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rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol Client

Apple Remote Desktop is the award-winning OS X desktop management system for software distribution, asset management and remote assistance. Apple Remote Desktop offers a wide range of high-performance features, including lightning-fast Spotlight searches across multiple systems, more than 40 Automator actions for easy automation of repetitive tasks, and AutoInstall for automatically updating software on mobile systems once they return to the network. Installing software or updates to your network has never been this easy.

Screen Share Ubuntu to Mac fix!

Take an existing package, from either Apple or a third party, and simply use the Install Package to copy and install on your client computers. And it works with custom install packages as well. AutoInstall allows you to stage software on a Task Server, which then takes care of distributing the packages for installation on client computers.

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You can even set a schedule for installation to occur at a time that is most convenient for your organisation. And if a computer is not on the network, the Task Server will keep track and automatically install the package once the system is online. Those time-consuming administrative tasks will become a thing of the past, thanks to Automator actions in Apple Remote Desktop. More than 40 Automator actions are included with Apple Remote Desktop, which you can apply to set desktop pictures, Finder preferences, Energy Saver preferences, default time zones and more.

The screen-sharing features of Apple Remote Desktop allow you to provide immediate help to remote users, saving time for both of you. No problem.

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It works fine with a range of VNC clients I've tried - including VNC on my iPad and iPhone - I'd recommend you keep trying different clients or check your client and server configurations. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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That's the catch - i wanted to use the non password, default authentication which as I learned by observing traffic it does kerberos authentication which none of popular VNC clients support. I will mark this answer as accepted because that is the only reasonable solution to this problem. OS X Yosemite was release in October, 4 years after the original question was asked It does not come as a surprise that on both ends progress has been made.

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It's still good to know that progress has been made. I posted this answer because this question was at the top of the Google results when I looked for this information.

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I'm well aware that the software I'm using didn't exist 4 years ago; I think it's still useful for the benefit of future people who find this via Google. The answer about Vinagre is correct on older versions, as well, at least as far back as