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Put all the files not the folder! Gamma slider works now. HiPhish Jan 05 PM. Change the resolution in game and then change it back. I still have no solution for getting the perspective effect though. HI, when I try to do this, I get an error message right when I have pressed 'Install Diablo II', saying something like "The installer has encountered a serious problem" ect..

And it asks whether I will install Gecko.. And then freezes..

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What can I be doing wrong? HiPhish Jan 15 PM. Yes, Gecko is needed for the installer. I did install Geckon into the wrapper, so I don't understand why you are getting that message.

You could try installing it again with Winetricks right-click Diablo II. No tricks needed, just make a blank wrapper with Gecko installed you will be asked when you create the wrapper. The WS8Wine1. Hey Phish, sadly I'm not able to download the Wrapper. There is no DL startin, the "linksave" page doesn't load anything.

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Can you help? HiPhish Jan 20 AM. Megaupload has been shut down; I will have to upload all my ports somewhere else. My internet connection is painfully slow, so this will take a lot of time. I'll report all of my ports as broken in the meantime. Thanks a lot!. Wrapper is up again, this time on mediafire.

Have fun.

Confliction Jan 28 PM. It doesnt work for me, when im going on battlenet and choose a character, i cant join a game. Plz help me, if you have any idea what it is plz tell me.

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I advance thanks. HiPhish Jan 28 PM. I have game version 1. I switched my own port to use the WS8Wine1. Anyway, I just made a new character and joined a game without problems Let S seem, you can get connected to Battle. Do you get to see the loading screen the one where a cloaked figure opens a door? The installer crashes for me after Gecko fails to install Quote You could try installing it again with Winetricks right-click Diablo II.

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HiPhish Jan 29 PM. I'll try to buld another wrapper from scratch, maybe things will work then I'll post a comment when it's done, so follow this port to be notified the button below the Download button. Confliction Jan 29 PM. Uploaded new version. Diablo 2: Ladder vs. Non-ladder by Amy - Nov 30, Diablo 2 Ladder reset December by Amy - Dec 8, Latest Articles. Our Top 3 favourite Diablo 2 Cosplays so far.

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