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No slice tool, patch tool, or spot healing tool. It brings some important features from Photoshop including support for layers. Pros: Supports layers. Completely free. Pressure sensitivity support. Easy to use. Cons: UI looks very outdated. Pixlr Editor One of the best online Photoshop alternatives out there, Pixlr editor does a remarkable job for editing photos.

It brings a bunch of great and powerful tools that make it one of the best online Photoshop like software out there. Pixlr Editor comes with support for layers and blending modes , a lot of effects and filters, a history tool and even has the healing tool that a lot of Photoshop users love using. Pros: Online, so it works on every platform. Supports layers and blending modes. Healing tool.

Online Photoshop Alternatives

Cons: No pen tool. Not as versatile as Photoshop. No Rulers and Guides. Being an online tool, Sumopaint can be used on any machine you have and it does offer a bunch of great Photoshop like features.

Top 5 Best FREE Photo Editing Software

The tool brings support for layers and blending modes which is a very useful feature for projects that are more than just resizing and cropping. There are also quite a lot of effects and filters that Sumopaint brings to the table — these should prove enough for most photo editing needs. However, you can use it for free, and only pay if you need the tools that are locked for pro users.

Pros: Support for layers and blending modes. Quite a lot of effects and filters. Enough tools in for basic to slightly advanced photo editing. Cons: Some tools are locked behind a paywall. Including Text tool, line tool, and more. Interface is dated. Limited file support. Plus, it brings support for layers , and also has a very font-rich text tool.

There are also a bunch of filters and effects that you might find useful. Cons: Gets slow at times. The app is available completely free to use, however, some features like blending modes are only available in the Pro version which you can buy as an in-app purchase for Rs. Cons: UI can be confusing. Contains ads in free version. The app is definitely a pretty powerful app for iOS devices, plus the masking feature works really well. Pros: Easy to use Supports curve editing and histogram Feature packed Cons:. File Support: All iPhone supported formats. The app brings a ton of cool and useful features including tools like the Pen tool, rulers, guides, and grids.

It also has support for layers with blending modes and a lot more. Pros: Powerful Photoshop substitute.

Pen tool, healing tool, clone tool and more. Supports rulers and grids. Cons: UI can be a little confusing at first. Not as many file types are supported as Photoshop. Pixelmator Pixelmator is a macOS only photo editing tool that brings with it a ton of Photoshop like features and tools, and it also supports some of the latest features that Apple has brought to macOS such as editing and exporting images stored in the High Efficiency Image File format. There are the usual features like support for layers and blending modes, a plethora of tools to use for editing the images, support for live previews and SVG files.

Pros: Feature packed.

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Supports slice tool. Cons: Hugely different UI as compared to most photo editors. So, if you want to edit existing imagery, this one isn't for you. Krita also offers training material to kickstart your illustration career or hobby , and can open PSD files, too.

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Used by over 10 million people, Canva serves up millions of stock images, hundreds of fonts, and a wide range of filters, icons, and shapes. With their resources to hand, you can drag and drop imagees into place before editing them. Net is a great free alternative to Photoshop. Also, the inclusion of layers — a feature normally reserved for expensive professional software — makes Paint. Net tough to beat. I see it as a halfway house between Microsoft Paint and Photoshop, making it easy for graphic design newbies to grasp.

And it's for that reason — among others — that I've personally been using Paint. NET for all my image editing needs over the last few years. However, unlike the GIMP, Seashore is aimed at a broader audience who just want to do some basic image editing. It's an incredibly powerful web app with an answer to most if not all of Photoshop's best features. You can use it through your browser and tolerate the ads, or upgrade to SumoPaint Pro to use it without ads. SumoPaint Pro also allows you to download the software so you can use it offline. Photoshop is a powerhouse, but if you're struggling to justify its rather heavy price-tag, then the eight Photoshop alternatives listed above should tide you over.

15 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives (August )

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