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However, the fun of securely eliminating deleted files is missing in OS X El Capitan like the way it was. Why did Apple choose to remove it from this version of OS X? And why it existed on below versions of OS X until now? Secure empty trash caused unnecessary wear and tear on solid-state drives. See below example:.

How to Delete a Single File from Trash on Mac

This will give you below the message. Hope you have installed a strict Mac hard drive backup utility to clone your Mac hard drives.

Find below helpful answer. A Whenever the files are deleted i. However, OS X does allow other files to overwrite the deleted files from its location.

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On running a data recovery application on Mac OS X El Capitan , the software scans the entire hard disk drive for deleted entries and recovers them upon locating them from their original drive addresses. Some users do not wish to get their files recovered after deletion, hence securely wiping Mac files and hard drives are recommended. These Mac wiping utilities are capable of securely wiping individual files, multiple files, folders, Internet and browsing activities, instant messaging, System traces and file history. Replace LEVEL with 0 — 4 , where 0 is a single pass of zeroes, 1 denotes single pass of random numbers, 2 denotes 7 passes, 3 denotes 35 passes and 4 indicates 3 passes erase.

Please note that securely erasing free spaces is a time-consuming process. You can still securely wipe mounted hard disk drives and external hard drive with Disk Utility. Below is the process:.

Step 1: Make sure the hard drive is mounted in Disk Utility. From Disk Utility, select the hard drive from the left-hand pane. Step 3: You have to choose between Fastest and Most Secure methods of securely wiping the Mac hard disk drive.

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In most cases, a disk repair should let you permanently delete items in the Trash. There are several ways to force-empty the Trash. Trying holding Option while you click the Empty button. By holding Option , your Mac will bypass any locks on files.

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One final option is to use a Terminal command to force the Trash to empty. This overrides any locks on your files and deletes files that are still in use. It also gets around any other errors that prevent the Trash from emptying. However, it might be that macOS is preventing you from deleting files for a good reason.

This will immediately delete the files you dragged to the Terminal window. You can finally rest assured that your Mac is a bit cleaner. Emptying your Trash is a good way of keeping your Mac clean and uncluttered.

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It saves disk space, helping your Mac to run more smoothly. And there are other ways to spring clean your Mac. Here's how to clean up your Mac desktop for a better work environment. Here's how disk permissions work and how to repair permissions in macOS. Read More. So if you want to give your computer a boost, give those a look. Your email address will not be published.

Use this method only when all the above-mentioned fixes fail. As this process will delete all the locked files without any alert message. So be careful with the command and do exactly what is given below:. If your OS X is Step 5: Drag and Drop the files into Terminal window. This will create the path to each file to remove command which you entered earlier. Step 7: Enter your Admin password to continue the process.

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The password you enter will not be visible. It appears as if nothing has changed. And remember files deleted using Terminal will not be restored and be extra cautious while selecting the files from Trash. If you need any help in restoring files from Trash or otherwise, you can refer the above-mentioned link.

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