Remove hard drive mac mini 2011

Here's a tip.

Take a sheet of paper and some scotch tape, then tape your screws down and label them based on each step from the directions. This makes reassembly much easier. Do not bother pre-numbering the paper, as not all steps require the removal of screws.

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Mac mini (2011) SSD upgrade or not?

Great product and the best price I could find! It came with everything I needed to install the second hard drive and fit like a glove. Bottom line I needed a larger SSD as the primary drive, I also wanted my computer to be able to upgrade into Windows 10 down the line. Since I also have another SSD specifically for my games, it seemed like a trust worthy choice to hold my OS and other precious programs.

Using the Acronis cloning software was god send! The process to clone my main drive into this new larger SSD took about 5 min.

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No issues using it at all. All my programs work just fine and no issues or crashes involving Only 4 left in stock - order soon. I was able to install this in place of the Superdrive on my iMac and it works like a charm. I literally have no need for upgrading to a newer iMac If you follow the teardown guide on iFixit, you should be golden. If you are looking for a great way to upgrade your iMac look no further! Only 11 left in stock - order soon.

Worked well. Be careful during disassembly make sure to go easy not to damage any connectors. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Mac mini upgrade SSD question - Ask Different

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Lau 1. What's not necessary to remove? The fan connector, the IR connector or both? IMHO, if you remove it, it goes back where it belongs.

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Relying on comments in Youtube videos isn't exactly the best idea: anybody can type anything! Allan Allan An in-line digital thermal sensor. Apple hard drives have temperature probes inside; third-party SSDs do not. This cable adds a probe to your SSD, preventing the iMac from panicking and turning on its fans at full blast whenever you turn the computer on.

There are software alternatives to this cable, but consider this a small investment that will reduce your need to screw around with manual fan controls while keeping your Mac running perfectly.

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In all candor, I had no idea how easy or difficult the SSD swap process would be. In my opinion, going the Time Machine route is a better idea when starting fresh with an SSD, and it costs nothing. You just turn off and unplug your iMac, swap the drives, then hold Command-R down on the keyboard when first restarting your Mac.