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However, this tool demands more efforts for initial setup but once completed then it immediately starts working with most of the useful video chat services like Yahoo! Messenger, Skype etc.

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The studio section of CamTwist allows users to perform classic mixing with addition of overlays and other creative slideshow elements. The latest update is coupled with approximately 50 new effects and they can assist beginners to develop professional like content even without spending much time on workspace. There are lots of tools available inside Mimolive interface and it allows easy editing with operations such as keying, cropping, frame rate adaption, rotating and scaling etc. Users can stay connected to popular social media sites using this platform; the most commonly used networks are twitch chat and Twitter.

For live streaming needs, you can directly transfer your content over Wowza, Twitch. The additional feature is its ability to record content to discs for future needs. Users can directly send data to Final cut pro for execution of post processing functions and one can also save content directly as video file using all popular file formats.

Flash Media Live Recorder supports audio as well as video streaming with impressive content quality that suits for business applications. Users must go through the two major benefits of using Adobe live encoder: first of all it supports high quality videos and secondly its deployment task is much easier.

Manual Tweaking

This tool works with On2 VP6 encoding and users need not to follow any third party solution to boost quality of streams. If they use the RTMP technology, any software encoder would do the job. Safe bet would be to start with OBS Studio, and when you need more feature, start benchmarking paid solution as vMix, Wirecast or any other encoder. Very useful topic. So Client A will be able to stream live say sitting in California and Client B will be able to do so sitting in London.

Software vs. Hardware Encoders for Live Video Streams

What kind of encoder should be used for such a set up? Also, can this hardware encoder be placed anywhere to accept encoding requests from all across and still perform? Thank you reading us Manny! You would also need a live streaming platform that can allow you to create an unlimited amount of streaming channels, all that with no delay. This way, multiple people can connect from different continents to the same endpoint, and then the stream would be transmitted to an audience from a central server.

The audience would see a presentation containing both presenters, either side-by-side, or voice-switched. You could direct streams to be ingested by a central wirecast server, and then use wirecast to transmit said streams to a delivery service, but that gets complicated, and bandwidth would be a problem. I totally agree with you. A webinar platform might be a better fit but the pricing are often much more expensive. The second solution you mention is the one being use by some broadcasters here at DaCast. They would use a P2P communication service, or even using Skype or Google Hangout to handle the interviews, and then everything goes through a Wirecast where each speaker each skype call for instance is a new Input source and then the broadcaster is managing the transitions as if it was a genuine TV show.

You can send an RTMP stream with super rigid specs to them and it will allow you to preview and then publish the stream from your alternate source. The thing that might hold you up with the drone in particular is you would need to have some sort of encoding app on your phone that could ingest the drone footage or send it to some other external encoder somehow. Hope this is helpful. Hey guys is there any other software that you can add scenes like obs and xsplit softwares and adjust video bitrate to have a small size file but still maintain better quality?

Please email me. Hey Sami! That is a great question, I will suggest you give us a call in order to get exactly what you need. I am not sure there are software that can do that, but our sales rep might know better! Have called but no one was available to pick. Have you used OBS and Xsplit to understand what am asking? I have!

High bitrate means heavy file but high quality, low bitrate means low quality and light file, this is the reason bitrate is a parameter of any encoder. If you would like, you can contact me on the following: etienne. Thanks you have answered me maybe the best thing is to record with the high bitrate and use minimizer software to minimize the size. It will depend on what is your need exactly: are you aiming for more people to download your video, or more people to just watch it on VoD?

Download and watch on VoD. Learning few tricks still. I make make live webcam small on top of powerpoint and so the viewers still have me and the powerpoint slides at the same time. I would say that is the only thing you can do: playing with your OBS settings and how you will record the video. Thats a timely help you provided there by the video. I chose flv cause i dont need multiple audio track its smaller size but quality too.

Your email address will not be published. What is an encoder? Software encoders Software encoders are programs that run on a computing device like your laptop or desktop computer.

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Scenarios for using each one These are by no means be-all-end-all scenarios that you have to follow, but more of a guideline if you need help choosing. For using a software encoder: Beginning Streamers: Flash Live Media Encoder is free and will allow you to get familiar with the live streaming process. Live sporting events: Since they take place in either a gym or a field, the less equipment the better. Wirecast has some great sports related features, like I mentioned earlier. For using a hardware encoder: Production Companies: When you are live streaming professionally and need to have high-quality, crisp video, hardware encoders are for you.

Am I using a Professional Streaming Service? Will I need a portable encoder? What features will I need for my video? What functions do I need the encoder to have? Nick Small Nick came for an internship at DaCast in and helped the marketing team producing great pieces of content for our blog and support website.

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June 16, at pm Reply. DaCast says: Thank you reading us Gung Le! June 20, at am Reply. DaCast says: You can try using an other encoder. Livebox is revolutionary! It's the "lowest" priced Live Streaming How to setup AmaRecTV Just Explaining how to use the program One more thing i didn't not mention is to save your settings.

How to Livestream on Twitch w/ Mac OS for Free! Don't Pay For Software!

How to live stream your church with adobe flash media live encoder for free. Video tutorial para configurar Flash Media Live Encoder y hacer streaming hacia nuestro proveedor de Video. He shows all the video and audio encoding options. Phil Thompson from StreamingChurch. Benjamin Higginbotham of Spacevidcast shows us how to stream to Ustream. This same technique should How to Stream to Twitch. One of the key issues is The links below are what you need to get this going Eyetv - I assume you have this if you are recording on an