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Similar games Fellow retro gamers also downloaded these games:. From that point on he will roam in search of souls to devour and torment. Death Knights retain the skill they had in life and thus are lethal, but they also generate an aura of fear strong enough to give pause to even the most accomplished adventurer; and those pauses rarely end in anything but death.

When in battle the Death Knight will use a heavy, double-handed sword that burns with the fires of hell. Earth Elemental : Earth elemental are servants created by a mage through magical means to perform a task. But when the creator dies before the enchantment is dispelled, the link binding the earth elemental to the mage is broken and it is freed to the world at its will.

Made of earth, stone and mud, earth elementals are devoid of any feeling and will fight until their death. They can assume any physical shape but are usually seen in humanoid form. There are 2 types of Earth Elemental which look the same: those that pummel with their fists and the more dangerous kind which can cause the earth to explode beneath your feet from a distance.

Earth elementals are afraid of water and will do anything to avoid contact with it. Forest Ogre : Forest Ogres live in the forests throughout the kingdom of Garendall. Armed with their weapon of choice, the axe; they roam the land in search of prey. Tending to be more solitary they are rarely seen with others of their kind, as forest ogres will often fight among themselves for territory or mates. Forest ogre's axes are known for their quality and durability. Ghoul : Ghouls are the most repulsive type of undead known to exist in the Garendall Kingdom. According to studies a ghoul was once a person that made a deal with a devil or demon to grant them a life of joy, excess and deprivation.

Once dead they are cursed to feed upon corpses and bring fresh souls to the evil which they have become enslaved to. Ghouls are likely to be found near graveyards but will venture in marshes, caves, and sometimes into villages to hunt living prey in the hopes of fulfilling their end of the bargain. Ghoul - Master : A common tale told by mothers to their children in order to frighten them into obedience is that of the master ghoul.

The tale is told that there is a creature called a ghoul that hunts children that misbehave. When a ghoul devours enough children it is transformed into a creature even more hideous than it was; the master ghoul. The master ghoul is said to have an even bigger appetite for misbehaving children, which is coupled by its larger size and strength. Of course most children stop believing in the master ghoul once they grow up.

Goblin : The origin of the goblin is shrouded in mystery, but from what can be gathered from old tales and legends is that goblins were magically created a long time ago to serve as fearless foot soldiers in a grand war, but unfortunately for their creator, goblins fighting abilities proved to be almost non-existent. After the war ended goblins dispersed all over Darmyl. Goblins can be encountered quite often in Garendall; they serve as soldiers, guards or mercenaries.

No goblin settlements have ever been found, but female goblins have been known to exist. Goblin - Javelin thrower : The same sort as the above except that instead of stabbing with a spear they throw javelins at you. They are still weak however. Guardian : In years long since past a powerful group of mages known as the Order of the Seasons created 4 beings of immense power and called them the guardians. They were designed to test a persons skill and ability, as well as their morals and values.

What was supposed to happen to those proven worthy has long since been forgotten.


Something went wrong and one of the guardians went berserk, killing the other 3 guardians and attacking any who venture too close to his lair. When in battle the guardian wields two heavy blades for in close fighting, and at times he will step out of range of melee weapons and send lightning at his opponent. Ice Elemental : Ice Elementals are, like earth elementals , created by magic to be guardians or to perform certain tasks for the mage that gave them life. More intelligent than their cousins of the earth, they are also more cunning and treacherous and are often used as assassins.

In combat the ice elemental will likely use its hands as blades to cause massive damage to their victim, while others will send shards of ice through the air to pummel their victim from afar. Creating an Ice elemental requires much knowledge and power that only the highest of mages can control. And if the master is killed before he can dispel the enchantment, the ice elemental is free.. Ice Imp : Ice imps are the cold-blooded cousins to the rock imp.

Like their cousins they dwell beneath the ground, though ice imps tend to burrow much farther beneath the earth. They have an innate loathing of all things living and will attempt to kill anything that violates their caves. Ice imps live in colonies averaging 50 to members, structured in hierarchal fashion. Their head fin is used to display dominance as it flares out for supremacy and lays flat for submission.

It is rumoured that ice imps drink the warm blood of their victims, though this is unconfirmed. Jellytor : Jellytor are creations of mages to guard and clean large dungeons and caves. About 5 feet high they possess an appendage that they use for orientation as well as attack. Jellytor are not very mobile and hunt in packs of 2 to 5. As they absorb whatever they move across, Jellytors are usually full of coins, bones and other small objects commonly found on cave floors. Kobold : Kobolds are considered a nuisance throughout the Garendall kingdom. Mostly encountered in forest regions, kobolds have also been seen living in caves.

They live in small communities of around The largest kobolds within the community will travel the land in search of food; mostly cows and sheep. Kobolds are generally shy and easily scared, but when food is really scarce bands of kobolds have been known to attack travellers and even small villages. Kobold - Demonic : A small band of 10 kobolds has taken up residence on the road just south of Gwyden Camp. They are hardier than most kobolds and to the dismay of travellers they have resorted to robbery.

This band of kobolds can be easily identified by their glowing red eyes, hence the population refers to them as "demonic. Liliths tend to be reclusive and will only leave their territory to find a suitable male warrior with which to mate with. Liliths possess fierce fighting skills and tend to rely on their force and steel instead of their innate magical abilities.

It is rumoured that their armour is exceptional and that they will attack anyone who sees them in order to protect their secrecy. Mage - Rogue Archmage : Rebelling against the rules of their order, Rogue Archmages are those that have been cast out of all mage societies. Rogue Archmages have red robes with indigo trim and an indigo hood. Their attacking spells are fireballs which are equal to their strength in magic. Thurdag Warrh is the most powerful rogue Archmage known in the kingdom.

Mage - Rogue : These guys have green robes with red trim and black hoods. Their attacking spells look like white balls of light with a flickering red glow. They can be found most commonly near the original headquarters of the Order of Crystal, and throughout the Northern Territories. Rogue Mages, though they don't give very good XP, give the best items of any Mage.

Mage - Wild : Wild Mages have violet robes with indigo trim, and their hoods are violet as well. Their attacking spells look like large green sparks. Manticore : Few have the chance to see a manticore and survive to tell about it. Part lion and part dragon, manticores are deadly.


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They have exceptional olfactory sense and can smell a prey from miles away. They have poisonous spikes on their tail that can paralyse their victims before ripping them apart with their powerful claws and Jaw. Manticores are very intelligent but can be bribed to servitude if the right price is paid to buy their loyalty. Medusa : Serpent witch, stone goddess and gazer of stone are all names given to the creature medusa. Medusas are women that have snakes as hair and that live in underground caves.

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Medusas are known to make sacrifices with babies and young infants they steal from villages in order to further their study and practice of the dark arts. Very deadly in combat medusa have sharp nail that can rip trough flesh and armour. Contrary to popular belief the gaze of the medusa is deadly only when she is her cave. Mindhunter : Living deep below the earth's surface these creatures are feared by scholars and mages alike. Unlike normal scholars however, they acquire their knowledge by stealing it directly from their victims mind, which is their primary and most effective form of attack.

Once under the mindhunter's control the victim will let him take all his knowledge, only to be killed a few moments afterward. Mind hunters are also fierce warriors and potent magic-users and will make use of those skills if necessary. Killing a mindhunter shortly after they steal a victim's knowledge will restore the knowledge to the proper owner. Minotaur : Few things are known about minotaur even though many attempts to study the beast have been made. It is known that minotaur are exceptional warriors, they are ruthless and fast, and that while some minotaur utilize axes and swords their weapon of choice is the scythe.

They usually travel alone or in small groups of 2 or 3. Recently, rumours of minotaur slave trader ships raiding coastal villages north of the Garendall range have started to circulate. These rumours have not been confirmed, however. Minotaur - White : Similar to their darker skinned breatheren in build, the white minotaur tend to live in caves and mountain ranges.

White minotaur are more communal and it is reported that societies exist though none have ever been found. Molespider : Due to living most of their life underground the molespider is devoid of eyes, but is gifted with a strong olfactory sense. Twice a year molespiders will come to the surface to hunt for food. Using their own eggs as bait they will lay trap for Vorkt and kobolds. If they catch enough prey to survive until the next egg laying season the spider will go back underground. If not she will wait until the eggs hatch and will devour the young spiders. Mushooze : Living in caves and dungeons mushooze are a gathering of rotting mushroom that eventually create a life of their own.

It is not known how or why they come to life but what is known is that mushooze are very deadly. Their acidic spit can and will cause severe burns upon any substance it touches, even armour. The biggest mushroom ever found was feet in diameter. Ookwasp : Ookwasps are a very large and very mean species of wasp.

They live in large underground hives that can span for miles. Even though they feed on small mammals and occasionally cattle, ookwasps will not hesitate to attack humans travelling too close to the hive. Armed with a sharp hook and a poisonous spike on their tail ookwasps will swarm and attempt to kill their prey in seconds. Forest ogres loves the taste of ookwasp flesh. Ookwasp - Killers : Cousin to the normal ookwasp, Killers are identifiable by their much larger size and their greyish coloring. Killers live to kill as their name implies, and will attack anything that moves.

Rumor has it that the killer ookwasps are not native to the Garendall Kingdom, which draws support because no hives have been located. There have been reports of killer ookwasps being spotted near where the bridge is being constructed over the Tearos River, however. Rock Imp : A usually quiet and reclusive race, rock imps are very protective of their territory and will attack anyone trespassing within it.

They live in colonies of 10 to imps in a typical hierarchal system. They grow to between 5 and 6 feet in height, tend to be muscular, and they can change the appearance of their skin to match their surroundings. Their huge head fin is used to display dominance and there are rumours that the fin can emit and receive telepathic powers. Rock imps can't stand sunlight and will very rarely travel outside. Rocky Spider : Very little is known about the rocky spider. They live underground, typically in deep caves, and they come to the surface very rarely. They have a deep blue coloring which is speculated to indicate that this spider is poisonous.

Rocky spiders tend to hunt in packs and move very quickly. Sea Giant : Very little is known about the Sea Giants, or Karnack as the fishermen of the high seas call them. It is told through tales and stories that the Karnack stand about 20 feet high. They are reputed to be amphibious and can swim underwater for a very long time. They are held responsible for many lost ships, but such claims cannot be proven. It is rumoured that a group of Karnacks have besieged Gidolan Keep, but this is mostly believed to be a fictitious tale, as no Karnack has ever been seen in the Garendall kingdom..

Semenon : Once only myths the Semenons are now well known by the inhabitants of Garendall. Semenons are physically weak and will usually rely on their cunning to catch their prey unaware. If they are unable to surprise their prey Semenons will sometimes resort to treachery, promising wealth and treasures to lure the victim back to the pack.

When forced to fight, either alone or in a pack, Semenons are savage and fight with a lust for blood. They make their lairs in caves and within humid regions like marshes. They have a fascination with jewellery and their dens are reputed to be quite rich. Semenon - Master : Every semenon society has a semenon master lurking somewhere within the shadows.

Perhaps a sub-species and perhaps a different species altogether, very little is known about the origins of the semenon masters. They seem to have the utmost control over the semenon society, and all semenons follow the masters without question. The masters have a tendency to lurk in the shadows and not make their presence known to outsiders, but if cornered or forced to fight they can be vicious and merciless.

Stone Giant : Legend has it that eons ego stone giant society was proud and striving, and that their empire spread well beyond what is now the Garendall mountain range. But these days stone giants are nothing but a rag tag bunch of troublemakers, raiding small villages and attacking caravan routes. Stone giants live in hills and mountains in bands that can reach 50 members.

Averaging 10 feet in height they possess incredible physical strength and are able the squash anything smaller than a human with a single blow of their stone club. Not really made of stone, their blue grey skin, physical toughness, and their long life spans earned them their name. Termite - White : Originally hunted because of their wood eating diet, inhabitants of the kingdom have learned to domesticate the termite for use as wood cutting beasts. Domesticated termites have learned to live in the presence of humans but if provoked they will fight back with their vicious twin bladed tail.

Even though many termites have been domesticated, herds of wild termite still exist and can be encountered in remote parts of the kingdom. The horns, it is believed, are used for communication between one termite to another. Termite - Red : A larger and more fierce species of termite. These termites are more commonly referred by the nickname "devil termite" than their smaller cousins, due to their reddish carapace and more aggressive nature. Thief - Brown robe : Weakest of the thieves. They will attack with a dagger thrust which is slightly more damaging than a goblin's thrust.

Thief - Blue robe : A bit more powerful than the brown robed thieves, the blue robes will attack either with a dagger thrust or they can throw a dagger some distance. Thief - Red robe : The most powerful of the thieves the red robes can all either thrust with their daggers or throw them. This brand of thief not only has the most hit points but also inflict the most damage. Thivuk : Of all the creatures living in the Garendall Kingdom the thivuk is one of the most bizarre.

Thivuk have the lower body of a salamander and the upper body of a man, are typically green in colour, and usually carry a lance as their weapon of choice.

Thivuk are basically evil and they will attack anything or anyone crossing their path. Troll : Trolls are the assassins of the woods, as many a traveller has fallen victim of their vicious attacks. Expert in hiding themselves in shadows, trolls tend to rely on trickery and quickness to get their prey.

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While physically strong trolls lack endurance and try to avoid long engagements whenever possible, and typically will not give chase for long. Trolls despise wearing clothing as they prefer not to make noise nor hinder movement. They live in small bands scattered around the kingdom and travel from region to region looking for food, fun and travellers to pillage. RPG and fantasy game fans, rejoice. Ambrosia Software today announced the release of Pillars of Garendall , a new action-oriented role-playing game developed using Beenox Studio's Coldstone engine.

Huge monsters, all tooth, claw, and muscle are assaulting the capitol city, threatening to crush the very heart of the kingdom in their malignant grasp," said Ambrosia.

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As the brave Royal Guard attempts to fend off the invaders, or grimly to just delay them with the sacrifice of their lives, Queen Adriana beseeches you:.