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Past Kaa: This is no way to run a desert! Bump: Mr. Stubborn said he can. Pew: Not everything Mr. Stubborn says is true. Bump: He probably should've taken Wilson at the time, though. Kaa: Wilson didn't exist at the time, remember? Not far away, as the professor weeped and whined, two people on horses watched them. I'm going to die! That's it!

Nack and Psycho's Vacation 6 Act 6 Later, the car zoomed through the road before arriving to a drive thru restaurant. A bit later, the waitress approached with the food. Aunt Marge: frowns Is this your idea of a good restaurant, Dog Killer!? Kayla: I'm sure the food is just fine. Professor: quickly Uh oh. Stop, new car. Waitress: Thank you.

Professor: Thank you. He looked at the tray he held outside. Professor: Oh kids, oh kids. Mmm, mmm, mmmm.

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He then sneezed, dropping everything with everything splattered and window broke, the waitress glancing at the dropped items. Professor: quickly Waitress! Bowser: And that's why we never do that anymore. Bowser Jr. Later down the road, the car drove onward while almost everyone else in the car, minus Angus and Baby Bowser, slept with the koopaling pushing Dingo off.

Baby Bowser: Ick, you smell. As they drove through the road, a familiar ferrari with woman began approaching as the two noticed and Angus was fixing his f. Nack and Psycho's Vacation 5 Act 5 At a picnic table, the past group were sitting while enjoying their food. Kayla: Cookies, sandwiches Kayla then gave some food to the aunt. Kayla: Here you go, Aunt Marge. Aunt Marge: Thanks. Baby Bowser: Finally, something decent. Kayla: shows a sandwich Nic? Here's yours. Nic looked at the food with a frown. Past Nic: Uh this isn't the sandwich I ordered. Past Dingo: notices Hey, thanks.

I was wondering if I got any baloney on mine. However, Kayla quickly switched the sandwiches. Kayla: Uh sorry. Ze sandwiches got mixed up. Past Nic: grins Thanks, grandma. Past Dingo looked at his, noticing almost all vegetables. Past Dingo: Ick! You're trying to make me a Veggie Nerd! A few looked uneasy a bit. Kayla: uneasily Uh Dingo I didn't vant to say it out loud, but- Past Sleet: You're on a diet, Dingo. At least someone had to point out that you need to stop eating so much. Aunt Marge munches on a big sandwich much to their notice.

Past Nack: dryly. Nack and Psycho's Vacation 4 Act 4 At the playground, as the kids were hanging out a bit, Nic smirked to the other girl. Matilda: I'm going steady. And I French kiss. Past Nic: So? Everybody does that. Matilda: Yeah, but daddy says I'm the best at it. Psycho: Pleeeeeease. Nack: How di Psycho: You two were so loud, everyone could hear what you two are doing. He angrily smacked him in the air. He crashed to the ground safely. Past Dingo: Wait, you and your dad Frenched?! Hoo, that's bleedin' messed up. Matilda: frowns I don't kiss dad.

Get your mind out of the gutter, dingus! Winslow then showed a worm to Sleet. Winslow: Want a worm? Past Sleet: No thank you. Justin: Hey, a worm. He took it and ate it. Past Sleet: Justin? That's a worm. Justin: burps Your point? Past Nack: Soooo Winslow: sadly No.

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  • Past Sleet: What about Space Invaders? Winslow: Nope. Justin: What about Aste. OP: Breeze by Megumi Hayashibara Nack and Psycho: Daydreams and Nightmares Within the desert, as a flying ship flew through the sky, a familiar snake on orangutan body glanced at the desert area.

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    Orangusnake: Men, we're getting close to finding the legendary Dreamstone. It's said that once obtained, all your dreams come true. Nothing, not even that so-called Pirate Master or Risky Boots shall stop us! The rat with binoculars looked down below at a strange scenery. Ratarang: Yo, boss! Orangusnake: snatches the binoculars Gimme that! He used the binoculars as the palace was seen while one of the windows showed the familiar figures talking. Mordred: gasps I sense the emerald Risky was right! Kandy: concerned What does this emerald do? Mordred: It's a long story. But right now, it's s.

    Nack and Psycho's Vacation 3 Act 3 That night, as the shadow of Kayla was seen showering in the shower, some foreboding music was heard. Nervous: gasps What's that? Ridley: Sounds like the theme of that Alfred Hitchcock movie. As that happened, someone slowly approached where the curtain covered weasel was at. Just then, after a shadow of someone holding what seemed to be a dagger approached, the cover showing her head was pulled as she yelped in shock, covering herself with a towel when in full view.

    The one near her, Angus in bath robe, mimicked stabbing noises with a banana with a grin. Kayla: sweatdrops Angus! Professor: He-he-he Kayla: I've already done my back. Professor: Oh. Can I do your front? Kayla: blushing Angus! Go do your own front. He chuckled as he closed the curtain. Nic: covering her eyes Yikes, that was awkward. Psycho: covers his eyes It'd be more awkward if Tai Lung ever saw that nude scene with your granny, N. Nack and Psycho's Vacation 2 Act 2 The next in the past, at the front of the Von Kriplespac door, the familiar past cobra was seen knocking with a frown. Past Mordred: Ungh, I can't believe you got me to go through with this.

    Kayla opened the door as she noticed Mordred with the two familiar figures from Jurassic Park waiting. Kayla: Oh guten tag, Mordred.

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    You and your masters. Past Mordred: Mrs. Kriplespac, we discussed this: I'm not a pet, I'm their partner. Rasticore: smiles sadly Mordred The present comatized Mordred groaned a bit. Gomamon: Hey, seems like he'll wake up tomorrow after all. Kayla: nervously Um, he uh Exodus: frowns That figures. As they departed with the bags, Kayla looked at a familiar Toon woman following as they headed to the car.

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    Kayla: Now remember: I turned off ze water, ze stove, ze hea. That night, as most were asleep with Boris and Mina Loveberry sleeping on the chairs across from the prison, a sniffing noise was heard with the hunters slowly awakening a bit. Nack: Uh Psy? Was that you sniffing? Psycho: Not unless I caught the fake Sailor Moon's cold and got a runny nose.

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    Cookies Wir setzen auf unserer Seite Cookies ein. Privacy Statement General Your personal data e. Liability for content Our content has been created with care, but we're not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and topicality. The controller is pretty well connected. I have never been able to get the two units out of sync unless I add or remove discs when the changer is disconnected. The controller's Autobuild process though will notice the discrepancy and correct it once it runs. They will probably last the lifetime of the controller. However there are times when they may need servicing.

    The primary issue that I have found with these units is that the internal motherboard can become disconnected from its IDE ribbon cable during shipping or transport. This is a problem if you turn on the unit and it continuously spins the carousel, or continuously reboots. All the electronics for the changer are located on the underside of the unit. Flip the unit on its top and you will see a lid that is fastened to the underside of the changer with about 20 screws. You need to remove all except the ones holding the feet on.

    Then slowly remove the lid. Now you basically want to press all the ribbon cables into their connectors and make sure that there are no loose connections. Be careful NOT to touch the power supply that is completely unprotected. If the face of the unit is towards your body, the first board you see towards the front is the main mother board.

    You will notice that on the left side is an IDE ribbon cable connection. You should also see that there is tape around the board that is supposed to hold it steady. Since most of these units are a couple years old, the tape is no longer sticky. First you want to secure the board. I would recommend that you add electical tape strategically to stabilize the board. I have actually added silicon sealant to the corners to do this as well. Making sure that it completely dries before placing the lid on.

    The other ribbon connectors may be loose as well. Press them all into place. Before replacing the lid, use an air duster or vacuum cleaner to make sure there are no metal shavings around that worked loose when you unscrewed all those screws. Then put the lid back on.

    Your changer should be back in business. Great design, especially when the changer is located away in a rack or other sound-proof enclosure.

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    Grinding sounds are common after a couple years of use. I haven't figured out what causes the sound, but a faulty motor is the probable cause. This is not yet proven, however. Trying to find a replacement drive that will work. In general these are reliable drives with few failures.

    The hard drive is setup as a standalone drive with no slave on the primary IDE connection. In total, this is less than 1GB of actual storage. The rest of the drive is not used. No media is stored on the hard drive. Though these drives have a low rational speed of rpm, they are actually pretty noisy. You can definitely hear these when placed in your living room, and they can be heard during quiet passages in a movie.

    Since the Powerplay is based on Windows95, it is incredibly susceptible to Cross-linked file issues and the resulting corruption of files. This is typically caused when you do not power down the Powerplay using the menus. Most often power outages are the primary cause of this since the Powerplay is typically left on for years. I am very surprised that Escient does not recommend that these be powered through an uninterruptable power supply UPS.

    NOTE: In many cases, your existing information on the drive may be damaged. If that is the case, then moving that information to a new drive will not help you. You need not only a new drive but also a new Powerplay drive image without errors. I would recommend trying to copy the information to a new drive first, and if that fails you need a new image. I will write something later on getting an image. If you have experience building or modding PCs, then the Powerplay will look very familiar. Since these units are out of warranty, you don't have to worry about losing any benefits from Escient. However, the power supply will retain its voltage after it is unplugged.

    DO NOT open or touch the power supply. Unlike other media machines, the power supply in the Powerplay is fully shielded and contained as a typical PC style component. Replacement requirements: - Several hours of time. I will write something on some good drives to use later.

    For example Maxtor has PowerMax. Static electricity is your enemy here. Ground yourself and be careful of what you touch. Do not touch the PCB board on the underside of the hard drive! Unplug and open up the Powerplay. The Powerplay is screwed together with machine screws. As such they will leave metal shavings when removed. You don't want these bouncing around inside the unit. Clean the screws when removed and vacuum up any shavings that you see inside.

    The hard drive will be visible to the right front of the unit when the CD tray is facing you. There are four screws holding it to the base. Remove these. Remove the power connector and the IDE ribbon cable and push under the CD tray to get them out of the way. Lift the drive straight up. It is sitting on metal risers. Be careful not to touch the IDE pins. You may notice that some blue bushings are left behind on the risers and may be stuck to the bottom of the metal drive mounting plate.

    Make sure you don't lose them. They cushion the drive. The drive is mounted to a plate and is secured by 4 screws. Remove them and you've got the heart of the unit in your hands. The drive is set as a standalone drive. If you need to change this setting to install into your PC, do so now. Be careful not to boot it since it will begin reconfiguring to the hardware of your PC! Your PC should have an existing C drive and Operating system. This may require a reboot. Run defragmentation to improve the performance of the partition. Windows Explorer, right click the drive, Properties, Tools, Defragmentation.

    You may want to run twice. Fixing errors such as cross-linked files may affect the partition information.

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    Put the white jumper back to the standalone setting on the rear of the drive. Place back on the mounting plate securing with one screw, and connect the power and IDE. Boot it to confirm it still works! When confirmed that it is still good, shut down powerplay. Remove the drive from the Powerplay, rest the white jumper to your PC requirements, and reconnect to your PC. Use Ghost to make a copy of the Powerplay partition. Save the image to a location where you can find it again. Remove the original Powerplay drive from your PC. Store safely in the antistatic bag of your new drive.

    Connect your new drive to the PC. Fully test the drive using the manufacturer diagnostics to make sure there are no errors. Use Ghost to install the saved Powerplay partition onto the new drive Restore Drive. Set bootable and active. This should take less than 30 minutes. Don't select that option.

    Not sure what happens if you initialized the drive in XP or if you assign a drive letter in XP. You don't need to, so I would not recommend it. Now you have a new drive with the old but error free Powerplay partition on it. To test it, place the NEW drive on the metal mounting plate. Secure with a single screw. Reset the white jumper back so that it is set to standalone. The system should hang. I think a setting triggers the system to boot into safe mode.

    Reboot it a couple times by pulling the power cord when it gets stuck and you should be good. At this point reconnect it to your PC make it the only drive in your PC so that it boots as the C drive. If it wants to go into Safe mode select Normal. As soon as the Windows95 blue screen appears and indicates that it is reconfiguring hardware, power off the PC.

    Not sure what this does, but it resets something. NOW the drive should boot. Put it back in the Powerplay with the juper set to Standalone. Fully test all the functions. When you confirm it is good, remove the drive for one last time. Fully attach the mounting plate to the drive with all 4 screws. Ensure that all the blue bushings are in place correctly. Attach the mounting plate to the base with the 4 remaining screws. Securely attach the IDE cable snugly, Securely attach the power cable.

    Replace the cover with screws. Your Powerplay should now be good as new. Thanks for visiting my little piece of real estate on the web. I have dedicated this site to one of my favorite hobbies. If you are here, then you already know what wonderful gear these are. If not, just google for Escient and you can find all kinds of reviews on the goodies from Escient.

    What you can't find much of is information on how to maintain and upgrade this gear. Once you get yours loaded full of media, you can't have these dying on you. Hopefully you can find everything you need to know about maintaining your gear here. Manualszoom offers you a service of sharing, storing and finding manuals related to hardware and software use: user guides, owner's manuals, quick start guides, technical datasheets. For your convenience. ManualsZoom offers you a service of sharing, storing and finding manuals related to hardware and software use: user guides, owner's manuals, quick start guides, technical datasheets.

    In any way can't ManualsZoom be held responsible if the document you are looking for is not available, incomplete, in a different language than your language, or if the model or language do not match the description. Content summary on the page No. Warnings andcautions can also be found throughout the manual where they apply.

    Grounding the PowerFileThis product is grounded through the ground conductor of the power cord. To avoid the possibilityof electrical shock, plug the po Content summary on the page No. Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. Connect the equipment into an outlet circuit different from which the receiver is connected.

    Consult the dealer or an experienced rad Content summary on the page No. The PowerFile is the mostinnovative and cost-effective solution for the storage, retrieval, and sharing of data on digital media. Produ Content summary on the page No. Directing a disc to move from a carousel slot to an available PowerFile drive. Directing a disc Content summary on the page No.

    Please turn JavaScript on and reload the page.

    Note: Do not force thecable in backwards! Discs must beloaded with the 'data' side on the left, and the 'label' side on the right. Display WindowThis two-l Content summary on the page No. Pressing this button scrolls through a seriesof functions.