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It writes Version One files, which can be read by any version of Multiple page worksheets are supported on input. This format is extremely convenient to use and allows for the specification of missing values, value labels and variable labels. These are extremely useful for archiving data or passing data to your colleagues. The Data Documentation Initiative DDI is an open, international effort to provide a standard way of describing data from the social, behavioral and economic sciences.

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DDI schemas are in XML and can describe metadata across the life-cycle from questionnaire design through analysis. It writes Version 2. Multiple page worksheets from Versions Five and above are supported. You can choose a page of a multiple page workbook with a single click of your mouse.

Multiple worksheet pages in the input file can be combined into a single output file. All versions through Version 10 are supported as well as all of the newer numeric types.

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Matrices from all versions of Windows, Macintosh, and Unix Matlab are supported. Matlab datasets are supported for versions greater than seven. It is supported by numerous applications, including OpenOffice. The implementation is fully equivalent to that of Excel, and supports multiple sheets, range selections and all other options.

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All versions of Quattro Pro are supported. For version 7 and above, all common data representations are supported. This feature is also handy if you are sending a SAS file with value labels to another user and do not want to send a whole format catalog. They have the distinct advantage of being readable by any version of SAS and of being the standard format for the submission of data to the US Government Food and Drug Authority.

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It writes dataframes. Files can be read and written that are compatible with both Windows and Unix S-Plus versions. It will read both compressed and uncompressed files and writes the smallest possible compressed data files. The Portable file format provides a convenient way to move data from your older mainframe systems.

Value and variable labels are fully supported. As a result, apparently their source code is a big secret and transfer to other formats is difficult.

Fair enough…. R in my case. They do have a demo, but this only transfers a random sample of the data which, in my book, is pretty useless. It worked for my old files, so please have a look. While you are doing that, I am back to checking what hidden treasures I can discover in my old data….

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New Software Release: STATA 12 (Win/Mac/Linux/Solaris); Stat/Transfer (Win/Mac) | Office of the CIO

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