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The USB 2. The same G-Sensor allows the HD5 to automatically orient the screen so that you can use the device in Portrait as well as right- or left-handed Landscape mode, though Landscape mode, reminiscent of the HD1 and HD3, doesn't do much for us. This works only when you power on the device while it's in your preferred orientation, but you can also manually set the orientation. Most of those who have followed Sony's progress along the MP3 freeway have noticed that the Windows-only SonicStage software has gotten easier to use and is more effective.

It's still not our first choice for a jukebox application, but unfortunately, you're committed to using it for all music transfers. This includes MP3s and songs purchased on Sony's Connect. Although the HD5 will mount as a hard drive even on Mac OS, you can store data using only this method of transfer. Sony's SonicStage software is improved, but it still feels robotic, unlike iTunes, which has an intuitive, organic approach. As digital music stores grow in popularity and usefulness, understand that you're also committed to Sony's ATRAC3-powered Connect in this arena.

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The site isn't ideal--the interface isn't well laid out, and the promoted track selection could be deeper--but it maintains a dark-horse persona, given the popularity of iTunes and WMA-supported sites such as Napster. It takes a standard 6 seconds to boot, and you'll start up on whatever screen you last viewed. The first time you access the hard drive, you'll get a slightly annoying 'access' message that appears for about 3 seconds; you'll get this message occasionally during use.

However, the overall navigation--from scanning through tracks or adding tracks to a bookmark playlist--is as smooth as butter. The v2 library manager is "benign" in that it sits on top of what is already on the hard drive, and doesn't change what is already there It will change a file name if the user has configured it as such. Users can tell it an album exists in a directory, and import that group of files as an album without having the program change the header information in the tracks. Version 3 uses the header information in the tracks to get album, artist and track name information.

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The tracks are placed in the database according to what is in the tracks. When the header fields in a track are blank, the program imports the track into the unnamed album No name, no artist, no album. As a consequence, when importing tracks, many albums are placed into the album called "Unnamed". Tracks under digital rights management cannot be changed, and neither can tracks with a missing source link.

As noted above, Version 3 lacks an "Import Album" feature. SonicStage v3 classifies tracks according to the album-related information present in their headers. Users can share non-DRM files with other people.

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The main downside is that a number of features, such as the ability to recover from corrupt track lists, are still missing. Restrictions on what non administrator users could do were due to restrictions imposed by Windows XP and earlier. These restrictions are not present with Windows Vista and later.

Version 4.

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As of October , this is the latest version of the English and other non-Japanese language SonicStage. From March 29, onwards this version is no longer available for download from Sony website. Version 5. The playable codecs are same as SonicStage Version 4. It only provides a simple drag-and-drop interface and is lacking many of the newer, more advanced features of SonicStage such as the ability to transfer files back to the computer.

Retro Review Sony Walkman NW-HD5 and NW-A3000 Review/Overview

The application is intended to be installed on the Network Walkman itself. Although it can be run directly on the device, it is not truly a portable application because it requires that the driver [10] be installed on the computer. The most recent version 2. As mentioned in this forum, [14] the VAIO Music Transfer software allows files to be dragged and dropped onto the player.

More Less. Answer: A: Answer: A: Thanks for the info. I was wondering if there is a generic program that will allow me to transfer music to whatever format SonicStage is using, which I think is atrac which I understand is also propreitary. Is there any other program out there?

I know this topic has been around for a while, there has to be something! There has not been any software available to the Macs that handles these technologies. They are PC only programs and since Sony owns them, they wouldnt be too keen to other companies reverse engenerrig their software to prot it to anybody else. Your only option is to run SonicStage under bootcamp or Paralells.

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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Paul Judd Paul Judd. Feb 9, AM in response to Tia Reyes In response to Tia Reyes Sonic Stage is a windows only product and doesnt exist for mac nor is it likley that it ever will.

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