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The cart also features a large storage capacity of lbs, and its bottom steel frames are kept complete when it is compact. Be noted that the wheels have to be mounted before the first use. This product also offers a warranty of days. Another one of the top 10 folding cart is this Mac Sport cart. It can be used for outdoor purpose or around the house. The large capacity wagon can load approximately lbs of cargo with a durable D fabric bag that can be cleaned easily.

It is easy in setting up and folding. This one comes with one strong adjustable handle, two back single-wheels and one double-wheel with two mesh cup beverage or telephone holders by the handle. Another recommendation goes to the folding utility cart with wheels by Timber Ridge. This one sized of This product is suitable for beaching, shopping or garden. Just remember for hard surface, this can support up to lbs while on soft sand, you should not overload it over lbs.

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This wagon also comes with three choices of colors, red, green and blue. Tipke Marine Fold-it Utility Cart.

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For those who look for heavy duty cart to bring things on and off boat, here is what we recommend. It takes less than 2 square feet space on boat. Its two pneumatic tires are very flexible on craggy surface with its spring-action handle allowing more flexibility. Designed with aluminum makes it rust and corrosion-free. Purchasing this, you will get a two year warranty. Next, for our 5nd recommended wagon, please take a look at this wieldy cart that makes your items carriage a lot easier and lighter. This portable folding cart can load up to lbs. Skip Navigation Kmart home. Shop internationally at Kmart Whether you're visiting the United States, or know someone here, you can do all your international shopping at kmart.

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Kmart International Online Shopping If you are planning to visit the United States, or have friends and family here, shop at Kmart to get everything you want - including gifts for yourself or others. Google Adsense. The width of the wheels was noteworthy as well.

Mac Sports Folding Wagon

The wheels are significantly wider than they were on the other wagons, which made them far more capable of traversing sandy beaches and other rough and uneven terrains. The thing we liked most about the wheels, however, was the sharp turn radius they offered. Unlike the other four collapsible wagons we tested, the handle of the Mac Sports — Heavy Duty wagon is directly attached to the wheels themselves, giving the user direct control over the direction without needing to pull the wagon itself. Finally, the oversized plastic wheels were also easier to clean than the other finalists.

The telescopic handle, while featured to some extent on all of our finalists, was best executed on the Mac Sports wagon. The telescoping handle was flexible enough for both a 5-footinch individual and a six-foot individual, and the handle itself is easy to pull, turn, and maneuver.

A well-built and versatile wagon that is useful for a wide range of applications. This is definitely the Best beach wagon of the bunch. One of the added benefits of having two of the wheels front and center came when folding the wagon for storage and transportation. The wheels are able to line up with the outer wheels, reducing the folded footprint and making it easier to pull the wagon even when folded.

Finally, the two mesh cup holders make the Mac Sports wagon just a bit more useful, both for tailgating and going to the beach — as well as any other situation where you might want a place to put your beverages. Mac Sports claims that their wagon can carry up to pounds of cargo. That being said, in practice you should be carrying less than the maximum weight in this wagon. There was plenty to like about the Mac Sports wagon. However, there were a couple of issues we noticed during testing.

The first and most significant issue is the tipping risk we noticed when carrying heavy loads, and loads that went more than two feet over the top of the wagon.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Garden Utility Wagon Cart w/ Table, Navy

More specifically, we found that the Mac Sports wagon would tip if we turned the wheels to a degree angle and pulled moderately hard on the handle. While not ideal, the solution to this is to simply be careful when carrying large loads in the wagon. Our final assessment was that this is a minor issue and a fair trade-off for the improved turn radius of the wagon. That, in conjunction with a considerably lower price point, makes the Mac Sports Utility Wagon a strong contender for second place.

Many of the things we liked about the Mac Sports — Heavy Duty are also present in this utility wagon. The durability was the most readily apparent of these, along with the telescoping handle.

Mac Sports Beach Wagon Cart Review 2019 - Folding utility wagon

The cargo capacity for the Mac Sports wagon was impressive as well, with 3. A less expensive alternative to our top pick. Great for grocery shopping, tailgating and other light uses. The price was a significant factor as well. This is a significant difference, and those who are looking to save some money should absolutely consider this version before going for the heavy-duty variant.

Overall, this version of the Mac Sports wagon is worthy of serious consideration. However, the wheels are significantly less versatile when compared to our top pick. In addition, while Mac Sports does claim that the maximum weight is pounds, we found that the wagon became fairly difficult to maneuver with about 80 pounds of cargo. The Radio Flyer — 3-in-1 EZ Fold Wagon with Canopy is the best wagon for big kids and littles spending a day at the park or at the mall.

Radio Flyer is an iconic brand in the world of wagons, so a successful new fold up wagon design needed to pass all our major tests in order to be worthy of the name. Fortunately, this is a great folding wagon for kids. This was the only folding wagon we tested with a canopy, and it makes all the difference on a sunny summer day. When we tested during a 4th of July parade, we quickly found nearby friends scooting their folding chairs closer to take advantage of the shade.