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Mark Pierce was based in San Francisco with his own company MacroMind, while Jon Gay and the rest of the Silicon Beach team were in San Diego; so after an initial launch meeting, most of the collaboration between Pierce and Gay was handled remotely. Pierce designed the animations in MacroMind's "VideoWorks" the direct ancestor of Adobe Director and then mailed the files on floppies to Gay, who then coded the game in Assembly Language on an Apple Lisa a few parts like the high-score system were written in Pascal.

The digitized sound was created by Eric Zocher who worked with voice actor Dick Noel. Because of the lower resolution, color was used to make up for it; also, because the PC did not have a mouse at the time, aiming was done through the keyboard. There is some controversy over the colors, due to the nature of the coloring.

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This port [ clarification needed ] was programmed by Lane Roathe, and was almost identical to the Macintosh version except for having lower resolution, color graphics and some controls. John Romero converted the monochrome Macintosh art to color super-res art. A version for mobile was released in It contains slightly remade level designs, borrowing from both Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle , it also has updated color graphics. There was also a version released for CD-i.

As of , there was a port in the works for the iOS. In , the game developer Delta Tao Software acquired the rights to some of Silicon Beach's old games, via Aldus , and were able to produce and publish the modernized Color Dark Castle. The new version included full color graphics, while changing some other things such as the Water from fireball 2,3 into Lava. This version also included a new difficulty, which let you skip to the end destination from any door in the great hall e.

Great Hall, to Fireball 4 with fewer enemies and easier gameplay. There is also a save feature whereby the game could be saved in the Great Hall, though only one game could be saved. In , the sequel Beyond Dark Castle was released, in which Duncan has to return and defeat the Black Knight, who is still alive. To access the Black Knight's tower, the player must first gather five magic orbs which are placed in various hard-to-reach places.

The orbs must be returned to the Ante Chamber and placed on 5 pedestals for the gate to open so Duncan can face the Black Knight. Beyond Dark Castle had an engine similar to Dark Castle but with improvements and additions like a health bar, bombs, and other items, as well as levels where the player could control a "personal helicopter". These levels and maze levels were side-scrollers instead of being limited to a single screen.

Games could also be saved in a "computer room" level. Like all versions of Dark Castle , if the player beat the game on advanced, it presented a special ending. In , a new sequel called Return to Dark Castle was announced, being developed by Z Sculpt , where a new young hero called Bryant, the nephew of Duncan, must once again defeat the Black Knight.

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This game wasn't released until March 14, Return to Dark Castle includes new gameplay mechanics, such as the player being able to keep weapons, and store extra orbs in a room. Though it had been stated that the game would include a level editor , with the ability to create custom quests, this feature is not included in the download.

Dark Castle 100% Completed Hard No Damage Megadrive

According to the game's official website at Super Happy Fun Fun, the "level editor will be released soon". Computer Gaming World stated that Dark Castle was "the best arcade game I've seen for the Macintosh, and perhaps the best I've seen on any microcomputer, ever". The reviewer praised the sound and graphics, stating that he did not know that the Macintosh was capable of animations of such quality. He concluded that Dark Castle "is filled with lots of little touches that show it's one of the first steps toward what Silicon Beach likes to call 'interactive cartoons'.

The magazine praised its "slick animation and realistic digitized sound", and concluded that it "is a perfect way to fritter away those long winter evenings when you should be doing something productive". The reviewer also disliked the disk-based copy protection which caused him to fear damage to the disk drives, crashes when loading the game, and slow level loading.

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Main article: Beyond Dark Castle. Main article: Return to Dark Castle. Retrieved Computer Gaming World. Tales of his bravery were all that were spoken of Dark Castle for many years Until now.

A new hero has arrived, ready to face the perils of the castle and destroy the cruel Black Knight once and for all. This game perfectly recreates the feel of the original Dark Castle and Beyond Dark Castle games from the 80's, while adding new elements and levels that fit in as if they were in the originals. If you ever played the original black and white games, you MUST have this game! The gameplay is great, combining both keyboard and mouse controls. One of the neat features is that the outdoor scenery changes as you play as time changes in the game.

Some levels even depend on you going there at the right time of day or night in the game. There are 4 difficulty levels, so it is perfect for any almost age group. The animations and sounds are excellent and never get old. In addition to having all of the levels from the original games and dozens of new levels, lots of secrets and mini-games have been added as well.

I find myself playing this over and over again as I have had this for several years before it came to the Mac App Store. All of the classic sound 80's sound effects are here, as well as the wacky animations and happenings of the original series. What is new is the amazing background musical score that only adds to both the humor and hauntingly chilling atmosphere of the castle.

New weapons, new objectives, side goals, and nearly endless hidden secrets make for an extremely rich experience. The above screenshots do not do the game justice, and it looks spectacular on my 27" iMac. Be prepared to put in a significant amount of time on this one: the challenge is real! I played the originals when I was five years old, it is also perfect for children.

Have fun! I played the two originals back in the day pretty much all the way through on all three difficulty levels. This version is hard. The key is to get the shield first lower left door to the library room. It's a tough set of rooms even on easy , but once you have the shield, everything else becomes a lot easier.