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Our Playstation picked up the device quickly and installed it. The process was so quick, that we actually thought we did it incorrect, until we noticed that the flashing indicator on the keyboard was telling us that we were indeed synced. Visual confirmation from the Playstation on screen let us know that we were ready to roll.


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The total process took less than a minute. Typically, when Playstation users want the functionality of a keyboard and mouse, they connect the two devices to an open USB port on their Playstation units. The MediaBoard Pro is great in the fact that you now have wireless freedom and ability to actually type like a grown-up - compared to the hunt-and-peck with the PS3 controller.

Immediately after the installation, we were reaping the benefits of having a wireless keyboard and pointing device. We could use the touchpad and the arrow keys to navigate around the PS3 menu, and on the Playstation Network life was much better when browsing the internet, chatting with friends, or spending credits at the Playstation Store. The keyboard allowed users to quickly set up profiles, enter web addresses, and send out text messages on the PS3 network.

The MediaBoard is worth its weight in gold while listening to music or watching movies. No more hunting around to figure out how to pause, FF, or FW. The media keys are very convenient and are placed in a great location. Logitech has been making keyboards for a long time and their expertise certainly shows in how their layouts.


Of course, this should all change when Sony eventually puts out a Bluetooth keyboard, but as of this writing, Logitech is the only manufacturer making a Sony-certified cordless keyboard for the PS3 that's been deemed completely compatible. Alas, it doesn't use Bluetooth wireless technology, opting instead for 2.

And in a nutshell, that's what's special about the keyboard.

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In all other regards, this is a pretty basic cordless keyboard, which also happens to work just fine as a basic, cordless keyboard with Windows PCs and Macs. The main points working in its favor are that it's easy to set up, it's slim and light, and it has a built-in mousepad, so you don't have to bother connecting a cordless mouse to your PS3 as well. As we said, it's slim and fairly compact, measuring 6. We suspect that a lot people will keep it on the lower shelf of a coffee table between the couch and TV.

The keyboard has a range of about 30 feet. That should be plenty of distance for most folks, considering you won't be able to read what's on your screen from that far away unless you're using a projector to cast a very large image. All in all, the keyboard seemed pretty responsive, but we were just entering text and mousing around Web pages.

The biggest drawback of the keyboard is that it doesn't have any PS3-centric buttons Circle, Square, Cross, Triangle, Select, Start, and so forth built into the keyboard itself. One major problem with using Sony's Web browser on the PS3 is that, in order to call up the address bar, you have to hit the Start button on the PS3 controller. This is really irritating and not Logitech's fault, but ideally, of course, you'd have a button on the keyboard that mimicked the Start button--or better yet, you should have the option of always seeing the address bar in the browser. In the final analysis, the Logitech Cordless MediaBoard for PlayStation 3 is really an interim product built to fill a need in the marketplace.

Until then, this Logitech certainly serves its purpose well enough, but down the road you may be sorry you didn't wait for a better option to come out. We can't guarantee the Logitech M mouse will boost your productivity, but at this price However, there are two versions. Which did you test? I just don't know if it matters at all. Good Evening GeForce forums! Just reaching out hoping for some feedback erhmm, nVidia First things first - the Shield is amazing! But I have had some issues with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

I am experience the same thing as previous posters keys "hanging" but I am also experience keyboard and mouse disconnects. The disconnects typically happen after approximately 60 - seconds of inactivity. The only way to get the mouse and keyboard working is to manually reconnect them. This happens in both console and non-console mode.

I have changed the Shield's sleep settings to 30 minutes max and this does not seem to have any effect. Any advice on this issue? I am having trouble telling if this is a hardware or software thing? Shield running 4. Do keep in mind that this is issues over the "Out of Home" remote access, In home it's perfect. Along with what I put before, I tested this again with the same mouse and keyboard both wired, with a USB hub and noticed all the keyboard buttons could be mapped in the gamepad mapper AND the mouse came up as the left analog stick.

Is it because they all need a receiver? Sorry, I just dont know much about bluetooth and would really hate to have to go out and buy all new bluetooth devices just to use with my shield. If I understand correctly, bluetooth devices broadcast a 2. I tried a Gigabyte MB Bluetooth mouse. The buttons all worked and it tracked fine, but the scroll wheel didn't work when game streaming. Is the scroll wheel unsupported when streaming? Any reason why the shield won't recognize my usb wireless keyboard? My nexus 7 recognizes both when I use it, and so does my galaxy note 3.

I'd love to be able to use this as opposed to having to buy a new bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Edit: I'm using a logitech k keyboard with the touchpad that's pictured in an above comment and a logitech wireless mouse I believe it's model mk and they're using a unifying receiver.

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This is a nice feature great job! The next step I really think would bridge the gap between keyboard and mouse is to have whatever device connected to the Shield pass through commands directly back to the desktop while in Gamestream mode. This means theoretically I could use a Keypad mapper device like the Razer Tartarus and use all of the commands that are set on the desktop and have them relayed by passing through to the Shield and back. This would make my desk with the Shield and accessories fit in smaller profile, and I could use the mouse and the Razer Tartarus keypad together with the Shield in Console Mode remotely.

By the way, the Actiontec Wireless HD has a usb pass through to achieve this and hopefully you can add this as a software feature upgrade to the Shield. I don't think multiple bluetooth devices is an issue until you get up to a lot of connected devices so having a keyboard and mouse should work well.

Thank you!

I will definitely have to try this setup when I get around to purchasing bluetooth equipment. I have a Motorola brand keyboard and mouse designed for Android. Both worked perfect although there was a little latency. The keyboard doesn't have an ESC key so it was a pain to quit out of games. That's great, but can you pair 2 bluetooth devices at the same time? I thougt that was impossible to do. Makes no sense to pair a keyboard without a mouse o a mouse without the keyboard.

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There are a few bluetooth keyboards with integrated touchpad that make sense. I will try, but the touchpad is a very bad quality one. Don't you think?