How to make cheeseburger macaroni with kraft mac and cheese

Thank you for a wonderful recipe! Thank you for the recipe. I just made it tonight and I like it. Even my 15 months old daughters ate it. It is tasty and very easy to make. My husband was not impressed, surprise surprise! I just made this, really delicious! Thanks for sharing the fabulous recipe! Thanks for this! I needed to laugh just before bed so I can have some really good dreams: Thanks for obliging: And why is it that men in our lives are the Kraft fiends? My husband keeps on dragging the blue boxes in the house claiming that he found a great deal.

John Irving on the night stand patiently waiting:. You know…when I ban Ritz crackers from his life. I know. You saw my post about how he waited an hour for us to get up after locking himself out of the house? With cut up hot dogs. Oh, I know. Come on now, hurry up already!!

And then maybe we can sneak off and play video games on our phones together :D. You are in the majority! If not, then just pour chocolate syrup on top ;-. I can so hear this conversation! Easy, yummy, and you can give it a test run before you make it for you and Jay.

This looks really good—comfort food, baby! And I think my husband and brother-in-law who recently moved in with us would appreciate it for sure. I hate to say it, but here it goes! I love boxed mac and cheese! Before Walmart changed the Thick and Creamy kind recently. My husband loves it also with hot dogs! This looks great too! I need to make this again soon.

With homemade chicken stock, and perhaps a splash of Worcestershire for good measure. Too easy to cook, inhale, make everyone happy. We really are four peas in a pod. Also, I have a soft spot for Kraft dinner, which I think you may have known. Steve, too. He likes a can of tuna mixed in; I favor a can of Leseur peas. I get it, really. To me, the beef broth was just slightly too strong. The chicken broth mellowed out the flavor, while the added red pepper flakes gave it some heat.

Yummy dish either way! As for the video games…this goes way back. When Paul and I first met and he came over to my place, he immediately noticed the Playstation. I think he wanted to marry me right then and there. The dill pickle potato chips sealed the deal. And please. Spaghetti-Os and ramen were a late night double treat at Sometimes they were also all I could afford, but even at that.

Ah, nostalgic food. This sounds so good. Your email address will not be published. Follow Belly Full on Instagram.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cheeseburger Mac

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Cheeseburger Macaroni-How to make homemade Hamburger Helper

Course: Main Course. Cuisine: American. Those three combined were VERY spicy! I thought this was a bit spicy and thought it was much more of a taco macaroni versus cheeseburger macaroni. My family loved it though and it all went in one night!! I agree with one of the posters who thought it was better than Hamburger Helper…. I told my husband it was a Hamburger Helper for adults!!

This looks so yummy! Quick question…Do I have to drain the tomatoes if use a Thank you so much! I made this for my hubby and myself tonight and it was fantastic. Perfect instructions, easy to make, cheap to buy, and great tasting! I think if I were making this for kids I would use diced tomatoes instead of Rotel. Thanks for sharing. Oh my! The pictures look amazing! Thanks so much. All I have to say is delish….. We made this for dinner and it was a huge hit. This is soo much better than hamburger helper. Thank you soo much for sharing. Thank you so much for this quick and easy recipe.

I thought I had made a mistake when I tried to be smart and use evaporated milk, because my cheese sauce was really thick. When I mixed the sauce in with the beef mixture, it was still perfect. I stopped buying Hamburger Helper a while ago, even though no one seemed to dislike it but me. Now I have a superior substitute!

My family loved it!

Easy Skillet Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese Recipe

I might try using the original rotel next time, the mild was just a tad much for my toddler, but he ate it anyway! Its funny Amanda that you made this because this is what I often make for my kids. They absolutely love it, only I add Sofrito to the meat which gives it this earthy,delicious flavor.

Just found this recipe posted on Pinterest and I had to try it. I changed it alittle, since we dont eat alot of red meat, I used chicken instead. I cut up a single chicken breast into small cubes and cooked it with a bit of EVOO and then followed the rest using chicken broth instead of beef broth. It was great although a little bit spicier than I though it would be from previous comments.

I wonder what I did to make it that way, maybe the taco seasoning I used. Anyways, I loved it! Thank you for this recipe! I made this using Daiya cheese. I think it is so much better than Hamburger Helper. Thank you again. Thank you for another great recipe! I was apprehensive to make this one, but my husband convinced me it looked good. I am so glad he did! This was soooo good! If yes, we dont have to add any other spices it? I tried this recipe tonight for the first time. Let me say this….. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for helping me continue my quest away from boxed foods heavy with preservatives!

This was delicious just as written! Thanks again. YUMMY…even the kids liked it although they did say like others have commented that it was spicy. But it was just the right amount of spice for me and my husband. Thanks for the great recipe! I was looking for something new to make for dinner, so I came across your website and asked my husband to pick his dinner for tonight.

We happened to have a can of diced tomatoes on hand and some leftover ground beef and shredded cheese, so he chose this recipe. I was skeptical at first because it looked soupy and runny in the picture.

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I thought it would just be okay. To my surprise, it came out creamy and thick and absolutely delicious! My husband and I had 2 big bowls each and wanted more, but we wanted to save some for leftovers tomorrow! It made my house smell so fragrant and aromatic! Even without the cheese, I could eat it as is… just like a chilli mac! But my hubby prefers the cheese! There was still a kick to it from the taco seasoning, but I drank milk with my meal and I was fine! Even on a hot summer day, I would eat this drenched in sweat and make it over and over again!

What a boost to my kitchen confidence : Thank you for sharing, I will definitely be making this again and again. So cheesy and amazing. The Rotel adds such a nice flavor too. Great photos. I made this lastnight and it was a hit! I did not have the rotel tomatoes we dont have them here in Vancouver BC so I used regular diced tomatoes and to get the kick of the chilies I used a couple of tablespoons of salsa.

It was so good! Thanks for sharing this one. Thanks so much for sharing, even if I am drooling and wondering how I can make this :. Nothing hits the spot like good old comfort food. Maybe add some spicy jack cheese and red pepper. Kick it up a notch and it would be perfect! What size can of diced tomatoes should I purchase?

Linda Lemon Drop. This looks so good. I have had a recipe for cheeseburger macaroni that I have used for years…just threw it away!!! This is absolutely delish!!! This is the first meal I ever cooked for my husband. He loved it! Thank you! I tried this the other night. I told my husband it was the alternative to Hamburger Helper.

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He absolutely loved it and has forbid me to make boxed hamburger helper ever again. It was amazing!! I made this last night, it was great! Substituted ground turkey for beef, used whole wheat pasta, and low fat cheese. I just whipped this up for me and my boys for lunch, and it was a Huge Success. Going to give it a try for dinner. Love the simple ingredient list, always have that stuff handy. This recipe looks like the perfect complement for watching the big game on the weekend — With an ice cold brew.

I have kids with the most sensitive taste buds ever. Even ketchup is spicy for them. But this dish was a total hit! They each downed two helpings and asked for more. Thank you!! I stumbled upon this recipe last week and knew I had to make it! Well, not for us anyway. Plus, we had a ton of beef broth left in the mixture. Was it due to the beef? Newb here. I had mild taco seasoning and mild Rotel with green chilies. Next time I might make it a little different but overall we liked it.

Much better than Haburger Helper. I made this tonight for myself, my husband and my brother and sister-in-law and everyone loved it! Not too hard to make and tasty! Thank you for sharing :. We made this last night and it was awesome!! I have a feeling it will be made plenty of times in the future. Reminded me of a post you had last year around Christmas. I love your website and I make a few things from it each week…especially the creamy alfredo except I used grilled chicken , that is by far my favorite.

Oh my goodness that looks possitively scrumptious! My mouth is watering at this moment. Thanks so much for posting your recipes I also made the shrimp pasta last week and it was also great , we are always trying new ones out to add to our monthly rotation. Just stumbled upon this page via SU — fantastic I love your step by step graphics for cooking this dish — looks pretty darn tasty. One to give a go — You may want to think about doing a video for this that would be great. Cheers — nice recipe.

I made a huge batch of this for our family and guests, and it was a huge hit! We used cheddar and colby jack cheeses and it was fantastic! This is my new favorite meal!! Love this!!!! I am going to make a double batch and keep some in the freezer for anytime I feel like having some.

Tried this last night and it was a a hit!

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese - Courtney's Sweets

Loved how quick and easy it was. Thanks for sharing Amanda. Great Recipe!! I made thi for dinner tonight. I loved that I already had everything to make it. Thank you, Amanda! I made this recipe the other night and I loved it!! I was skeptical about parts of this meal. Now, for the changes I made to the recipe. First, I ended up getting about 1.

Finally, instead of taco seasoning, I used some grilled steak seasoning, and it came out quite good. One cup of broth and one cup of water drastically reduces the sodium, as well as using a different set of spices. All in all, a fantastic recipe. It was fantastic! Thanks for a great recipe!!

Homemade One Pot Cheeseburger Macaroni (Stove Top)

I made this for my family last night…I have a 6 year old and 3 year old who are both super picky eaters…they loved it!! My 6 year old asked for seconds!! For sharing, and all the work you put in this page for us readers ;. Found this recipe on Stumbleupon, and made it last night for dinner. We altered the recipe a bit by using Ground Chicken and Chicken Stock and then we added some chopped garlic and onions and used Rotel Original and Spicy Taco Seasoning.

It had a great kick and was really delicious! This was so good! When I was a kid I loved cheeseburger macaroni night. But ours came from a box. It got two thumbs up from the hubby too. Thanks for sharing!!! I will definitely be making this again and again! This was a hit at my house. My husband loved it. I added shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, diced onions and diced pickles on top. It was delicious and very easy to make. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Fantastic recipe! I made it last night and it was filling and tasty. Perfectly seasoned. I used reduced fat cheddar to save some calories and it was great.

Only issue I had was there was still quite a lot of broth left even after the noodles were completely tender. Made the cheese sauce thinner, but after it sat for a bit, it thickened up OK. I might use a little less broth next time. I usually hate anything hamburger helper related but this was excellent. I used less sodium taco seasoning, soy milk and veggie ground. I also added onions to the veggie ground and paprika to the cheese sauce. Soooo good. My husband has put this in is his top five favourite dishes. Thank you so much for sharing this.

This recipe looks great! And my mom will be so happy. She hates canned soup. Just made this for dinner! It was spicy not perfect! It does remind me of hamburger helper… this is waayyyy better! What a great and easy recipe, thanks! Made this for supper tonight. Very good, though! My husband and I are partaking of this deliciousness as we speak…yummy!

Thanks for the new recipe!!!! Amanda, Looks delicious! Thank you so much for including the calorie count!! That really helps. I was inspired by YOU to lose some weight in January. I followed your super easy suggestions and have lost 20 pounds!! Thanks again for the inspiration and the fab recipe!! This recipe sounds easy, fast and good. My kind of meal. It reminds me of Hamburger Helper but this one is much healthier. OK Amanda, please come cook for me and family???? You have the best recipes, thanks for giving me ideas for dinner!

Have a great weekend! I love dinner recipes like this, I think my boys would go nuts for it : Have a great weekend girl!! Oh my word Amanda, your recipes are not good for my waistline! This looks fantastic! Thanks you for the printable recipe and the links at the end!!! It has been along time since I have had it! Think I will have to make it this weekend! We are having this for dinner tonight! I already had hamburger out thawing for something else, but as soon as I saw this recipe, I decided on it instead : Thank you so much!

Thank you SO much for making nutrition facts available for this recipe. It makes it much easier for me to follow the Weight Watchers program when I have that information! We also love your Ultimate Baked Beans. I made them for a large gathering last weekend and everyone was talking about them! It was a HIT!! My husband loved it, and so did my 2 year old!

Total deliciousness!! Wow, looks delicious, I cannot wait to make it! One question: do you just use regular grated cheddar cheese? Anyway, I cannot wait to try this, I love your recipes. Thanks so much for sharing them!! The trick to this is to remove the sauce from the heat before adding the cheddar. Give it a few good stirs to cool it down before adding the cheese — there will still be plenty of residual heat to melt the cheese. I am going to use the shredded Velveeta cheese you can buy in the bag. I agree about the cheddar. I generally allow for calories for dinner..

This falls right in the middle! My Weight Loss Story. Maybe I will email my husband this recipe so that he can stop buy Hamburger Helper! What a great alternative and probably less caloric than the store bought stuff. Thanks Amanda. I plan to have my children make this one soon. They are 8, 6, and 4. The two older ones want to make dinner sometimes and having pictures to help them along the way so they feel like they are making the meal by themselves is perfect.

Mindy — check out the bottom right of the recipe….. Amanda thinks of everything! Amanda: Here a great idea. A lot of us would love to have a print this recipe click button somewhere after or before the recipe. Then when we click it, the recipe will open in a new window, and we can then just easily print the recipe with title and all. Just a suggestion that I think a lot of us would love! Your email address will not be published. Follow Me on Instagram!

Cheeseburger Macaroni Homemade Hamburger Helper. Description A delicious, easy homemade Hamburger Helper recipe you can make in less than 20 minutes with only a few simple ingredients. Instructions Brown and drain hamburger meat. Stir in taco seasoning, Rotel, beef broth, and macaroni. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat and cover pan. Simmer mins until macaroni is tender. Whisk in the flour and cook, whisking for 5 minutes until fragrant and light brown in color. Add the milk and bring to a boil.

Whisk until smooth and thickened. Remove from heat and stir in the shredded cheddar cheese until melted.

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  8. Add the salt and pepper to the cheese sauce. Pour the cheese sauce over the hamburger mixture. Stir gently to combine. Easy Lasagna Recipe. Loved it, but more important my husband stopped buying the tasty kind in a box. Kristi adkins. Just made this for dinner. I used the hit hotel because I like spicy food. It came out good! Amy Hatgaway. Will this be just as good without the Rotel?

    Sandy O. I like to add in a cup of frozen peas to provide a green vegetable in this dish. Erin s. This is so tasty. Can you tell me about how many ounces for the cheese and macaroni. Finally a Granny. Sarah C. Donna Sanderson. Linda k. Anna M. Scarlet Paolicchi. Looks way better than some boxed meal! Just had this tonight and it was a hit! Very tasty, will be making again! Your recipe rocks!

    It is sooooo delicious, and it went over quite well, with my niece, too! Nichole Spencer. Thanks for sharing this magnificent dish! Anita Anderson. Oh goodness! I made this tonight for dinner, with homemade taco seasoning. Very tasty! This is a great recipe. Third time making it and winner winner chicken dinner.

    Whitney at It's Gravy, Baby! Budd Margolis. Thank you and many blessings to you and yours. Jenny Anne. This recipe makes me feel so warm and nostalgic. I added this recipe to my blog! Samantha Andersen. Thanks for an amazing recipe! Just made this and will def make again! My husband loved it!

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