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How to reset DNS or flush DNS on Apple Mac that runs on macOS Mojave

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DNS server configuration – Mac OS

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In the pre Under Changing back the computer name in the Sharing pane of the System Preferences usually doesn't take. Apart from looking bad, this also makes opening network connections and playing iTunes content harder, as you need to connect to the right version of the name or nothing happens.

Very inconsistent wake on demand. In OS X This is great, because now you can let a computer that functions as a server sleep. Before Very flakey Wide Area Bonjour registration. Again, pre At first blush, you'd assume that these were all separate, smaller problems.

Resolving DNS names, resolving Bonjour machine names, resolving Bonjour service advertisement and discovery, and opening ports in NAT gateways to allow incoming network connections are all jobs that have been performed by the mDNSResponder daemon. This was introduced with Mac OS X It's not on Apple's list of open source projects.

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And apparently, the responsible people at Apple haven't been reading their Joel on Software. As per Joel Spolsky's dire warnings against rewriting software from scratch, discoveryd has its share of bugs.

How to Clear DNS Cache Mac - cmd flush dns on a Mac

For instance, when the system is unable to resolve DNS names, discoveryd log messages indicate that it doesn't recognize the replies from the DNS server to its own requests. One of the functions of the mDNSResponder was to talk to a home gateway and ask it to forward incoming network connections for any services running on the Mac in question. As such, if you enable screen sharing on your Mac and try to connect to it from elsewhere on the Internet, your home router doesn't know where to send the incoming request. Thus, the screen remains unshared. If discoveryd isn't doing its job properly, sometimes it helps to restart it.

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  • If you're not scared of a little command line hacking, there's a better solution: you can reinstall the OS X And after that, all the problems listed above magically go away. First a word of warning: if something goes wrong, your Mac may not be able to boot. This can be fixed by booting in single user mode and re-enabling discoveryd see below. Be sure you have a recent backup just in case, and only follow the steps below if you are prepared to boot into single user mode if needed.

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