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Our student users log onto the macs with their active directory logon accounts no problem. What I am wondering is if it is possible to customize the dock and desktop so that when any user logs on with there network accounts they only see the applications on the dock or desktop that I want them to see. I have customized the dock and copied the com. This didn't work however and I was wondering if there is a different way for Active directory users? Any help much appreciated.

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Giaguara Chmod Staff member. Hi James You would have to use managed clients on those Macs. With a single login from the client it's called "golden triangle", its using a combination of AD and client account management and Mac OS X server for the managed user features. We just use a LoginHook shell script that copies the dock preferences file into their user preferences file.

Why not just create a new Default User Template? Create an account specifically for this use i. Delete "login" keychain and most likely any other user-specific keychains from Keychain Access in the Utilities folder. Just to be safe, you should make a backup of the current user template just in case anything goes wrong. Open the Terminal, navigate to a folder you would like to save the old template in, and type this: sudo tar -cjf UserTemp. Now when a new user logs in, the screen they see will be the one you setup!

Hope that helps! MaddaN Registered.

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Hi - Great forum lots of help avaible here. I have followed daveguy instructions to the letter, to the copy and paste in fact. What I don't understand is that it works when I create a new local account I get the "new" user template. However when I log into a new account through Active Directory it seems to revert to the old default users template.

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My accounts for AD are being stored on the AD server and not locally. The reason I want to modify the dock is to remove the question marks that get created, a there is no documents or download folder in the AD accounts. I would also like to add in the alias that is used in the dock, to "mount the network home" this shows when the home directory is on the startup disk, but does not show when the home directory on the AD server.

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Please help. Krazykrl Registered. Did anyone figure how to accomplish this?

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I have the exact same issue. I do this on macs by modifying the default account so each new user account created on a system has a standardized environment which is designed for my organizations needs. Start with a new account created specifically for this purpose. Now log out of the template, and log in to an Admin account. This allows you to modify and delete any file on the machine. This copies your prepared user environment into the template location.

You can then delete the original account from the install you built it on, but be sure to back up the home directory. The process can be repeated on multiple machines, deployed on your server, or incorporated into a system image, all using the same template. We started using the default template last year in some of our labs and we love it; it's saved our techs an incredible amount of time.

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  4. This year we'd like to tweak the template. Is there a way to tweak one and distribute the updated template throughout the lab? Reboot computers to ensure it took. I would use a modular approach. Script any changes defaults, launchd, etc. Could you provide a "how to", since I don't know where to start with. He's commented it very well, so if there's something you don't want, put a ' ' at the beginning of the line. If he's hidden something you do want, remove the ' ' and it'll run. Thanks so much, Nathan. We use DeployStudio, and have come to realize it's cleaner and faster in the long run to reimage the machines.

    Our images have the edited default template. We're using it in Mavericks with great success!