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Both of them enable you to layout and print photos in a variety of sizes and configurations on a single sheet of paper. Navigate to the folder on your PC containing the pictures you wish to print and select the thumbnails of the pictures. This program automatically resizes the pictures to fit the predefined photo print layout you choose. Compared to other similar utilities, this photo printing software includes additional features for photo enhancements: red eyes removal, wrinkle or pores removal, and photo brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness adjustments.

You can change the color of the photo to gray or black as well. Photo Retouching. ArcSoft is a proud recipient of the following awards:. Paper and page size set custom at 8x8" But it just won't print correct size..

Step 1: Pick the pictures

Any ideas? After hours of mind boggling research I come to the conclusion it could be software.. Corrupted files Upgraded computer software, uninstalled and re installed photoshop and bingo Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Selecting Basic Print Settings - Mac

W Chantelle. W 16 3 3 bronze badges. But, take my family: Mom needed practically a two-day course in using Picasa. My father doesn't care about computers, except for being pro-Windows. My brother can't be bothered to learn anything besides setting up Call of Duty and play that.

Somehow, they all take pictures and load them onto their PC. Sometimes they upload them, and sometimes they need to resize them. I know what the reactions would be to iPhoto.

How to Resize a Photo on Mac

Mom: Can you help me resize my pictures? Why do you do that? Why isn't there a button or choice to resize? Two days later, on the phone How did I resize my pictures again? You got to come over and help me. Sis: I tried using it, but I wanted to resize some photos, and couldn't, so I gave it up.

POS program can't even do that! It was so easy in Windows Paint. Dad: What does it do? Show pictures? Can it do more? Email pictures, huh? That's a nice touch. Three weeks later, on the phone My buddy can't see the pictures, they're too small. I tried using the other choices, but then he can't receive my e-mail, it's too big.

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Can you help me? Brother: Six months later I just tried importing my pictures to iPhoto a few months ago, but something went wrong. I don't know what, and I haven't tried anymore since, so I don't know if it's fixed or not.

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  6. I sit down, he tells me what he did, no problem importing Huh, guess it's fixed then. Three months later The day after you helped me with iPhoto, I tried importing some other pictures, and the fault came up again. Can you come over some day and fix it again? I know, importing and resizing are two different things, and importing pictures is available and easy in practically all image editors.

    But, that's my brother's view. As you can see, there's a point to this story: I am the geek, and I am expected to know the solution to all their computer problems, even if I, as in the case of Apple-products, have never owned or used any of them. And also, if Macs are supposed to be so userfriendly, then why hide one of the most important and easily implemented features under the un-intuitive heading of Export in a menu.

    Why not right-click? Oh, that's right.