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Easy Installation and Use Though its operation is very complex.

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How It works? Can this tool migrate them too? If they are not met, migration may not be as successful as you expect. A satisfactory migration with the trial versions ensures that effective migration is feasible on your premises. Some important requirements are noted below: The Novell GroupWise client and the User Mailbox fileshould be of same version or higher version. Novell GroupWise client and MS Excel should be there on the host system wherethe migration is to be performed.

To view contacts and calendar items in Mac, corresponding Mac application should be there. The trial version of Kernel for Novell GroupWise has some saving restrictions—it allows saving only 10 items per folder. So for complete migration, you should have the full version. How expensive is the training on GroupWise to AppleMail to migration?


Indirectly access Novell networks - Mac OS X Hints

You can move GroupWise items to AppleMail only by reading the instructions on its screen. Also, there is a help file integrated to this software. In case you require assistance, you can get in touch with our technical support team too. I am getting some error messages while performing migration.


Why it happens? Please check it before buying the software.

How to Install Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on an Unsupported Mac using MacPostFactor

Software Specifications. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. My college asks me to use Novell Client for accessing common folder and and my personal folder on the central server. I would like to know if there is any other way I can access these folders using OS X. How can I use these details in OS X? Posted on Jul 3, AM. Page content loaded. Jul 5, AM in response to greatalps In response to greatalps You would then use your eDirectory credentials the same credentials you use in the Novell Client for Windows to authenticate and mount the volumes.

Another thing to look into is to ask the folks administering your Novell environment if they've installed Kanaka. It's a great solution for Mac. Jul 5, AM.

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Jul 5, AM in response to jmmarton In response to jmmarton. Can you please explain how I can mount the drives?

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Should I use "Connect to Server" and in that case, what should I type there? Yes I believe you would use "connect to server". As far as what you'd type, well, that would be the UNC path to the server. To get an idea, take a look at the drive mappings from a Windows PC. The folks that run your environment should be able to provide this info for you.

HowTo: Connecting OSX Lion to legacy AFP services – and Mac OS X (server)

And again, while talking to them ask them about Kanaka. I was recently getting some servers in shape so I can pass the Payment Card Industry standards questionnaire and one requirement was two-factor authentication access to the server. I wanted to find the simplest method of implementing this so I started looking at what we can do with SSH itself. This is a naive implementation but it will prove the concept.

We need to generate a secret token that is shared between the Google Authenticator app and the server. Article: moocode. What is that risk? Password guessing by script kiddies. Many young hax0rs run a few scripts every night that randomly try thousands of different passwords on machines that are accessible over SSH.

The moment your machine is reachable on port 22, these scripts find you and your logs fill up with lines like these:. Dec 22 asterix sshd[]: reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for Dec 22 asterix sshd[]: Failed password for root from If you have a strong root password, you are probably reasonably secure, however in time someone might get in. That is your risk, right there.