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Ask a question Reset. However, some will do 3d and some wont. The ones that wont always freeze up when we convert a regular layer to a 3d postcard from layer. The computer then freezes and we are forced to restart photoshop. Any ideas why this is happening? Hi John, do they all have the same graphics card?

My best guess is the systems with issue have a different card or driver combo. Directions for sharing your system info from Photoshop this will provide a lot richer information for us to help :. How can I fix this? My guess is making sure Photoshop is up-to-date and restoring your prefs would likely fix this issue. I am having problems with my eye dropper tool, swatches and also any of my actions that contain a Stoke. Problem keeps appearing. Have you installed all the Photoshop updates?

Have you tried running in Safe Mode or with a new Admin user account? What could be causing it? How do I solve this? Thanks in advance. Are you on Mac or Win? Have you installed any 3rd party software or utilities on this system? What do you mean, 3rd party software? I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but the problem persists. Andy, did you try restoring your prefs? I have an issue with adobe photoshop CS 6. I have tried alot to find new drivers as well but nothing is working can you please help me?

Problem solved Had freezing problen in CS6. Software froze when open or new was used. Also did this from Bride and lightroom. Opened in safe mode and it worked fine. Remembered I had updated video driver a few weeks earlyer. If your freezing on opening image, try rolling back video driver.

Did you try the solutions in the section above? Fun times , but I took a break from it and the issue is persisting. Are you using the Are you on Mac or Windows? What you describe sounds like a video driver bug. Sometimes when I try to make a panorama of shots, I cannot, and a message comes up: not enough memory. Has anyone had a problem like this and if so, how to correct it? Have you tried restoring your prefs?

You may actually be running out of memory. Are you on a bit system? How much RAM do you have in your system? And then it shuts down the program. I click OK and then it lets me start using PS, but not the type tool. I have been working in CS 5. I have made numerous copies along the way until the last few days of work when suddenly my document will not open. A pop up message says this file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop. Nothing has changed. As I recall I just closed the doc. Is there any way to fix this file and open it again?

Any advice will be much appreciated as a lot of work went into this document. Thanks so much. Evelyn Mayes. I would try restarting your machine and opening the file again. That would open the files composite data sans layers — but that may be better than losing the file altogether. Did this problem just start happening?

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Have you tried restarting your computer to free up memory? Did you upgrade from a prior OS to Mountain Lion? I would try uninstalling using the uninstaller in the Photoshop application folder and reinstall. I installed Photoshop CS6 in April and it was working smoothly. Recently when I try to launch it it freezes while the survey participation window is trying to open. If I decline then the application shuts down. Are you by chance using MacKeeper? I, obviously, did something wrong.

Instead of my photo appearing in the upper left-hand corner of the workspace, my photo now appears in the center of the workspace, and the slide bars used to move to different sections of an image have disappeared. DynamicLink is shared component. Is it completely missing? If so, try this: install Photoshop CC over the top of itself without removing it. To do this, in the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the Apps tab.

In the lower half, labeled Find New Apps, there is a filter drop-down to the right. Choose CC Keeps coming up Could not complete your request because of a program error. Is there a reset button for this, I have rebooted many times hoping that would fix the problem?

Small circles? Have you tried updating your video driver or disabling OpenGL per the instructions above? Does it give an error? Does Photoshop launch and do anything? I have a bunch of pictures imported into an old version of photo shop starter addition and I cannot access them, because it keeps asking me to register, but the time has expired to do that?

See this document for more information:. The clone tool has been working perfectly up until yesterday. I have not done anything new or different to my computer or to PS CS5. It does nothing?

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Using Bridge to Get images from my camera. Camera connected to different USAA port and neither are found. Happens with changing cables. What is going on that photo downloader no longer sees my images. Wonder from reading this blog whether my having MacKeeper is the issus, version 2. I have discarded it and am reloading PS from Adobe…..

They have updated MacKeeper very recently to avoid messing with Adobe files. If you ran it using a prior version, the damage was already done. I can open images in CS6 from other sources but not LR. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both CS and LR and in different orders, cleaned up registry, rebooted etc but nothing works.

Please help! Install the I have all the Unicode fonts with this range that support both the char codes defined by the standard and the glyphs are ok. The font file turkic. In order to do right-to-left typography in Photoshop, you need to switch to the Middle Eastern and South Asian composer. You will notice that your Character and Paragraph panels now have added icons. In the bottom left of the Paragraph panel, click the second icon from the left, which determines text flow.

I have Photoshop CC running on Windows 7. Is there a way to unlock the one layer displayed? Is it a background layer? I have Photoshop CS5 installed on my windows7 system. It was working all fine until last week. From last week, I am unable to save the photos that I edit in photoshop. Its like, I save them, but I do not find them anywhere, not in the folder I saved them nor anywhere else in the computer. I also tried saving the pics as a copy still no luck. This is a work environment.

Are you trying to save to a network drive? Or the desktop? Howdy Jeffrey, I have an oddball issue that also occurs in SafeBoot mac and after a reinstall. Whenever any text input gains focus, photoshop will select all then delete it. ANY input box. It could be the document name when creating a new file, it could be the file name when saving, color values, border sizes, dimensions, any and all of them.

Incase my description was poor, here are 3 images showing the process. In reality this process happens in less than a second. Exhibit 1 Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3. Why after years has the resolution of my saved raw to tiff thumbnails been reduced that they are no longer visible? When this folder is open to see the images the thumbnails are so low in resolutions you can not identify them,. Jeff, I have opened my macbook which has CS4 installed.

The low resolution of thumbnails is not a problem. All test that I tried raw to correction and saved as tiff on the macbook the thumbnails were of high resolution…I compared the preferences settings on both the desktop and macbook and they are set the same…. Hi Mike, do both computers have the same version of the OS and Photoshop on them?

If not, what versions are on each computer? Jeff, Both have the same identical operating systems,,,this was done because I sometimes use the macbook out in the field for my photography.. Can I uninstall old versions of Photoshop once I install a newer version? How do I uninstall a previous version of Photoshop? How are you trying to uninstall? Are you using the uninstaller? I have Photoshop CS4 and the last several months I have been having an issue where my screen goes blank in the middle of working on anything, I removed Photoshop and it stop happening as often but I left Ai, Dw, and the rest of the software I reinstalled OS X and it got better it was not happening, so I decided to re-install Photoshop and it was fine until I started using it the computer crashed again.

I forgot to say that after the computer goes blank I restart it, but after showing the Apple logo it just goes to the blank screen again, I have to shut it down and restart it about 15 times to get it to star up normally and then it asks if I want to open the programs I had open before shutting down. It sounds like the computer is having a kernel panic which would indicate more serious issue possibly hardware related, possibly OS driver related I would run hardware diagnostics or have someone at an Apple store help you.

My disc will not work with it. Anyone know where to find drivers that will let the disc install? Or a download that I can use? A Photoshop CS5 installer? Now it is doing it again. Can you post a screen shot of the issue on the forum so we can help you there? Any suggestions as to what I should do? Are there any possible suggestions on what I could do to fix this, please?

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Did you download a fresh installer from Adobe. I took over a position in which my former co-worker had purchased CS2 online but I have a new laptop and need to install it on this current laptop since hers was corrupted and replaced with this new one. Recentlydownloaded Photoshop Element When I open Internet options thid software opens. It will not allow me to open to any web site.

It opens, seems to process and then it closes the window with zero result. Please help. I need a work around or solution. Please advise. When I printed that picture, it printed with the water mark, but not visible on the monitor. From then on no matter what picture I print it prints with the same watermark. It appears that is somehow in a betch mode. Any suggestion can be greatly appreciated.

I have CS4 and it has worked great for years. I can not open photos in order to edit and print them. Try purging the Central Cache in cache preferences to correct the problem. I have no idea what any of this means. I checked my hard drive and it said it only had 3GB out of gb left. I have a 1 terabyte HD. I need someone that really knows what they are talking about because my photos are my lively hood.

I have everything backed up on an external 2 tb hd. I have tons of photos in IPhoto, the same ones i have in my pictures in my computer I dumped a bunch of those but still have a ton left in IPhoto. I could really use some help here. Thanks, Dan. Disk space is cheap. Invest in more disk space. I have Photoshop Beginners 3. Yesterday while I was in Internet Explorer something happened and all of a sudden your system popped up and started re downloading all of my photos, over 2, Am afraid that the way the photos look now if I tried to upload the pics to another system I might just get this thumbnail looking thing.

Are you referring to Photoshop Starter Edition? My photoshop 5 crop tool is not set right. If I try to crop on the right it brings the whole image to the right. Merge to hdr pro photoshop cs6 does not work. Get weird grey result. Same if I open in photoshop from lightroom 4. Lots of people having this issue. Is there a fix? If so what is it? I am having issues with using Photoshop on my new desktop computer. And it is impossible to use. Very frustrating! I have read other posts about this and have tried changing my performance preferences to basic drawing mode and it has not helped.

Do you have any other suggestions? Your help is appreciated. Emily Penso. Signed up for the whole creative suite. Everything seems to work fine, except for Photoshop. The screen working area turns black when I am using the type tool or the select all. My last version of photoshop was CS3, so dont know if this is something new or a glitch. How do I stop this?

When i use my Brush tool, its drawing only white. When I quit Photoshop, I get a crash message, and the window has a report that goes back to Apple. Photoshop has also become balky, making me wait for silly things like a window to open or a command to be executed. I remember similar things happening a few revs ago, and there was a preferences? Your suggestions are appreciated. My guess is you have a Font Management plug-in that has a problem, and or the a corrupt font or font cache. When I import from a reader card, iPhone, etc the window that pops up does not show completely.

I can not get to the bottom of the screen. I am on a mac laptop. This one window will not let me resize it to get everything on the page. At this point I can not import photos from my iPhone. Are you using Photoshop Elements or Bridge? I am having trouble using my pen tool in Photoshop CS6 when I need to use the add anchor point tool. I tried to correct the problem by pressing Ctrl, Alt, Shift as Photoshop was loading, and I did not get the dialog box for me to select yes or no to reset preferences.

The dialog box does not show up at all. I have tried this numerous times to no avail. Please help, I am in the middle of a project and need to finish in a timely manner, thanks advance for feedback to this matter. Did you try just resetting the tool? The other option is to watch the video and restore the prefs without using the shortcut method.

Yes sir I tried resetting the tool and that did not work. I also made sure that I have downloaded all current updates for Photoshop cs6. I will watch the video and hopefully that will help. Thanks for your time. About a month ago Premiere Pro would not open. It would start and then just shut itself down without fully loading. However, I can no longer open Bridge correctly. A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. How do I fix this and am I going to have this problem happen to each of the programs in CS5 one by one?

Hi J, it sounds like the installations are being damaged somehow. Are you running system cleaners or other utilities that would modify or delete files that are required by our applications? Ah, that may be a cause. I think someone ran CC cleaner recently. Will look into that. Currently I cannot get it to be placed over my pics. I am 87 years old and not fully computer wise but have used Adobe photo shop for many years without trouble I have run into with new computer and upgrade to windows 7.

In middle of printing a booklet. A lot of photos, No problem, but now doing a number of pages of type and no matter what I do my scans print out with a light grey background on both my coloured printer and black and white. So not printer. Image looks ok on computer scan screen. I have tried both OCR and straight scanning.

Going insane as I have spent days trying to rectify this. Can you please advise. Thanks Helen Cramer. I am having frequent crashes in Photoshop CS6 when sending a file to print. Can you tell me what to look for in correcting this? I would make sure the print driver is up to date. Unable to get Healing Brush Tool to start functioning again. It was working great and then stopped for unknown reasons. I tried reinstalling PSE 9 from my original disc. Tried suggestions from other users posted online including use of reset tool and reset all tools, sample all layers to no avail. Do you get an error?

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Or does it clone the wrong thing? Are you on the right layer? Did you try restoring your preferences? Message:- Could not complete your request because 3D functionality is currently disabled due to OpenGL being disabled. Hi Simran, the answer to your question is above. Update your video card driver, and or troubleshoot your settings.

How do I fix this? I can not see the radial filter in camera raw. Are you on CS6 or CC? If so, does it work if you uncheck that? Any other advice? Can not access rulers. I can not get the document to come up in the main window of Photoshop. Is there something special I can do to make it appear again?? Have you reset your workspace? Tried restoring your prefs? Adobe Photoshop Version: B Your video card is out of date: Driver Date: Any ideas?

Are you working on a huge document? What OS? What version of Photoshop? Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps above? I have tried and tried but the update consistently fails. Why do I have to blog, tweet, Facebook, FAQ myself to death, read pages and pages of stuff that does not help? Great support…. It worked before the last Photoshop update 5 days ago. Any ideas why? The support page makes no sense to me.. This is a big radical step for me.

The program works fine as it is. I have Adboe photoshop 6. Is there anyway I can get an update for this. Thank You Diana. For the past few months it has been freezing very frequently. It happens at least twice a day and is incredibly disruptive to my workflow as an artist. I need help! Any advice? Thank in advance! I am using photoshop 7 and all of a sudden it will not recognise my files as valid photoshop files. It will not open files that have opened for years. Do I need to update my version? Someone suggested that I might have to update my plug-in?

I am unable to log on to Photoshop CC. It wants a license number and as far as I know there is not license number. I have a monthly subscription that is active. This started when I updated a plug-in from On-One-Software. I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop and still having the same issues. Are you double-loading plugins? Have you tried restoring your preferences? Not so long ago I bought the new photoshop wih creative cloud. I use a wacom bamboo tablet on my computer and it works just fine. Whenever I lift the pen from the surface of the tablet it stops moving, even when I put it down again it is compleatly still.

To make it respond again I have to put the nib on a 2 cm long piece that goes all the way across the tablet at the top of the tablet. It is very annoying and I have contacted wacom about it. I have tried to re-install psd but to no avail. Plese can someone help me! Where do I find these things? I got some help and I downloaded the latest video card driver.

It seems like it works. Thank you so much for the help! Seem to be having a problem when clicking on the pencil tool and selecting a colour in the colour swatch palet, and then applying it to my picture…. Have reset the tools and no luck…………help please! But it said something like Photoshop CC has disabled graphics card something….. Please please help! I have photoshop elements 9 sometime it will work other times not it keeps asking me to sign in and when I do than I get a pop up message that says Photoshop. Please try again later or your network connections. But they are listed on my account on your web page.

I can sign in to the site without a problem. I have just installed photoshop cs6 on my lap top and it wont open raw files, I have all the correct serial numbers and updated today, can any body help?? Did it ever launch correctly? If so, what changed? It does not allow me to change the size or insert a pictures. Is there is someway to fix this problem? When I create a new workspace, name it, save it, all my previous workspaces are altered to the same as the new workspace. I did not notice until i went back to a previous workspace to find all the actions had been replaced by the ones in my new work space.

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I repeated the process just to check very slowly, that I had not done something in error. I used the essential workspace to set up my new one from but the others all have the same adjustments as the newly created workspace. How may I create a workspace without affecting the previous ones? If this problem still occurs, please contact Adobe technical support for help and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen. Since OSX If I click outside the canvas it usually comes back but if I try to do anything it just disappears again.

Everythging has been fine until now, photoshop normally flies along. I am a CC subscriber. I have already tried un-installing and reinstalling. I have support for acceleration enabled in preferences. Are you up to date with the latest version of CC? I am having trouble with cs5. All of the sudden, in my edit section, free transform, transform and content aware scale are all grayed out. They are not black.

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This just happened today. It was working fine yesterday. Have you tried all of the troubleshooting steps above? Is your document an 8-bit file in RGB Mode? Have you copied any plug-ins over during the install? Is this Mac or Windows? Uploaded the latest updates to Photoshop CC and rebooted machine as per directed. Running CC on windows 7 — 64 bit machine — never had a problem before but for some reason your latest updates modules are not present. What do I do?? Quite frankly guys, this sucks.

Any Ideas??? Try this: install Photoshop CC over the top of itself without removing it. Just down loaded the up dates for photoshop cc now I cannot open Lightroom photoshop opens and runs ok But when i click on the Lightroom tab it will not open. What happen is that both boxes become black, the program freeze and then merror message appears, and all its LOST! Have to reopen PSCC and start all over again.

Thank you for your support Piero Itaky. I click the repair catalog button and it says it cannot be repaired. I uninstalled and reinstalled lightroom and restarted my computer. I have wedding pictures that I need to get done asap! Upgraded from LR 5 to 5. I also have Photoshop CC on my computer.

A write permissions error has occurred. Finally — when I go to quit out of PS CC I get a pop up saying that PS could not save Preferences because the file is locked, you do not have the necessary access permissions, or another program is using the file. I have absolutely none of these problems with the previous PS CC program — only the version. You may need to use Method two in this document to access hidden user library files in OS X It freeses, then 2 options are available: close the program, ask google to find a solution and close the program.

How can i work on new pictures? Why can I not drag and drop in cs6? I got on the internet and learned there is a problem with dragging photos into one another. I need answers. No easy way to contact this company. What is going on? I considered CC, but no way, too hard to contact anyone when there is a problem.

I just purchased a one year subscription for LR and PS. No problems. However, PS will not open. It simply crashes without indicating any specific error message. I logged out of Creative Cloud and re-logged in but it did not solve the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Post more details on the Photoshop or Lightroom forum, we can help you there:. Hi, I purchased my PC from a friend of mine with Photoshop cs6 installed of which had to format the PC as it had too many issues. Can someone please tell me where I can get the serial number from, I really cannot afford to buy it new off the shelf…many thanks.

Your friend will need to log into their Adobe account using their Adobe ID — their email address — to retrieve the serial — assuming they registered their product. I am having a technical issue here I cant launch my registered photoshop product without the creative cloud telling me to subscribe to the monthly plan, I bought photoshop cs 6 before the membership thing and should still have access to it but I dont. Same problem as Mai above, running windows 7 64 bit — no difference holding down shift key. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions will work but does not.

Any guidance appreciated. No, I did not drag any plug-ins. However, I did think about upgrade to Win7 Pro, Microsoft compatibility program says ATI video card will not work with win 7 but I already useb win7 home premium. Hi Jeffrey, I have done all you said, but I should point out that I am not getting anywhere near photo shop opening i. I have a Windows computer and updated with the latest version of Photoshop CC Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

I have updated my driver. Any other thoughts? I try to open it and it says please uninstall then re-install but when I try to uninstall it all it says is runtime error! R An application has made an attempt to load the runtime library incorrectly.

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Please contact the applications support team for more info. Well here I am. Can you help? I am trying to download my adobe photoshop album 2. It managed to download the adobe reader 6. Is that saying that this will not work on my computer? A flattened tif will save. Could this be a bug?? It is there but no action when clicked. Also I am having problems closing out images opened in photoshop.

Can not even close Photoshop without Force Quit! Every time I open a file in photoshop, start working and go to save my work. The program crashes. I have just downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CC. Every time I try and use it the program shuts off. I have heard so many good things about Photoshop and wanted to try it, but if this is what I can expect, then forget it. Are you on a windows computer.

See instructions above. Been using Lightroom 3. Just downloaded from cloud, version 5. Then releases me into the program. My first and only action, to click Develop on the Module Picker. Nothing at all happened for a while, but after seconds the screens of both my monitors went black. The only visible item was my mouse cursor. In short, nothing but a reset got me out of there.

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Running Win 8. This does not make me confident about booting this program up again. It sounds like a video card driver issue. Did you try updating the driver using the instructions above? I, all of a sudden, can no longer export a file from LR to CC Every time I try to update camera raw there is an error — U44M Did you try these solutions?

I am using Lightroom 4 on a Mac running OS I downloaded the 8. The DMG files appear in Bridge. I cannot find any reference to this behaviour in any of the CC14 download tips. Did you specify a custom install location or drag the Photoshop app or app folder to another location after installing it?

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All has been ok until recently, when I bought a new lappy, and after an uneventful install of Photoshop on it, I inadvertently reformatted it and had to reinstall everything again. I feel I need to talk this through with someone from Adobe. Sincerely Rosemary McGeachie. I see the serial ending in as active and under your husbands Adobe ID the email address you used. I will send you an email at your husbands email address with details. Any thoughts? I have Photoshop 7 and am running it in Windows 7 on a 64 bit computer. I have always been able to see the bounding box when using Type mode in a document, but today and yesterday it will not appear.

Nothing seems to work. The reason I need the bounding box is that seems to be the only way I can rotate the type. How far are you zoomed into your document? I am trying to download photoshop cc to a laptop. I keep getting error code How do I fix it? Error Code indicates the downloaded file was corrupted. Please disable anti-virus and turn-off firewall during download. I have cs6 since 2 years ago. Recently I try cs6 extended trial version. I will appreciate your help with this issue. I have downloaded Photoshop CC normally. When I open it immediatelly a error sign appears sayying that an error has occured and Windows will close the program.

What can I do to fix that? I have already re installed it; restarted the Pc but the problem keeps on. Did you try any of the steps above? CS6 is not working. I downloaded the latest updates. It keeps asking about purchasing my trial version. I bought CS6 over a year ago. Is Photoshop or Bridge not working? If you launch Photoshop directly from the OS, does it give an error? The system cannot find the path specified. Are you trying to save to the local drive? Or a network drive? Have you tried saving to your desktop for instance?

Quit the other copy of Lightroom before trying to launch. The same message comes up each time. What do I do now? Should I completely remove the program and reinstall it or is there some other way to fix the problem? After setting up lighroom 5. At the very top it says Lightroom Catalog 3 not 5, I do not have Lightroom3 on my computer. Each time I open Lightroom 5. I have tried to open it a number of times but always get this same message. Can you help please? Thanks, Sue. You may want to delete your preview cache manual. Then relaunch Lightroom. I am just downloading Photoshop cs4.

I m using windows 7. I am suddenly having issues printing from Photoshop using the print menu. If I print using Print One Copy, it prints just fine, however sometimes I need crop marks and the like. The following is the error screen that I receive: Any solutions? Exit Code: 21 Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting. Identifier: com. Photoshop Version: Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com. Do you have the latest Nik plug-ins installed? Sorry, but non of those worked on my W7 machine.. The video tips are not clear to me.. After agreeing photoshop was launched.

I tried 5 times. Every time same result. See the troubleshooting for Permissions above. With LR 5. I have not heard of this issue. Have you tried restarting the system after updating? Have you tried reinstalling the plug-ins? When ever I launch Photo Elements 7, it starts up fine with the main screen. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. Are you using Elements for scanning? Merci pour votre aide. Hello well i got a problem well my photoshop doesnt open and the problem is amtlib. John, how did you place the amtlib.

You may need to uninstall and reinstall, or try a repair: install Photoshop CC over the top of itself without removing it. Please need help, I need to edit some photos due today and I updated lightroom last night and everything is gone!! Please help!!! I have Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. I have noticed after editing a raw file and exporting it to jpeg; the image, when pulled-up; looks extremely pixelated.

Can anyone help me?