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So no need to purchase sample packs separately. Finally, FL Studio comes with lifetime updates, for free! Nothing to pay, ever again! Ableton is great for working with looped phrases of audio or MIDI, and is arguably the better of the two programs for working with looped samples.

Having said that, they are both great pieces of software at the end of the day. And really it comes down to choosing a DAW and sticking with it so you get better with practise. For more details on Ableton Live, including price, click here. FL Studio has been around for 20 years now, so you can be assured that you are investing in a quality product with a great passionate team behind it. Whatever FL Studio version you go for make sure you get version 12 or above to benefit from the visual updates and improved plugin management. Overall FL Studio is easy to use, packed with features, and is available at a very competitive price.

If you will be working heavily with looped samples however, perhaps give Ableton a try. A MIDI keyboard controller is a device with piano or synth-style keys, and usually a selection of knobs, buttons, and sliders. These keys and buttons all transmit MIDI data to external sound modules synthesizers , computer software synthesizers, or a hardware or software sequencer. You have control over virtually the entire range of modern music hardware and software while sometimes even being compact enough to fit in your laptop computer bag.

The keys are smaller than say piano keys which is why this device is so portable , which make take some getting used to at first, but they are still comfortable to play. Comes with genuine MPC drum pads i. These pads can also be mapped to different instruments and saved under different banks profiles. Easily amend pitch and modulation settings via the built in joystick.

This joystick can also be mapped to other settings as well depending on DAW used. For example you can set a number of different profiles for different MIDI outputs etc. Monitors are important in helping you as a producer make critical judgements about how well a sound will transfer onto other sound systems. You may not have heard of PreSonus, but this company spend literally millions of dollars on research and development for their technology to produce some of the most accurate and reliable speakers on the market today. The PreSonus Eris 3. They deliver a punchy consistent tight bass from the 3.

In fact I was impressed at how much bass these speakers produce! No cheap paper of plastic woofers to be seen here as these come with kevlar cones , which is rare for a monitor at this price point. You will typically want to monitor your music at 80 — 90 db, which you will be able to do easily with the db output of the Eris 3.

Overall the sound leans slightly towards the treble, and these have a nice wide sound stage for their size. These great looking speakers offer similar functionality to the PreSonus 3.

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The Eris 3. A great pair of entry level monitors to get you started.

Top 10 Best Music Production Software – Digital Audio Workstations

If you want the added option of a remote control, try the Edifier monitors instead. These headphones offer superb comfort for those long production sessions , and great sound quality to boot. These offer a comfortable and accurate headphone monitoring experience at a rock bottom price. Once you are up and running you might want to consider investing in the following additional pieces of kit.

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  7. This will enable you to massively expand the amount of virtual instruments you have at your disposal. Check out Komplete 11 Select from Native Instruments which offers over 25gb of instruments and effects. For a solid entry level microphone that comes with a decent amount of accessories check out the Marantz Professional MPM If you have a little more to spend then try the Audio-Technica AT Condenser Microphone Bundle with Shock Mount , which offers more features and better background noise reduction. Keep in mind however that with many condenser mics you may also need an audio interface as well to connect the mic to see below.

    An Audio Interface is a device that is used to connect musical instruments and recording equipment, such as microphones, with a computer to allow producers to record their source sound. The following are tow great entry level audio interfaces:. The UM2 is a great audio interface for beginners which works with all major recording software. It is plug and play, and has an incredible price point click here for latest price. The Focusrite interface also offers similar functionality but gives you access to a ton of offers and plugins.

    For more details click here. You can find beat making equipment for sale at many outlets, such as Amazon. Although if you are serious about production I would recommend some monitors also. I hope you found this article on beat making equipment for beginners useful. If you have a Mac and want to record, produce and edit audio, Logic is the best program available. It is expensive compared with some of the production programs we tested, but it has features similar to software that costs three times as much. The virtual instrument library is one of the best available and can be used for live performances as well as in the studio.

    It is common practice to start a song with a drumbeat, but with the Logic drummer track plug-in you can record a melody first. This is the best drum plug-in available, and it works well with every genre of music. You can create up to audio and MIDI tracks, which are more than enough to let you build an intricate arrangement and continually add new ideas to a song.

    The flexible mix window lets you add up to 15 insert effects and eight sends per channel. Read the full review. Cubase Elements is a powerful and affordable music production program that has an impressive list of editing tools and more than 3, premade loops to kick-start your project.

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    A good selection of workspace templates helps you get ready to record and produce music quickly. The interface has a clean layout and is easy to navigate for novice and advanced users alike. You can add content to the arrangement window by dragging and dropping loops from the large loop library, recording up to 24 external instruments simultaneously, or you can use a MIDI controller with one of the three virtual instruments.

    Top 3: The Best Music Production DAW's For Mac Users

    Three virtual instruments might seem limited compared with other programs we tested, but the HALion Sonic SE workstation plug-in has thousands of usable presets that sound great. Some of the programs we reviewed have unlimited inputs and outputs, but you should rarely need more than 48 audio tracks in a production session. The mixer in this software supports up to 16 insert and send effects per channel that you can use to create a textured tone and coax a customized sound from the virtual instruments.

    FL Studio has been one of the most recognizable names in the realm of hip-hop and electronic dance music EDM production for almost 20 years. Its virtual instrument catalog and loop library contain all the popular sounds you need to produce professional tracks, and the Producer Edition lets you record instruments and vocals to create a finalized mix.

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    One advantage of purchasing FL Studio is the free lifetime updates. Most programs we reviewed require you to buy an upgrade license when a new version is released. The workspace window in FL Studio is one of the most customizable we tested. Any of the windows in the workspace, including the mixer, step sequencer and menu bar, can be resized, detached and even hidden to help you customize your workflow and readily access the editing and production tools you use most.

    We tested the new user interface on a laptop screen and widescreen desktop monitor, and it fit nicely on both and saved our customized workspace in the session file. The multi-touch support and customizable workspace make this program one of the most innovative we reviewed when it comes to usability. Ableton Live has a great selection of electronic drum and synth plugins, which are the most important instruments for EDM producers.

    The user interface looks markedly different from the other programs we tested, but once you get the hang of it, the workflow becomes simple and efficient. The Intro version includes the Drum Rack plugin that helps you layer multiple samples in a pad grid that looks familiar to those who use classic EDM hardware instruments. Ableton is one of the best music production programs for producers that want to take their arrangements to the stage.

    Once you produce a track in the software, you can use hardware control devices to launch samples, adjust tempo and record samples from other hardware instruments. The Standard version has a more comprehensive instrument selection, but the Intro version is a low-cost option to help you learn the interface. Studio One Artist is available for Mac and PC and gives you the option to add an unlimited amount of audio tracks per session.

    It has a good selection of effect and mixing plugins to improve the sound of your recordings and allows for an unlimited amount of effect busses. There presets help you understand which parameters to tweak and give you a good starting point in the mixing process. Studio One Artist has all the tools to record instruments and finalize a studio-quality mix, and you can always upgrade to the Professional version once you get comfortable with the interface.

    The 5 Things You Need for Making Your Own Beats for Less Than $

    I personally own five music production programs in addition to my main editing software, Pro Tools, and use them for different applications. I tried hard to eliminate any bias before making my recommendations because I realize everyone who uses music production software has unique requirements.

    Instead, I focused my recommendations on highlighting the features of each product so you can decide which one is right for you. I talked to David Evanoff, owner of David Evanoff Sound Designs , about how he uses music production software to create award-winning music for film and television.

    Discount Codes For Music Production Software

    Although he has access to all the best recording hardware, real instruments and musicians, he told me he still finds value in starting a project with drum loops and software instruments. He uses virtual drums, bass and synthesizers daily to do mock-ups and get the ball rolling. He now uses the plug-in regularly to inspire compositions and play along with melodies he writes using only a MIDI keyboard and software.