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Pick a keyboard Layout and click on Continue. Enable location services and click on Continue. In this step, you have to Sign in with your Apple ID. Wait a little while to Setting Up Your Mac. After installing macOS Sierra So you can connect to the internet via cable or a wifi dongle, like Edimax EWun.

Convert a Windows 10 Thinkpad T420 into a dual-boot macOS High Sierra Hackintosh

So if you have the already the item to install the driver, download the installer files from the like below then open it and install it by clicking continue a couple of times and type your password and hit enter to confirm installation process. This step is recommended to do before anything else because later the kext have to save here.

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So it one of the most important and easy tasks that you have to do here. One the Installation type page, make you sure you have you have selected the right disk to install the bootloader on it. After that click Customize. Now here, I will show you how to install and fix all other drives, remember the commands below are entered in the terminal and works great.

All you have to do is copy and paste this commands in your terminal. Firstly, to make all these things happen we need the developer tools, so open terminal and type the following Command. After the developer tool is installed then run the commands below in the terminal to download or copy all the important file from GitHub to your mac drive. Now this time paste the commands below to your terminal to download and install the required kext and drivers on your laptop. After running the above commands a restart is not bad to understand what works and not.

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If no then same but without first line. So you need to run the following commands. So now the files should be downloaded, run the command below to apply it to your laptop. You can do it graphically if you wish but also run the command below to finish it in a moment. If you have successfully completed the steps above, so now you are good to go with the following steps. Because if you place this config. Firstly, you have to mount the EFI partition of your laptop, where the Clover files are placed. To mount EFI you can use clover configurator or the command below. Now you need to copy the config.

So run the command below to copy with terminal. After updating your Hackintosh then the settings and patches might lose the correct configuration and the laptop might stop working properly. So after the updates you need to fix it manually. Make you sure you have installed then audio kext and patches for your laptop.

Get help to from here to boot without caches.

Now rebuild the cache, open terminal and run the following command. This command makes the audio in the cache to start working again. So download VoodoHDA. When a major update comes to the Mac OS and after installing new updates then you need to update the repo project. Intel Wifi cards will never work on macOS. The only way to have working Wifi is to replace the Wifi card.

Popular Apple MacBook Air MMGF2HN/A Ultrabook Comparisons

The config. Once those kext installed, the wifi card should appear in network configuration. You should be able to connect to your wifi network. On my T, I could only boot with config. In this configuration, clover injects a fake Intel Platform ID 0x which causes the intel graphics card not to be recognized properly. To fix this issue:.

Without video acceleration, your hackintosh will feel laguish and graphically slow. The problem is: the display is really small and the resolution is pretty high. Text is very difficult to read. Scaling down the resolution? No way, the display will be blurry. The solution? This way, you can increase the whole Operating system scale without changing the resolution. This way all the keys with Alt Gr were mapped properly.

This T has been configured and installed for a friend who needed a replacement for his mid MacBook Pro 13 inches. He first tried a brand new macbook pro 15 inches. After using it for a month with multiple issues freezes, keyboard not working properly , he fought with the Apple store to get a total refund. He asked if there was an alternative to Apple Hardware. And indeed there is! The T perfectly met his needs:.

How to enable Wifi on Lenovo VIKB with OSX ? - Lenovo Community

The T also features a water spill resistant keyboard and meets several military specs. I expect it to last at least as long as his old macbook pro! While the T is much less esthetical than the macbook pro, thanks to the tutorials found on hackintosh forums, the install went almost flawlessly.

Laptops are inherently more difficult to run macOS because of power management. If you can, better choose a conventional PC with compatible hardware. Altough a compatible machine will only encounter minor issues, some things like Brightness Control not working can be annoying. Still, if you like to learn new things, then trying to install macOS on a traditional PC is a good but hard way to extend your hardware and operating system installation knowledge. Check latest updates on the T topic.

Great guide. I read through the Tluck guide on insanelymac. Having issues with my touchpad though, scroll is jerky. Install Smart Scroll. Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. By zafirofx , October 23, in Installation Guides. Hi everyone, I bought this laptop a few months ago and I'd need Mac on my laptop bc of my work. Would it be possible? All the specs are on my signature. If someone can tell me the kexts I need or the boot flags or basically if it is possible. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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