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The data remains available to any application supporting the feature, thus allowing easy data transfer between applications. The command names are an interface metaphor based on the physical procedure used in manuscript editing to create a page layout. This interaction technique has close associations with related techniques in graphical user interfaces GUIs that use pointing devices such as a computer mouse by drag and drop , for example. Typically, clipboard support is provided by an operating system as part of its GUI and widget toolkit.

The capability to replicate information with ease, changing it between contexts and applications, involves privacy concerns because of the risks of disclosure when handling sensitive information. Terms like cloning , copy forward , carry forward , or re-use refer to the dissemination of such information through documents, and may be subject to regulation by administrative bodies.

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  • The term " cut and paste " comes from the traditional practice in manuscript-editings whereby people would cut paragraphs from a page with scissors and paste them onto another page. This practice remained standard into the s. The advent of photocopiers made the practice easier and more flexible.

    This mechanism was often used to transfer frequently-used commands or text snippets from additional buffers into the document, as was the case with the QED text editor.

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    The earliest editors designed for teleprinter terminals provided keyboard commands to delineate a contiguous region of text, then delete or move it. Since moving a region of text requires first removing it from its initial location and then inserting it into its new location, various schemes had to be invented to allow for this multi-step process to be specified by the user.

    In , the Apple Lisa became the first text editing system to call that temporary location "the clipboard".

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    Earlier control schemes such as NLS used a verb-object command structure , where the command name was provided first and the object to be copied or moved was second. The inversion from verb-object to object-verb on which copy and paste are based, where the user selects the object to be operated before initiating the operation, was an innovation crucial for the success of the desktop metaphor as it allowed copy and move operations based on direct manipulation. Many command line text editors which predate their more popular GUI equivalents have copy-paste features including: ed , emacs , sed , and vi.

    Though largely superseded by user friendly GUI editors, these editors still persist and are commonly used for server administration when using remote shell access such as through ssh. Inspired by early line and character editors that broke a move or copy operation into two steps—between which the user could invoke a preparatory action such as navigation— Lawrence G. Tesler Larry Tesler proposed the names "cut" and "copy" for the first step and "paste" for the second step. Apple mapped the functionalities to key combinations consisting of the Command key a special modifier key held down while typing the letters X for cut , C for copy , and V for paste , choosing a handful of keyboard shortcuts to control basic editing operations.

    The keys involved all cluster together at the left end of the bottom row of the standard QWERTY keyboard, and each key is combined with a special modifier key to perform the desired operation:.

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    Early versions of Windows used the IBM standard. Microsoft later also adopted the Apple key combinations with the introduction of Windows , using the control key as modifier key. Similar patterns of key combinations, later borrowed by others, remain widely available today [update] in most GUI text editors, word processors, and file system browsers. Computer-based editing can involve very frequent use of cut-and-paste operations.

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    Most software-suppliers provide several methods for performing such tasks, and this can involve for example key combinations, pulldown menus, pop-up menus, or toolbar buttons. Whereas cut-and-paste often takes place with a mouse-equivalent in Windows-like GUI environments, it may also occur entirely from the keyboard, especially in UNIX text editors , such as Pico or vi.

    When a software environment provides cut and paste functionality, a nondestructive operation called copy usually accompanies them; copy places a copy of the selected text in the clipboard without removing it from its original location. The clipboard usually stays invisible, because the operations of cutting and pasting, while actually independent, usually take place in quick succession, and the user usually needs no assistance in understanding the operation or maintaining mental context.

    Some application programs provide a means of viewing, or sometimes even editing, the data on the clipboard. This is the default config file for executing custom keybinds and aliases. This config will run every time the game starts up, after config. Como conectarse al servidor y reconectarse a la consola puede ser una molestia, los administradores de los servidores pueden usar el sistema de consola remota.

    El servidor del juego corre un servicio adicional que acepta comandos de consola de clientes remotos. Jump to: navigation , search. Saltar al contenido.

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