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It searches message text for URLs and e-mail addresses and turns them into highlighted clickable links, so that USENET messages can have some of the advantages of web pages.

If an attachment is spread across two or more message files, it will automatically search through all downloaded messages in the current newsgroup, find the necessary parts, and stitch them back together. It knows how to interpret any kind of messages you might encounter, and can properly display them, regardless of what language they were written in.

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It knows all about MIME, quoted-printable, base64, and character sets. The practical upshot is that improperly-decoded message text is rare. Pineapple News does not have an installer. The program stores its message data in only one folder.

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If you decide that Pineapple News is not for you, you can toss the program, its data folder, and its prefs file into the trash, and it will be completely gone. This window shows the queue of network transfers. The one at the top in bold is currently executing.

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The buttons below allow you to reorder or remove actions. This version is totally free, and will not expire. Fixed a bug that would cause yEnc TZ to suddenly quit if the application driving it sent it one file after another, before it had completed the previous one, once it got to about files.

Fixed a bug that occasionally caused yEnc TZ to ignore some articles, when it was being driven by multiple concurrent threads. Fixed a bug that occasionally caused yEnc TZ to loop, decoding the same list of files over and over. You can now drop. Fixed the Classic version of yEnc TZ to truncate long output file names correctly preserving the extension. June 12, - 1.

At the time only a few people had access to the Internet, and it was an isolated community unto its own. Years later when he first got onto the Internet, Lempereur was surprised to find that BinHex 4. The same ends could be achieved by first using MacBinary or AppleSingle to combine the forks, and then using Uuencode or Base64 on the resulting file, but none of these solutions ever became popular and BinHex 4.

Source: Wikipedia. The best indicator that a file is encoded by BinHex is the.

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HQX or sometimes. HEX ,. HCX extension and the typical header line. A file coded with BinHex starts with a header line of the form:. For example, converting the first paragraph of the above About section using BinHex would give the following result:. Web Utils Useful Web tools and utilities not only for Webmasters. This input is for text data only. Please notice that copy-pasting binary data into this textarea will most probably cause bad output. Remember to save the binary results using the 'Save to file' button, copy-pasting from here will produce corrupted data.