Top 10 mac bright eyeshadows

Brown eyes look fabulous with just about ANY color! You can pull off bright colors, neutrals, and anything in between! The majority of the eyeshadows in the post are pretty bright. If you are looking for great everyday neutrals please click the link below.

Top eyeshadows for Indian/Brown/Olive Skin!

Knight Divine is an asphalt black with silver pearl, but applies like a blackened grey with shimmer. It is gorgeous with brown eyes — it makes them glow! Tempting looks gorgeous on brown eyes! It can appear a little orange on fair skin, so keep that in mind if it applies to you. Although they look similar in the pan, Tempting and Woodwinked look nothing alike on the eye.

I love this color sooooo much. It is a bronzy olive green on the lid. Put Humid on the top of your makeup wishlist! I would say that it is a mix between a hunter green and a forest green with shimmer. I love this color in the crease or on the lid… you can also smudge it along your lower lash line. This too is a pretty bright eyeshadow, so bear that in mind!

It is a metallic taupe with a slight purple undertone. There is a reason ST is the most talked about eyeshadow on the internet…. Cranberry is a true cranberry color with shimmer. Nocturnelle is warm darker purple with shimmer. I really love the way it pairs with both Satellite Dreams and Satin Taupe. I was planning to make 2 pallets with Mac eye shadows but they have so many and I was looking for exactly this type of advice and recommendation. Thank you!

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If you would recommend some of MAC powder pigments what would you choose as a must have? Thanks again! Would you mind listing the few websites that sell samples. I heard many sell fade MAC pigments. In the crease with blanc type on the lid and embark on the outer corners. Or on the lid with orange in the crease and embark on the outer corners. This is another Mac colour in my top 3. The pictures do not do this eyeshadow any justice. This is the most gorgeous blacked burgundy colour, with a hint of shimmer running through it.

Oh Cranberry, you gorgeous thing you. Cranberry is fabulous berried red colour with a frost finish. This is another colour that really makes blue eyes pop. I like to wear it on the lid, with a light brown like kid in the crease. This is another must have for blue eyed ladies. Embark is a very unusual colour. It is a very rich brown with some red undertones. It has a matte finish.


I use this more as an outer corner colour, but it blends so well that it can be used in many different ways. Sketch is dark burgundy brown with a velvet finish. Sketch was one of the first colours I ever bought and I wear it in lots of different ways.

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My favourite is to wear it in the crease with any light neutral colour on the lid. This suits all eye colours. Patina is such an undervalued eyeshadow. It is a golden brown colour, with a little bit of a shine to it. It is great for any colour eyes, but because it has a lovely golden warmth to it, it is brilliant for blue eyes.

From Bobbi Brown to Huda Beauty, here are this season's must-have palettes

It can be applied all over the lid, or as I like to do, in the crease with woodwinked on the lid. Right now, Coppering is my absolute favourite Mac eyeshadow. I recently did a tutorial with this shadow. It is a rich copper colour, with a veluxe pearl finish. This eyeshadow is so easy to work with.

It suits most eye colours, but for blue eyes this is a must.

10 Best MAC Eyeshadows for Indian Bridal Makeup

The Nars sheer glow foundation, is one that has been blogged about over and over again. Many bloggers have hailed this as their holy grail foundation and that there is no other foundation out there like it. So the question I ask myself after using this foundation for over 2 months, is is the hype surrounding Nars sheer glow worth it? Oh Hell yes. Ladies this is quite simply an amazing foundation. I wear the colour Punjab which is described as a medium colour with golden peachy undertones. To put…. Would you believe, this is my first ever Nars product! I know, I am extremely late to the bandwagon, but I always found their stuff to be so expensive.

It was my birthday last month and my Mam and Dad, decided to pick something off my February wish list.

I was so surprised when a delivery from Brown Thomas arrived at my door on the morning of my birthday…. I love a strong red lip, especially around this time of the year. Inglot is a fab blue based red. It has good staying power, I wore it for 4 hours and only had to top up once. It actually stains your lips so even when it wears off your lips have a bit of colour….

Finally Makeup Geek is available this side of the Atlantic. For far too long we have had to put in tiny orders to avoid customs and patiently wait weeks and weeks for the our new shadows. Thankfully, Makeup Geek is now being stock on Beautybay. Finally no more worrying if the postman is going to ask you to cough up some more cash. It will come as no surprise to long time readers of the blog, that I am a massive fan of Makeup Geek Eyeshadows. These are hands down my most used eyeshadows are they are just so incredibly pigmented, long wearing and easy to work with.

They really….

10 best eyeshadow palettes - every shade to suit your budget

The hunt for the perfect concealer is almost as hard as the hunt for the perfect foundation. I have quite dark circles and find it very difficult to get anything to cover them. In the last few weeks they seem to be getting worse and all my usual go to concealers were just not able to cover them. Next up on my list to try was Mac Pro Longwear concealer. I recently got this palette in my Latest in Beauty beauty box. I was so excited to get it as I had heard so many good things about these palettes and am a huge fan of HD Brows. HD Brows offers 3 different palettes. Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for brunettes and Vamp for very dark haired ladies.

Each palette contains four different tone powders and an angled brush. Good brows are crucial so does this palette actually keep your brows…. I just adore coppering. The Make Up Fo Ever magnetic palette is cheaper and holds 45 mac eyeshadows. Have a couple of these and would agree that they are amazing! Literally went out the next day and bought Amber Lights after you said how great it looks on blue eyes.

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You were so right! Thanks a million. Delighted you liked it. I love hearing when people buy stuff I recommend. Krrp up the great work x. Hi Sinead I love all of your picks!