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But if you want something semi-permanent set up on your desk for a few hours, then it absolutely does look the part. With a cup of your favorite coffee on one side and the stand on the other, your laptop will be raring to go on some serious work. This is one for the real tech heads so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!

Auto-run is something fresh because it takes care of a lot of the setup for you. If you just want something that works straight out of the box, then this is the device for you. For those of you who love to delve into the detail, I suggest exploring the default settings before you first fire it up. Absolutely not!

10 Best USB Wifi Adapters [] Definitive Guide: Speed Up Your Wi-Fi

Wireless adapters are going from strength to strength, so the Mbps on offer here is par for the course while still being super impressive! Personally, I like the idea of having one spare at home in case your home WiFi starts to fail you. If it is for you, then there are plenty of others to choose from. Now, this is super cool guys! The Quick Security Setup QSS allows you to establish a secure connection that meets the needs of your specific environment.

The details get a little complicated even for a tech lover like me, but trust me when I say that it makes things easier. What could be better than that! There are none of the grey areas that cause some new technologies to fall short. See what you think for yourself folks! That means you remove that little bit of friction that comes with the USB stick style dongles.

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WPA2 is the leading encryption standard, so it is nice to see it adopted by default here. What I really like is that it gives every device a unique key with which it can connect. The 2. The drivers are an area where many mobile devices fall short of the mark. I found no such issues, and they actually guide you through everything automatically when you first plug in the device. This makes it very easy to use and ensures that you can just plug and play just like in the adverts! Ideal if you want to skip the techie setup geeks like me love and just go about your digital day!

High gain is what allows you to recover even a weak signal from a mast and then boost it so that you can use it. I found no such issues with the N which is an encouraging sign! By making small tweaks to the aerials, I was able to position them for optimal signal. The build quality allows for a high degree of reproducibility which is quite nice too! Luckily TP-Link went back to basics in solving this one and decided to ship the N with a 1.

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  • That is a really lovely thing for the geek inside me to see because I genuinely have a soft spot for Linux. TP-Link again folks! The WNN is a particularly slick and shiny piece of kit that catches the eye. With plenty of power for streaming and gaming, I like the idea of taking it with you on a week away on work. That way you can pop it in and chill out just like you would at home after a long day!

    Get Wi-Fi connectivity easily with these wireless adapters

    By supporting b, g, and n from the That makes it ideal for those of you who are rightly quite discerning about their security standards. Encryption is taken care of automatically which is another nice feature. The dropouts that the WNN avoids are very impressive. This all comes together to create a tiny device that offers stunning reliability in my opinion.

    I also really liked how it was bug-free during my time using it. The issue with these devices is that sometimes the just hang and freeze for no known reason. Fortunately, TP-Link seems to have everything covered in this respect. TP-Link is dominating this list and with good reason! I have to say that despite what I said about the last entry, Mbps is slow for this list.

    At least for this type of mobile adapter anyway. Yes, you can watch Netflix and game, but the more speed you opt for, the longer the device will last you. This may not mean a lot to some of you, but to others, it will be music to your ears! The main takeaway point here my friend is that you can choose how you secure your data. A lot of devices have default options that are near impossible to change but not these guys.


    By giving you the ability to change things as and when you need to they ensure you have added firepower with which to protect your data online. Ideal if you always want to be able to respond to the latest cybercrime trends and developments! When you want to make your desktop the fastest browsing machine, it can be you have a few more options. Rather than a dongle or nano-device that takes up a precious USB port, you can opt for a card. One thing I would say is that you need to understand this is a desktop only device. If you want something you can use with loads of devices then this may not be the purchase for you.

    Highly recommended if you want something tailor-made for your prized desktop tower. Cisco is the company that makes all the routers and switchgear that allows you to get online in the first place. The device comes with a whole host of nice features, but perhaps the best thing is the brand.

    Bottom line

    That means that the guarantee it comes with is worth every penny. The aftercare and customer service are really hard to match. This is especially important in a field like wireless tech where so many people use the products, and so few are experts. The alignment was really top notch in my opinion and ensured that I never had to move it around my desk. This is what you expect when you spend your money on something! The drivers come preloaded on some onboard flash memory. Highly recommended if you want to see how the biggest name in the business go about things.

    If you liked the idea of the desktop-specific card above then, this is the equivalent for your note-book or laptop. At ten times that of a conventional I can see a lot of business people opting for this when they need to work on the train on long journeys. One issue with slightly older tech like this is what happens to the older devices that are still out there?

    Online gaming will be off the agenda, and that requires the most bandwidth. It looks a bit like an electronic cigarette releasing green vapor. Behind the scenes, the driver updates network settings, so you can modify details like DNS or other elements via the Network system preference pane.

    10 Best USB Wifi Adapters in 12222 – Reviews

    You use the utility menu to change the network to which you want to connect, however. While connected, a tiny blue LED is lit on the adapter. If your router supports WPS for easy connections, you can select that from the menu, and the utility generates a connection PIN. I tested the adapter via both a Mac mini with USB 3. With a nearby Your wireless network environment and resulting performance will vary from mine—and minute to minute, too. I found the Edimax utility and menu a little funky.

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    On my MacBook, the menu disappeared, and I logged out of my account and back in to restore it. That worked, and then it was stable. I initially entered the network password incorrectly on one machine, and subsequent connection attempts noted the password was wrong without allowing me to re-enter the right one. The workaround is to select Open Wireless Utility, select the network, and enter the password there. Edimax earns big points by including an uninstaller along with its installer. A big warning on size: the adapter is really tiny. I almost lost it in testing when it slipped out of my grasp.