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Plug and play I'm going to be honest, in the beginning it was a struggle. There were all kinds of hoops you needed to jump through and kexts to modify and the boxes that had a PCI-e to Thunderbolt 2 interface were too small to hold a full sized graphics card and were underpowered — we were hacking everything to make it work. You would plug in and pray that it worked and most of the time for me at least it didn't.

Then I found a community of likeminded people on eGPU. There were other forums but it seemed like people there wanted to boast about finding solutions but never actually shared anything which was a shame and a waste of time.

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I'm a firm believe in sharing knowledge and so I post both my success and failure on eGPU. Inside the box Here's my list:. Akitio Thunder2. Molex to Barrel plug. Mini Cooler Master Case. So, I built two practically identical boxes. You can see the build process on my Instagram post.

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It's buildin' time! I used a script to automate the whole process of modifying system files and the second box was actually up and running within 5 minutes of completing the build. The short answer is, No. Yes, it is!

The Mac Pro Review (Late 2013)

If you're still reading this and you're still interested in eGPUs then you're in luck. With the boxes available today, it's very simple to get up and running and thanks to the tireless efforts and help from the eGPU community it is now almost a case of plug and play. I would recommend heading over to eGPU.

Double the performance for $550 Mac Pro 2013 CPU Upgrade.

As a side note, since macOS Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 Adapter. The Akitio Node is a pretty decent box, but I can tell you from experience that the power supply fan is quite noisy and with two boxes running, I wasn't feeling it. I decided to make some modifications, so I swapped the power supply and the front fan while I was at it.

Now I have two Nodes that run pretty much silent unless under load and they were relatively simple changes to make, plus I quite enjoyed making the modifications. Thanks goes once again to the awesome eGPU community for sharing knowledge on parts and the process. I managed to get everything from Amazon apart from a 2-Pin cable to connect the front fan to the controller board which came from eBay. Phobya ATX-bridging plug 24 Pin. Customized Akitio Node. Join the eGPU.

Apple Launches Repair Program for Late 2013 Mac Pro Video Issues

Purchase a box that is right for your system. Decide which graphics card is right for you.

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You have options - it depends on what you want to use the additional graphics power for. The Mac Pro has been prone to high rates of failures due to heat, with a nameless Apple exec quoted as saying "think we designed ourselves into a bit of a thermal corner if you will".

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Apple also took steps to extend its repair program but problems persist. Despite the naysayers, the Mac Pro isn't without its fans no pun intended , as at the time of its unveiling, it was a powerful, quirky computer, in a diminutive form factor. Despite its limited upgradability, the computer is a modular design, and nearly every part of significance can be replaced.

No Mac produced after it has allowed for the range of upgrades although the iMac 5k is a close second. The Mac Pro line debuted in and has had six major iterations by Apple's own nomenclature, 1. These are also generally referred to by year, 1. The other terms for these computers are divided between "Cheesegrater" and "Trash can" late or "Cylinder". For the purpose of this guide, I will refer to the Mac Pro "trash can" as as does much of the internet. Please note This guide only covers the Mac Pro. Apple has only shipped a grand total of 3 base configurations with a forth build-to-order option for the 12 core CPU.

The Definitive Trashcan Mac Pro (Late ) Upgrade Guide

Apple has only made one minor change in the past six years to the Mac Pro , by removing the original base configuration and lower the prices of the remaining models. Apple has kept tight control on these any official repairs require the GPUs to be returned to Apple , and thus few-to-none exist on the aftermarket, and the two higher GPUs are prone to failures thanks to a wattage ceiling.

Apple discontinued the entry level Mac Pro that sported the D The Mac Pro has had a few firmware upgrades. The MP Most recently the boot ROM version With some firmware upgrades, some users found 4k displays no longer supporting 60 Hz, which requires an SMC reset and removing the offending PLists, see the useful links below. Previously the updates were distributed separately from the OS but in Notable, some users cannot update the bootrom without the Apple SSD.

External SSDs perform well in Thunderbolt 2, able to achieve roughly 1. Very few native third-party solutions exist, but they are out there, by makers like OWC and Transintl. That said Samsung released a firmware fix for certain models as well,.

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The Mac Pro uses the same interface as the MacBooks. There's a cottage economy of NVMe adapters now floating around. The first adapters that users tackled such as the GFF M. Later adapters like the Sintech ngff m. The quick summary is you'll need a Mac Pro running This list is from MacRumors by the user maxthackray , so all credit goes to him. Officially most sites list the maximum ram for the as but enterprising users at Mac Rumors found a maximum similar to the previous Mac Pro at GB.

For the truly curious, can see the JMR expansion system innards. There's a wide variety of Thunderbolt 2 products, chiefly storage systems including RAID setups and ThunderBolt 2 docks still on the market. Due to the sheer amount I'm unable to list them all, but it's important to remember that a fair amount of functionality missing from the can be recaptured with Thunderbolt 2, like previously mentioned, PCIe slots, eGPUs and the like.

The Mac Pro to date includes the six Thunderbolt ports, the most found on any Mac before or since. To obtain peak performance, it's recommended that displays be connected separately from other high bandwidth utilities like external storage. The Mac Pro can drive three 4k displays or six x displays, and with the June 16, firmware update, three 5k displays using two ThunderBolt ports and the HDMI port internally. Notably not all Thunderbolt 3 devices are backward compatible, so you may want to check with the manufacturer for compatibility.

The eGPU. Most users elect to use various laptop cooling pads to place under Mac Pros which do seem to help. If anyone has any information about physical mods or Mac Pro specialty cases, I'm all ears, and please reach out to me see the bottom of this post. The Mac Pro earns the distinction of sporting a modular design.

There's not a lot to say here since iFixit gave it an 8 out of 10 for repairability and has pretty much every part in its Mac Pro Late Repair Guide. If you can do it, they probably have a beautiful step-by-step pictorial guide.

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