymore, but still has the "X Error of failed request: BadValue integer parameter out of range for operation " error, and also there are debug error messages about some resource not found in the RDB.

If anyone else wishes to try this, I recommending copying an installation over from a Windows machine or using a Windows VM to try installing. Posted: Fri Aug 17, am. Who is online. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. Hosted By. Anyone can help look into this? It looks like the last patch failed to apply correctly, and there might be some DirectX error too. Since AoC is F2P now, I'm hoping some kind wine devs might find it in their heart to take a look into this.

D3DXFloat32To16Array, aborting This is being worked on at this moment by the Wine development volunteer staff and might be in the next release pending approval. Quote: X Error of failed request: BadValue integer parameter out of range for operation Major opcode of failed request: Apple-DRI Minor opcode of failed request: 2 Value in failed request: 0x Serial number of failed request: Current serial number in output stream: Do you have only Apple's X11 installed?

I highly recommend in that case installing XQuartz 2. James No. Play Now. Is not a game for kids or hypocrites. Robert Howard would be proud of the artwork and realism Funcom put in this game. Howard philosophy: the sword that wins against the sorcery. Next time you let someone review this let him read up on the history of the names…. Robert E Howard…. This game is only worth it if you buy the full game and expansion. F2P is only worth playing if you just want to test the game, but it wont give the game justice. You can unlock every ability on it permanently over time and via this you can progress to the very end raids and become viable for pvp.

Seems like this game is dead,player numbers wise. Played for a little while few weeks and servers always felt like ghost towns.

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I think this game is pretty good so far. I like how raw tje graphics are and how the full nudity is in effect. The kids complaining about adult themes shouldnt be playing this game to start with.

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Ftp is limited but if you think about it the developers WILL want you to buy the subscription. Hell I would or whats the point in making them in the first place if you give all your hard work away for free. Theres plenty of free mmorpgs out there that are terrible quality if you want a ftp game with no room for improvement.

Stop bitching and being tight or just stop playing.

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Im a f2p player and this game is not f2p. Oh i know they need to keep the game running, they need money, but duuuude a game with that name could earn far far more money if they could make a system like PWE did on Neverwinter. They should make that f2p can get any item in game but just by playing ALOT, and in game currency should be able to be exchanged for that real money points forgot the name. Ive seen this system in Neverwinter and ppl are spending huge amounts of cash just to skip that big grind, or to sell item shop items on auction house for in game currency.

That makes me sad cuz i love Conan story and i love this game, its mu fav even tho its old. Great game but its far from a real f2p, u cant really do anything whn u reach cap if ur f2p and ur character is very inferior comparing it to subscribers which means ur useless in pvp and in dungeons.

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Theres very low gold cap for f2p and very little bank space. I really love the game but i hate these big handicaps that funcom made for f2p players. Hoping for a big changes in tht direction. Really careful with payments is not sure you claim what you pay for I had twice a problem with payments I provide the proof of payments and refuse to investigate when I start to be offensive and my lawyer contact them the problem resolved and they find the payment. Stop blaming ignorance when there is no ignorance!

I wanted to give this one a shot, so I downloaded and had it all installed.


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Not that I know of. I barely started though on the Set server and they are planning a server merge with the EU servers sometime this year. Yes aoc was terrible in the last couple of years but after their update in it has improved the game drastically. YOU can do T1 raiding, some Epic Dungs like AoK that was originally made a lvl 63 zone but now the funcom team also added a lvl 80 epic zone that have epic weps and armour. This is a great update for f2p players as they can do more stuff when they reach lvl 80 and if u wanna roll another char u can also now choose any class and you can carry 10 gold then the 2 before.

Good reply Herald of Xotli. SuperKooo is clueless and just wanted to throw a fit like a 2 year old. What boggles my mind is that someone might spend the amazing amount of time it takes to get all the way to level 80 and then bitch about buying an expansion pack.

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Not that superkoo actually did even that much work before complaining…. I used to play this game p2p , brilliant skill based pvp im a pvper now that its free i can log in … pvp without any restrictions. If you intend on playing this game, do disregard the previous posts whining about how things are sealed off. A large portion of the stuff is now F2P accessible. Hell just check their site. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is a massively multiplayer online role playing game. Set in the fantasy realm of Conan the Barbarian, this massive game is being offered for free until January 1st Register, download and play before then and you will have a free account forever, although your hero will never exceed level This is a big game, and once installed you have hours and hours of gameplay, but the installation itself will also take a long time, as it's a huge 8 gigabytes.

Bloody adventures in the land of barbarians

The start of Age of Conan is fantastic, with a single player role playing tutorial section, that gives you a comprehensive introduction to playing the game. This is ten or so hours of gameplay in itself, and is a great story with high production values. Once completed, the game offers all the questing that you would expect from a role playing game.

Necromancy in Age of Conan

Once you're out into the free world of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures can be quite daunting. The introduction guides you and gives you goals, whereas afterwards you are left to your own devices. If you can invest the time, just exploring the world is really good fun.