Mac mini hard drive thermal sensor cable connector

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Mac Mini Mid 2007 Broken Thermal Sensor Cable

Try some of this It's solar cell tab wire. It's basically printed circuit without the board.. Also it is already solder so you will not have to add any solder to it at all..

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Further its conductivity is far closer to the actual board than copper wire would be. The drawbacks are that you have to buy 50 feet pcs 6 inches by 2 mils and that it isn't insulated. I installed it on a iMac with no issues and it has an interface for both the HD and optical fan, and as you know the Mini only has one fan, so I would assume Mini firmware is looking for temps from both OD and HD, and controlling one fan for both temps.

So, in your shoes, I would try it. Nothing to lose. The other tool out there that can actually slow fans down through software is HD Fan Control.

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Appears to work in a similar way, and designed specifically for the iMac HD firmware issue Damien: Cool stuff. Successfully reduced fan speed in MacMini Unclemac, Damien, Thanks so much for your input and great advice! Since it's designed for the two-fan iMac, it gives an erroneous reading for the hard drive fan speed but gives the correct reading for the hard drive temperature in the one-fan MacMini. I can set the fan speed anywhere between and rpm. I've chosen rpm, which is inaudible and everything stays below 50C at ambient 34C.

Right now I'm heading over to the developer's site to make a donation. Easy installation, nice design, solved my problem -- thanks for the tip! Join Date Dec Posts 1.

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Originally Posted by veganicity. I broke one myself. Very frustrating that it is so small and fragile. Makes me gun shy about doing HD swaps in Minis now. Which is just not right! This was several years ago Wouldn't that be nice? Apple already does it on iMacs since late models, but using their own spec drive firmware. Should be an industry standard, so any drive can be swapped.

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Should Have Known New to Macs, been building PC's since 8 bit 's, and just bought this mid Mac Mini from a friend. Bumped the memory to max, no problem. Bought a Samsung SSD and proceeded to install the drive. Having repaired many iPhones for friends and family, figured the Mac Mini would be spacious by comparison. Well there's more room but I swear the connections are more delicate.

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While gently pulling up on the OD Thermal Sensor wires, the entire receptacle broke off the board. My bad. Don't want to start poking around the logic board with a degree poker trying to solder something the size of a human hair Looks like the exirion. If it does, I'll make a donation in the name of the group! What a great resource you are, thank you! Maybe someday I'll have something worth while to contribute Welcome aboard, sorry to meet like this. Please report back, successful or not, so we can continue to collect info!

It Works! Thanks for the report. I would guess that missing sensor sends the fan into high mode by design until software can load and tell it slow down. Join Date Feb Posts 2. Unclemac, Damien, Thanks so much for your input and great advice! Hello, I have had the same issue i.

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Mac mini Server Mid 2011 / Late 2012 Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

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