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Not only can you select apps for total removal, but they can also be reset to their initial state by getting rid of all unrelated files thus keeping the file in the system. CleanMyMac is able to find and remove these files related to the app, freeing up more space on your hard drive. If you have custom items in your preference pane and you do not use them then CPU usage is being taken up. To take care of this, right-click an item then select remove from the Preferences pane.

Get rid of preference panes. Newer versions of software are always good to have as they are updated to take care of bugs and security vulnerabilities. This also comes with performance enhancement thus making sure that your Mac runs smoothly and efficiently. Upgrading your RAM is definitely the best solution for improving the performance of your Mac. Before going ahead and spending your money, find out how much difference will be made. You can do this easily by firing up the Activity Monitor, clicking on the memory tab keeping an eye on the memory pressure gauge at the bottom of the window.

Speed up Mac / Hackintosh El Capitan

This upgrade should be able to take care of fast, reliable performance while running several apps and you do not have to rely on the hard drive for additional space. This means that your Macbook meets the system requirements. This also includes at least 4GB of memory and storage space of about 8. These include the ability to work with a Gmail account from the mailbox.

Javascript is now functional in web pages in Safari. Multiple apps can be opened while opening and sharing raw and live photos through airdrop and messages is easier than before. Compatible list:. This may cause a freezing problem and a general reduction in performance of Macbook. Other related problems such as Wi-Fi, battery, spotlight and many others may also arise.

These can be fixed through a number of ways which include. Although resetting these controllers may not be precise due to the sluggishness of El Capitan, they improve performance. This is by resetting some slight system controllers that could have been interfered with during update. You just turn it off with the shutdown key, remove the power cable and wait for about 15 seconds. Very disappointed. Oct 2, AM. I instaled it first on my White Macbook, one of the latest in its kind.

I 'm not amused. It's absolutely awful - so sloooow, I almost can't believe this is true in the year Then my MacBook already stalled and showed the beachball after entering the initial password - I had to reboot in "safe mode" until I finally glimpsed the standard background of my desktop. Now most of the time I just endlessly watch the beachball.

And I don't have any kind of special third-party programs that might be to blame - just a standard MacBook with plenty of empty disk space.

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This is a devastating experience - my computer has become useless!! Until somebody comes up with a really simple and helpful solution, I can only recommend to stick with whatever previous Mac OS you are running - everything older must definitely be better and faster than this Capitan stuff. And I have been using and recommending Macs for 27 years Late MBP here. Initially El Capitan was running smoothly, but suddenly everything froze, and it became extremely unresponsive. Restarted several times, launched in safemode, even did a reinstall of the system.

But every time the machine would suddenly just freeze up, and become slow.

But I realised it had something to do with Mail, and that everything works fine as long as mail is not running! I have tried to disable both my e-mail accounts, but even with no active mail accounts, launching Mail will make my computer extremely slow. Oct 2, AM in response to rpfuhl In response to rpfuhl. Yes, most everything is running slowly, and Microsoft Office, System Preferences, iWork suite are deadly slow. Also, my printers have been removed, and the process of adding printers doesn't work.

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Very disappointing. Oct 7, PM. I thought about doing this also since my MacBook Air seems slower since the El Capitan install, but I'm wondering if I'd be better off to just wait for the next update. Oct 3, PM. Thanks for the description of your actions and the resulting improvements. I still find it frustrating that Apple cannot design an OS upgrade that doesn't require a degree in Computer Science and detailed knowledge of the technology just to get it to work..

This is not what I bought Apple products for I expected they made life simpler for users but I am obviously wrong Very frustrating! Oct 9, AM. Oct 3, PM in response to mkgr In response to mkgr. Oct 7, PM in response to mkgr In response to mkgr.


OS X El Capitan VS macOS Sierra

Macbook took less than an hour to install; the iMac 8 days of my life gone. Watched it install 24x7 some days; watched the glow of the computer on the ceiling at AM. Finally decided that the problem was Spotlight. Decided to perform these steps. Unplugged the iMac computer from wall for 15 seconds; plugged back in the computer. This is to reset the SMC per this thread. This step has low probability of being the problem. Next, booted up in Safe mode by holding down the left shift key as soon as you hear the Apple boot up sound and hold until you see the Apple logo.

Computer boots up in Safe mode.

Speeding Up El Capitan

Start it. At the command prompt type the sudo command below. This will disable Spotlight. Fine with me, lost 8 days of my life. I have never gotten anywhere near that much value from it. I don't have any plans to re-enable Spotlight anytime soon. The command to Re-Enable is below also.

If you do it then shut down and restart and see if you have the same performance issues. And please update this post so we can know of your success. Note: Apple Support Awesome at the known solutions, terrible communication on the unknown solutions. Moved Apple products closer to Windows in my mind - not a good thing.

Page content loaded. I too am having slow performance upon downloading El Capitan last night. I tried to send an email and my iCloud account wasn't recognized. I then restarted and re-checked it and it worked. But everything is running slowly. I'm posting the results of my EtreCheck in the hopes someone here may help! Click the [Click for support] links for help with non-Apple products. Click the [Click for details] links for more information about that line. Video Information: What does this mean?

System Software: What does this mean? Disk Information: What does this mean? USB Information: What does this mean? Thunderbolt Information: What does this mean? Gatekeeper: What does this mean? Please use copy and paste as screen shots can be hard to read.

Select an application to refine your search:

On the screen with Options, please open Options and check the bottom 2 boxes before running. This will show what is running on your computer. No personal information is shown. Etrecheck — System Information.

10 Tips to Increase the Speed of a Slow Mac® System

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