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The genre of horror focuses on the demonic, evil, the afterlife, and death and the things embodied in the person. Most of the horror games take place in the fictional environment, where the player is unable to prepare or equip his avatar with weapons. During the gameplay, the player encounters various factors to make combat using a limited number of firearms. Horror games center on non-combat challenges, solving mind-bending puzzles and manipulating the world to the specific locations in the terrifying world. The player can collect multiple objects and tools while exploring the land to manage an inventory of items.

These games are played from either a first-person or the third-person perspectives. Horror games include death creatures, ghosts, wolves, vampires, etc. Mac OS. The game starts with the protagonist Player inside an abandoned building. Show Details. The game story of the game revolves around the protagonist named Patrick Galloway who is an adventurer and his efforts to interrogate the mysteries of the occult at the estate of his beloved fellow named Jeremiah Covenant.

SpaceTeam Zed is an Action, Third-person Shooter, and Single-player video game available to play on multiple platforms. The game takes place in the space environment threatened by various space species. You can take on the role of the protagonist and according to story, you stuck in the strange planet residence of aliens and other creatures. Zombies Shall Not Pass! Fran Bow Win , Mac. Let's start with the creepy tale of a little orphan girl finding her way home, developed in the style of a point-and-click adventure.

With its dreamy music and whimsical art style, reminiscent of "Alice in Wonderland," Fran Bow wins a spot on this list. You play as Fran, a little girl who must escape from a mental institution and track down her parents' killer. Her first task, after escaping, is to find her trusty cat, Mr.

Midnight, who can aid her on her journey. During their travels, the two will come across a host of odd characters both human and nonhuman that seems straight out of a Lewis Carroll book. Some will help Fran and Mr. Midnight find their way home, but others may have their own agenda. Fran Bow is not a horror game in the traditional sense. The game doesn't rely on jump-scares not to say there aren't any but instead creates a slowly drawn air of eeriness that you can't shake even after finishing. The storytelling, the puzzles, and the haunting music work together to create a constant sense of uneasiness and keep the game intriguing enough to keep playing.

Coming all the way from across the pond, Harvester Games puts you in the mind of a modern day pariah: the Cat Lady. The mysterious shut-in living next door has always been a good source of spooky campfire stories. Using the urban tale as a launchpad, Harvester Games explores the character as a protagonist we can relate to rather than portraying her as an inhuman outcast.

The game puts you in the mind of Susan Ashworth Mrs.

10 Best Horror games for Mac in 2018

A , who lives in her apartment completely alone except for the company of her cat, Teacup. When we join Mrs. A, we learn that she attempted suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs while her cat watched.

VANISH - Free Indie Horror Game by 3DrunkMen

Instead of dying, however, she wakes up and finds herself physically fine in what seems to be another time and place -- in a serial killer investigation. As her partner abandons her in the killer's house, she starts poking around, only to discover that something paranormal might be guiding the hands of this psychopath.

The game is your basic mystery side-scroller with a hint of puzzle solving, similar to Myst but nowhere near as tough. The art style vaguely resembles something out of "A Scanner Darkly" with extra grittiness. The winning feature here is the quality and effort put into the ambient sounds and effects. The Cat Lady's full ensemble of talented voice actors adds to the immersive experience. The writing does a decent job of making the world believable. The game is episodic, which gives each chapter a different feel.

Overall it's a great platformer that is best enjoyed on the big screen. Probably one of the best indie-horror games you will see these days. The looks, the sounds, the feels The game is beautiful and the atmosphere stays chilling.

Download Horror Games for Mac - Best Software & Apps

The deeper you go into the game, the more suspenseful it becomes. I love this!

Technology and an abandoned ghost town in this creepy horror survival game

The developers did a terrific job! Everything about this game is spine tingling! Really worth playing". If you like Amnesia, definitely give this a try. Horrifying atmosphere, dark tunnels, I just love it! Out of the dozens of free indie games I've played, yours is one of the best!!

I love how each play through is slightly different, great work! You guys are amazing at producing an 'atmosphere' that's just terrifying. Fantastic game and it's awesome on a big TV with a 5.

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  • Just watching the videos creeped me out. The feel and the atmosphere is very well done.

    VANISH Screenshots

    The modeling is beautiful. Ya'll keep up the astounding work. I applaud you 3DrunkMen. This is in my opinion the best Horror game out there.