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A bit of sleuthing in Terminal helped find the mystery location. The OS 9 software is in a hidden directory called. Inside there are several files including OS9General. I was able to mount open this disk image to the desktop via the following Terminal command:. That takes a few minutes, then mounts a volume called OS 9 Content onto the desktop. To test this worked before sending to my client, I copied the two folders to an external FireWire drive formatted with OS 9 drivers , then connected this to my MDD running Tiger.

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Restart, a few screen flickers later, and voila! Welcome to Mac OS 9. Mission accomplished. My client was thrilled to hear the good news, and I sent him a copy on CD the next day. Adam Rosen said… Paul, please contact me at macmuseum oakbog. Jochen said… Hi Adam, thank you very much for this detailed Information.

I do exactly as you wrote, extracted the folders from OS9General. You have a hint for me? July 8, at AM. Make sure you can you can see the internal disk on the desktop. Do you have any hints please? Thanks, Alex May 14, at PM. Adam Rosen said… Hi Alex, your situation is probably not terminal but you need more software than you currently have.

I can help you get a copy of the Mac OS 9 software or convert your existing files to modern readable formats. May 14, at PM. Yves said… Hi Adam! First of all; thanks for this blog! One small issue though: when the machine booted OS9 for the first time; i came into the welcome screen, filled in everything and then i come into the desktop but… It has only a trash icon and my HD with OS9 present??

No Apple menu, no special menu and thus no possibilty to shut down unless pressing power button long enough Have I missed something here? I used the original restore disk 1 or can this be a hardware issue like PRAM battery or something? Many thanks in advance and greetings from Belgium! October 18, at AM. If neither works you might try reformatting and installing again.

Yves said… Thanks for the fast reply Adam! PRAM-reset I already performed to no avail but rebuilding the desktop did the trick! Thanks again and have a nice weekend. OS9 rules! BluePowder said… Thanks very much for those informations. I managed to retrieve the specific 9. I almost know nothing about os9, any help would be really great!! March 12, at AM. Hi, downloaded your cds on macintosh garden, to install on my Gigabit Ethernet, it now detects an os9 system but when I try to boot to it, a floppy with a question mark appears and my hdd starts spinning, any idea?

Try restarting and hold down the Option key after the chime, then at the select disk menu see if you can choose the Mac OS 9 disk. I can only copy all folder and document on my hard disk and it work. I also used OS9helper in classic to update a OS 9. I have a G4 mirror.

It had 1 hard drive. Another computer I had was running system 9. I took the hard drive and put it into the 2nd drive spot and hooked it up in the g4 mirror. I can see everything on that drive and I can access all the files. When I go into the system preferences and go to the startup disk and select system 9 and restart, I get a?

How To Create a Bootable MAC OSX - USB Stick IN WINDOWS !

When I try to reinstall system 9. When I try to start Classic it says the same thing. I need to run system 9 to run my Scitex software, any ideas? The link is at the bottom of the post. I found a G4 powermac the one with oval bay doors — quick silver model I think? Anyhow, I put a spare blank hard drive in it and it booted right up. If I switch them to a FW drive, will they work even though they are for intel machines?

Any other tips? Thanks for your help!

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With any burn utility you must find OS 9 boot block and make sure it's enabled. Also hard drive must be formatted by OS 9 compatible utility and also be bootable. These are key for MDD and others. I like the idea of 9 on unsupported macs but with a MDD I have no plan on doing that.

That's not the issue. About to run this finished image through a machine myself. I'll report back once I have further information. This method worked brilliantly for me on the first attempt. Personally I select 8x recording speed, but all you really need to do now is click Burn and let the Mac do its thing. When it's completed, the disk will be ready to boot your older Mac.

The installation system is customised with a different appearance. The MacOS9Lives community seems to like branding their installation media with the community name and some visual tweaks, however this doesn't extend to the installed system. I like Mac OS to look as standard as possible.

kmos9: Mac OS 9: How to create a bootable CD

When the installation system has booted from CD, you are automatically presented with Drive Setup to create new partitions and initialise drives with the Mac OS 9 hard disk drivers. Then click Restore to start the process.

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If you're erasing the destination volume during installation, it will rename the target volume to MacOS9Lives. Personally I would have preferred a standard issue Macintosh HD , but I was able to rename it back immediately after with no ill effects. The completed installation of Mac OS is a standard issue system.

It looks, feels and sounds exactly like a standard Mac OS install fresh from the installer discs would. You're even presented with the Setup Assistant. The Generic in the version number was something I added to distinguish it from the standard The image has been prepared for booting, and as demonstrated, a simple one-click burn in Disk Utility is all that's needed to produce a working disc.

It's no more difficult than preparing an OS 9 supported Mac for installation on a clean drive. When at the Open Firmware prompt, type the following - pressing return after each line:. In thanks of your help, I can give you a method three, in fact, for different models to boot a Mac PPC on an USB disk, but it's in french, could you translate it? My english is'nt good enough so that I do it myself. I have used another persons guide to booting USB and have restored your image to a USB and tried numerous other methods but still no luck.

All of the commands work it just takes me to a prohibitionary symbol when trying to boot USB. I even tried booting a I get more success when I skip the first command and follow through with the dev usb0 etc.

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Either way however, it wont boot. At one point I was able to get the checksum error that he shows a picture of in the original article. I also changed my machine ID to powermac4,3 from 6,5, but I didn't store it. However, if I choose it or if I hold 'C' on boot, either way, it takes me to a gray screen. Do I need to do anything again in OpenFirmware to get this to boot up? Sorry for all the posts. I am however having the multi display bug which is sticking me at x on the built in. Im reading backwards to find out how you fixed that.

Okay I installed the r1 version for ibook g4. You fixed the resolution but now my backlight is all the way off and they keys to adjust it aren't working. Last post. I am now working with the r1 ROM. Brightness controls are reversed. Great work you have done!. Thanks to provided info. I could only get sound to work while headphones are plugged into the headphone jack.

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When plugged in, sound plays out headphones and external speakers at the same time! But it works. I was also able to install the Unsupported G4s.