No route to host ssh mac

You also want to make sure you are allowing root and password login. This guide also serves as a good tool for securing your server.

How to Fix “No Route to Host” Connection Error in Linux

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How to Fix "No Route to Host" Connection Error in Linux - Make Tech Easier

Compose Preview. There are a few reasons you could be seeing this error when trying to login with SSH. The first thing we would want to check is whether your Linode is up and accepting Pings.

Using Terminal on Mac to Connect to Your Server via SSH

For some reason I can't connect to the server file or remote terminal from the laptop, even though I can access ssh through terminal on my mac and have been able to mount the filesystem on another computer running the ubuntu liveCD. I just get the error 'no route to host'. I've tried turning off the firewall on the laptop and re-installing ssh on both computers, but I don't have a clue what to do next!

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I'm connecting to the IP address - I have my router set up to use dhcp but reserve a specific address for the server. I can ping the server, look at its web server in my browser, connect to a samba share and use VNC. It's just ssh from that one computer. EDIT - now this is very weird. I physically moved the server into my office which is further away from the router, and it uses a wireless card to connect to the network anyway in order to plug a screen into it as it suddenly started misbehaving - not letting any computer log into anything, so I couldn't see if it was even booting up properly.

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I haven't tried putting it back where it lives yet, but this suggests it's not a software issue I suppose. Still it's pretty weird and I obviously can't trust it to not all fall apart randomly.

Re: SSH: why "No route to host"??

Any ideas what could be causing this? I can login with remote terminal now, which I couldn't before, but I still can't mount the server via ssh - I get DBus. That test doesn't seem to do anything Just sits there once I've clicked 'start test' I might be being daft but wouldn't the firewall on my router stop that working? I can now without having made any changes, somehow ssh remote login from the client laptop, and I can ssh remote login into the laptop from the server, but even when remotely logged in I can't connect to the ssh file server.

[Solved] SSH - no route to host

I then go to the Places menu, click 'Connect To Server'. In the dialogue that comes up I select 'server type' as SSH, enter This results in the error DBus error org. NoReply: Message did not receive a reply timeout by message bus Am I doing anything wrong? I booted from a liveCD and this worked as soon as the network was recognised. I'm worried this may be part of a larger issue.