Redirect mac documents to network share

How to redirect folders to an External drive on Macbook Air

As the folder is treated as a system folder, we need elevated permissions, hence the use of the sudo command:. Next, we need to set up the symbolic link, which creates the redirect to the Dell box. The command is as follows:.

The above is an example using the network paths on my network. Job done — hopefully if you go into your home folder in Finder and click on Music or Documents etc. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Mac Shared Folder

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What is AppSense DataNow?

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Home About. The first two approaches are far from ideal whilst using Folder Redirection with EM holds the most promise, as Folder Redirection is arguably the easiest to implement and undo. Preferably create a dedicated service account for DataNow. DataNow provides options for controlling authorization polices for Map Points using organisational units, user groups and user accounts. AppSense DataNow 3. Once Environment Manager 8.

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After logging onto the desktop and ensuring the the DataNow client has logged in and user folders are redirected successfully, I can access and sync my data across both devices while also accessing the same data on my iPhone or iPad. AppSense DataNow Documents folder with files not yet synchronized.

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The best part is that there is no Folder Redirection to the network so no latency introduced by the network and no Offline Files configured. I can synchronise and access my Active Directory home drive on a personal device as well. Once authenticated, my files are synchronised locally to a DataNow folder. Once I access the file, the DataNow client will download it.