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Find Your Roku IP Address With or Without The Remote

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How To Setup Roku Remote App on Phone - Turn Phone Into Roku Remote

Launching Xcode Once done, go to your Roku settings page and update it. You should now see Rokucast in the home page of Roku. Connect your computer and your Roku device to the same network.

Install Rokucast on Google Chrome on your Mac. Goto Mac, click on the Roku cast extension icon, click on small gear icon in the bottom right.

This will open a new window, enter the IP address of Roku, that we noted in the previous. And then click on go back icon. Next, play any video on your chrome browser remember it has to be html5 video and now if you click on the RokuCast extension, you should see a small cast button next to the video file.

Now, you can close your mac and watch the video on your Roku as it directly fetches the video from the internet, just as Chromecast. However, Roku lets you stream the content to your TV with the official app, just download that and stream your iPhone to the TV. It can stream your Windows 8 and above Desktop with the Native Miracast.

Android also has inbuilt Miracast standard and you can use this to your advantage and stream your mobile screen to your TV. These were a few different methods to cast the screen to Roku and it covers the majority of the devices. Let us know in the comments which device you use to cast on Roku.

Roku iOS app update lets users stream videos to televisions

The Roku Channel is not available in the UK at present - you get a "not available in your region" message on the site. We have asked Roku whether there are plans to expand its reach and will update when we receive a reply. As well as the above announcement, Roku is also rolling out a new feature to its devices in the US that will help users find additional free programming. You just click on the show or film you want to watch and the specific channel will open and the video will start.