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According to this support document it is easily feasible in MS Powerpoint 16 if you have a Office subscription.

I have an Office subscription. My software is up to date, both MacOS and Office.

No updates are available. The only options are "Movie from file" and "Browse Movies". The latter just offers a very slow way to browse local videos. If I use the search in the help menu to look for "Onlinevideo" again the word from the German support document , nothing can be found. This button is not there despite being specifically mentioned in the support document.

Find any video you like on YouTube and share it in your presentation

I contacted MS Support about this and someone remotely controlled my Mac to try himself. He did not succeed in finding the option to embed youtube videos. I tried all the official support documents mainly the one mentioned above to find a solution to the problem. I restarted the system. I updated everything that could be updated. I tried in blank documents and in pre-exisiting documents. So please refrain from linking me to the article mentioned above or from mentioning a restart to solve the issue.

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In the YouTube section, type a video name or description into the search bar and select Search. To preview the video in PowerPoint for Mac, select Play at the top of the frame. Share Pin Email. You can only embed one video at a time. Under the video screen, select Share.


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In the dialog box, under Share a link , select Embed. A video frame appears on your slide. Remember, your video is online. Connect to the internet to view it.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

Alternatively, you can start with PowerPoint and use the following process:. Navigate to the slide where you want to place the video. About COM Library.

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You can embed a video from YouTube from your PowerPoint presentation. Here's how: In YouTube, search for the video that you want to insert. Below the video, click Share. When Share this video pops up, click on Embed. Right-click the blue highlighted embed code, and select Copy. You're done!