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I would highly recommend taking a look at the the chessx chess database program for pgn files. It works really well for pgn ebooks such as those sold by everyman chess. Or you can browse the internet for some annotated pgn files to try it out with.

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As for engines, Stockfish will certainly be available like most open-source engines. Many other engines are also available as Linux binary, which should run on Mac OS. I don't know about Houdini. Windows binaries can usually be run under wine. It is a lovely, simple GUI, and you can run the free stockfish 2. Certainly Hiarcs chess explorer is the best program for the Mac, but more often I prefer to use ChessX because HCE tends to waste a lot of screen real estate.

ChessX is free and open source. Well after a year and a half there is still no way to get chessbase, fritz, or houdini on the Mac. Hard to believe that there is not enough market to sell these programs for the mac. I have just loaded ChessX 1.

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But it sure isn't as nice as fritz and chessbase were. I have faced a similar situation as you sacaric. I got my macbook pro 1 year ago and wanted to have chessbase and fritz on it. I went down the pathway of hiarcs, as well as shredder to play chess with, but for me there was no substitution for fritz I love the sparring mode and there is nothing like that with the other programs. I started first by getting Wine for my mac and ran fritz 12 and fritz 13 in it. It actually works pretty well. Minimally buggy.

However, chessbase 12 was impossible. It couldnt perform the basic types of database searches in a reasonable time. You get two computers in one mac. I put windows 8. They run absolutely flawlessly, because it is effectively a PC. To switch between the operating systems takes less that one minute.

Once you have windows installed you little have two computers in one.


Chess King Diamond 2018 with Houdini 6 (download, PC & Mac)

Good luck! I wondered if windows on the mac would be a useful situation.

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I am glad to hear it works. The GigaKing database is updated up to the beginning of and includes a full opening tree. Full Chess support. The program is very easy to use, with several video tutorials available on the publisher's site and a possibility to send questions and feedback to the manufacturers.

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Get yourself Chess King Diamond or surprise a loved one with the best chess gift of the year. Play in Classical Mode.

You can play at any level you choose, from a rating of to , either with white or black, and either for fun not counting for rating, you can take back moves , or in rated mode. Your games will automatically be saved in your games database and you will be able to analyze them in detail with the Grandmaster engine Houdini 6 to see what mistakes have been made. Have fun in the Random Mode. The Random Mode is exclusive to Chess King, in which you can choose what advantage you want to start the game with and the number of pieces you want to have on the board.

Setup any position or play Chess You can set up any position you like or even play any one of the starting positions of Chess Chess King Diamond with Houdini 6 knows the complex castling rules of Chess Search in the GigaKing Database. Look out for games of your favorite players in the GigaKing database. For example a search for Magnus Carlsen will give over 1, games including all the games he played in official tournaments and many of his published exhibition matches and simultaneous exhibitions.

Learn with the Puzzle Mode.

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You will learn with the puzzle mode, with hundreds of exercises from beginner level until Grandmaster level. Chess King Diamond will congratulate you for your success and tell you where you went wrong. In the Analysis pane at the beginning of the game, either while analyzing some master game or when entering your own games in your own games database, you can follow the opening tree move by move to see what moves have been played in the whole history of chess and how much success they have had.


Whole Game Evaluation graph and Houdini 6 Analysis. In the Analysis Pane after the opening stage one sees the game notation and comments, the whole game evaluation graph and below the best lines calculated by the engine Houdini 6. In this position below black could have taken the advantage by taking the pawn on e5, giving an evaluation of With Chess King Diamond you will know the best moves in each position.