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Your email address will not be published. Starting with Dark Rising, and boy what a horrible game. I'm playing the original and not the Kaizo version, which I heard fixed many bugs I found out about this way too late and I'm not going to play from the start again , but it's so unpolished and untested.

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The maps are boring and many have wrong textures, which makes it feel unnatural. The connection between towns are always caves, which I guess it's because the creator couldn't find a smooth transition using just routes. Text all over the game is full of typos. The story is convoluted, there are so many characters, and all with 0 introduction and development to them. Not to mention how boring it is. Also, something that bothered me a lot was that most maps are basically the taken from the original game and have a little sprinkle on them.

  • Few adventure games who can interest you.
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  • A Pokémon Fangame.
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Taken out of the contest of the game, those maps made very little sense. The game has one thing going for it which is the premise of difficulty, which I have to say did make me work for those battles. I'm a fan of grinding, so I had no problem with that, but it just goes beyond with trying to make a tough fight in a way that I disagree. Giving every enemy pokemon from important fights a Leftovers is bad design. This brings the point of Marts that don't progress in the same way as the game does.

That may be justified with the argument of making the game harder, but it just made it feel uncomfortable. Anyway, I just thought I'd give my 2 cents about this game, since it made this list.

And many more features, such as:

I haven't finished yet, nor the other games in the list, but I will. Maybe the rest of the list is a bit better. Which pokemon fan game or rom hack transports you to the pokemon world by arceus and he also introduces you to the mechanics of the game? It is very annoying that I can remember.

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The list above are romhacks, as you need a patch file and a rom, and an emulator to play them after you've patched the files. Fanmades are made in things such as RPG Maker, and there tends to be a whole lot more work put into them since they come with extra functions, play modes, and usually don't use JUST the Pokemon Essentials pack.

Also, there are a few on here that, while they aren't made in RPG Maker, and they are not made with rom hacks for use in emulators, they are now deceased. Thanks, Nintendo. I might be a bit late, but my timing is not. Easy to learn, frustratingly hard to master. Planet Pokemon has been abandoned and all servers have gone offline, making the game totally unplayable.

Hes talking about a game boy advanced emulator for pc called visual boy advanced [he misspelled it though].

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It's still "Visual Boy Advance. A game as awesome as PokeMMO is difficult to mention in passing; it really deserves its own article, don't you think? I've played three Pokemon fangames, I have four, and am seriously considering Pokemon Godra up there. All are pretty cool, and Gen 0 is so different from the others it's really hard to compare. I love it and Pokemon Uranium about equally.

I'm glad you mentioned these. I only played Uranium in passing, so I couldn't enjoy the nuclear types or the side-quests fully. The sprites and game play, however, are on par with most official Pokemon games out there! As for Gen 0, I found the story really clever but the game itself didn't meet the absurdly high expectations I had for it. Have you tried Pokemon Pitch Black? I'm working through it currently and it's slowly reaching the top of my favorites list.

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