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That said, you'll have to do some clean up in your notation software on just about any score. If this sounds like your particular use-case, you should consider a purchase after demoing. I manage a choral ensemble and up to now, had to enter scores into Finale note-by-note so I could transpose keys and hand out parts to my colleagues.


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This app has saved me and will save me hundreds of hours of tedious work. It's so simple and it's very accurate. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it gets almost everything in the music. I saw that one or two people couldn't make it work. It works for me and I'm very grateful. Nashville Gil. The OCR results are quite good. In general, it does well with monophonic score, and less well with piano scores. DON'T waste your money. Horrible app for reading and integration of Sheet Music.

Any mark on the sheet and it counts it as a note. Does not know how to count timing. Does not save correctly or save where its told. HAVE to hunt for the file. No choices to change what it does. Waste of Money on something so cheaply written. Firstly, Jack, if you haven't already done so, install the 1.

The "Save As" bug you referred to has been fixed.

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You will now be able to save your. XML files anywhere on your PC. We ask that you send us one or two.

TIF files that caused you problems. We will analyze them and get right back to you with our recommendations. Our team of programmers are first-rate and have spent years refining our music OCR technology.

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We are convinced your will want to revise your opinion of Music-to-XML once these issues are ironed out. Please send your file s to: tech musitek. Thanks Musitek Tech Support. It totally doesn't work for my purposes and when I contacted the musitek tech support team they mocked me and said that they didn't sell this software BUT they did sell something else that would work.

Total bait and switch. They're garbage people.

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I called Microsoft and was just put through a loop of nonsense seemingly done on purpose so I just give up. This is the last thing I buy from any of these people. MusicXML out. You will find the most common issues that may create problems for the app. We will get right back to you with a reason and a fix. Cheers Musitek Tech Support. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

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Some Mac users may find MuseScore encounters an error loading the MP3 library, possibly due to that library being a bit library. Homebrew users just need to run brew install lame. FLAC files are approximately half the size of uncompressed audio and just as good quality.

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  • Ogg Vorbis is intended as a patent-free replacement for the popular MP3 audio format which MuseScore also supports—see above. Like MP3, Ogg Vorbis files are relatively small often a tenth of uncompressed audio , but some sound quality is lost. MusicXML is the universal standard for sheet music.

    It is the recommended format for sharing sheet music between different scorewriters, including MuseScore, Sibelius, Finale, and more than others.


    As of version 2. This is a newer standard and isn't as widely supported by older scorewriters, but MuseScore has full import and export support. MIDI files are very useful for playback purposes but contain little in the way of score layout information formatting, pitch spelling, voicing, ornaments, articulations, repeats, key signatures etc. To share files between different music notation software, MusicXML is recommended instead. MuseData is a format developed by Walter B.

    Hewlett beginning in as an early means of sharing music notation between software. It has since been eclipsed by MusicXML, but several thousand scores in this format are still available online. MuseScore imports version 3. BB files are created by the music arranging software, Band-in-a-Box. MuseScore's support is currently experimental. OVE files are created by the score writer Overture. First, there is a very high degree of accuracy with regards to the notes.

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    The SAT lines are accurate, and two notes are missing from the Bass, easily re-added in editing. Certainly had the original been a handwritten manuscript, there would be more issues with pitch accuracy, but analyzing a printed score is fairly reliable at this point. Second, the text is a mess in the output. The more suspect areas of OMR processing usually involve rhythm, and here we do see some issues that will require cleanup:.

    Do you see the issue?

    Processing PDFs into MuseScore – A Side-by-Side Comparison

    The scan has inserted eighth-rests behind some of the printed notes. Easy to delete, but they should be removed in editing. This is a little more obtuse. Aside from rhythms, the dynamics and articulations are the next categories of markings most likely to have issues, and here there are some errors as well. As with text, asking a piece of software to make an accurate determination of where dynamics are supposed to be attached, as well as assigning floating markings such as articulations, steps far outside the comfort level of computer processing.