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The game takes place in the strange world shrouded in darkness with unknown entity stalking the protagonist from the black shadows. It brings an exciting story, in which the world was destroyed by an apocalyptic event, destroying almost humanity and transforming the planet Earth into a wasteland. The game takes place in the surreal world, centers on the depth of Pacific Ocean. The game takes place in an abandoned mansion populated with brutal monsters.

The game supports Single-player, and the story centers on an unnamed Marine who is dropped onto a tropical Island on a secret task to fend off the evil Dr. The game takes place in the fictional land and introduces a variety of levels. The game takes place in the historical year and revolves around a story of Fran, a year-old girl suffering from mental disorder after encountering the brutal murder of her beloved parents. The story revolves around the protagonist named as Simon Jarret, who finds himself at the facility under strange circumstance, struggling to unearth his past.

Left 4 Dead 2

According to the story, the mother of the protagonist hears the voice of the lord demanding a sacrifice of his beloved son to prove her faith. The game takes place in an open world environment and available to play on Xbox, Windows, and Mac platforms. The game is much inspired by the popular comic book which is produced by Top Cow Production, Inc.

It mixes the elements of First-person Perspective, Puzzle, and Exploration. The story revolves around the protagonist who dreams of a mountain near his village. The game supports both single and multiplayer modes and offers an exciting story of the Binding of Isaac inspired by the childhood of McMillen growing up in a religious family. The game takes place in a world deeply drowned in the aftermath of a massive Apocalyptic Pandemic that leaves the world in despair. You must avoid monsters, stay out of shadows, and try not to witness too many disturbing things, lest you lose all your health and sanity.

You play one of four main characters in a zombie movie come to life, shooting, exploding, and burning as many of the undead as you can on your way through the city to get to the safe house and out of danger for good. Based on the award-winning and critically acclaimed comic book and television series by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead: The Game is a deeper and more emotional look at how the surviving humans act and live after the apocalypse.

Staring at him will cause everything to fade to black, so you must run if he appears. Players can heed or disregard that advice, at their own peril.

10 Scary Horror Games for Your iPhone

The first installment in a wonderfully atmospheric series of video games, Bioshock is, in my opinion, still the best of the two currently released games in the series by 2K Games. You play a mute protagonist, named Jack, and you must fight your way through the underwater city of Rapture, throwing balls of energy at the hordes of splicers, the inhabitants of Rapture who have been driven mad by unfettered experimentation with the plasmid human enhancements. But on the other hand, this is a demanding game. So much so that my MacBook Pro could barely handle it. This is yet another great Mac port from Feral.

We never encountered any bugs during our tests. Horror games are going through a renaissance, largely thanks to Indies. There are no signs of survivors, but the bloodstains on the floor make you understand that something went terribly wrong. Turns out human experiments were carried out on the ship, but could not be contained.

This is a game that should run on most Macs out there.

10 Best Horror games for Mac in 2018

The game ran smoothly and the experience for us was bug-free. Slender: The Eight Pages is a unique take on the horror genre.

The game takes place in a dark and scary wood. It gives you a weak flashlight and asks you to find the eight pages that are scattered throughout the woods. The problem is, the Slender man is out to get you. Staring at the Slender will cause everything to fade to black, so your only hope is to run from it. This is a very light game that should run on virtually every Intel-powered Mac out there. In this future, anything you think, feel, or remember can be used against you in a court of law.

If you were looking for something different to play, this is it. Taking place in a city ravaged by drugs and neural implants, Observer sets a new bar for cyberpunk storytelling and dystopian environments. Coupled with a disturbing sound design, Observer is a tense, suffocating, and dark experience.

Stay away from it unless you have at least a very recent MacBook Pro. Testing Observer was a treat. No issues where encountered. Doom 3 is as old-school as it gets. Set in on Mars, the game takes place in a research facility where an experiment goes horribly wrong. A gateway to Hell is opened, causing a demon invasion.

As a space marine, you will have to fight your way through the base and find a way to close the gateway and stop the demons from invading Earth. If you have an Intel-Powered Mac from onwards, you should be able to run Doom 3 just fine. Other than some slight complications setting the right resolution, no serious issues were encountered.

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The Walking Dead is based on the award-winning comic book and television series by Robert Kirkman, and it too does a great job of recreating the hopelessness of a zombie-infested world. The game has its fair share of jump-scares, but the actual horror comes from the desperate world it recreates. The Walking Dead will show you how the world has gone to hell, how zombies could tear you apart, and how survivors can be even more dangerous. Those choices will shape your adventure and define who your friends and foes will be. System Requirements: OS X We prefer to limit our featured games to 10 games, but in reality, there are much more horror games that deserve your attention.

And as an added bonus, we included a few free Mac horror games:. I was alone one night in my living room, lights off, sound up. Too much stress. Tense too, but different. Nevertheless, you can rest assured all these games respect the following criteria:. They all install natively on your Mac. With these results, you should be able to gauge how demanding a game is. With first-person shooters, adventure games and more, this list has something for everyone.

And most importantly, they all have what it takes to put a chill on your spine.

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