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Sweet Tooth. Masked Pilgrim. BJ Sturgeon. Yajirou Donn. Spike Chunsoft. Kevin Nash. Spirit of Jazz. We are now big enough for 3 collections! The First One. Villian in the X-men universe. Full moveset and logic. Gilgamesh from the Final Fantasy series. Reinhardt from Overwatch.

Outfits based on Overwatch official sources Logic and 2 outfits included currently Now you, too, can play as the fiend who made many a gamer snap their controllers FPW2 Rocky Balboa. Fire Pro Wrestling 2 version of Rocky Balboa. All 4 costumes, full stats, full moveset, full logic. This was Rocky's only appearance in a Fire Pro game. It was another weird character that they had AKI Man. Aaron Burr. Follow me. He's been invited to the Fire Pro tournament, and offered t Abel from Street Fighter. Costumes include: 1.

Blue Singlet 4. Please leave a ra Additional Spider Man Costume Pack. Won't count towards the Starter Marvel roster. This is just a different batch of costumes for cosmetic and fun purposes, because Spider-Man has so different various costumes it was tough to narrow it down to just 4! The lo Ichinose occasionally complains when strangers are around, but generally the tena Akira Dragon.

Recreated with original moves, additional moves in keeping with the character and era and improvised logic. Abilities and ratings of TWW edits are based on the order you fight them in the 1 player campaign so Akira Akiyama Yukari. Panzer vor! Moveset and logic. Two costumes Alan Parsons Project. Albert Einstein. Aleksandra Zaryanova. Zarya, the strongest woman in the world, has come to the ring to prove herself with a World Heavyweight title! No one without a movement ability or invulnerable ulti can escape her Graviton Bomb! Has two costumes, her regular d Alexander Grater.

The original can be found at his workshop. This was a interesting one to tweak, i found hi Alexander Hamilton. Former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. Feel free to edit and re-upload Alfred Pennyworth. A trusty butler and aide of the Batman. This old army veteran is really quick to get up, really fair and objective, but not as quick on his feet as he used to be due to old age Alice in Wonderland. Allen Iverson. Alley Viper. Amanda De Santa. Andi The Raid. Angel from the arcade game "Pit-Fighter". This is one of the most difficult characters I made, since her At least her moves are very similar.

Features basic AI logic. BTW, If someone have a problem Angel from the KOF series. Animal Man. Anna Frozen. Although most tend to focus on her sister, don't underestimate this Danish treat. She never backs down from making the sacrificial play, and she's not intimidated by an opponents foot size. Annihilator is from the GI Joe cartoon series and toy line. He is one of Destro's elite helicopter troopers Anthony Hawk from the arcade game "Battle K-Road". Since the game uses very established stereotypes and very realistic moves, creating this character was very easy, design-wise.

Aquaman Arthur Curry. Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, a member of the JLA and the best of both the surface world and the oceans.

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Several fish-theme moves used as signatures. Likes his "Crab W Ariel The Little Mermaid. She wants to be a part of this world, and nobody will stop her. She may not say much when you first wash up on her shores, but she lets her actions speak for themselves. Artemis Dubois. Asgore Dreemur. Avery Johnson. He knows what the ladies like. Sergeant Johnson from the Halo series. Axel Foley. Axel Stone. Aya Enomoto. Now touring the world with his 8 solo studio albums. Up the Blaze Bally Allen. Let Mortal Kombat begin! Barney Fife.

Barry Gibb Bee Gees. Barry Alan Crompton Gibb is a British singer, songwriter and record producer who rose to worldwide fame as a co-founder of the group Bee Gees, one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed groups in the history of popular music. With his I am Vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!

I changed the finisher from the Ultimate hold to the new Arm Hold Dangerous Knee Kick as I have come to feel the Ultimate hold is a bit ridiculous for Batman, and that knee to the face is pretty brutal and Batman Bruce Wayne. Human amongst Gods. Massive parental problems and an orphan complex though Beheaded Kamikaze. Belle Beauty and the Beast. A free thinker who doesn't judge by one's appearance, Belle can read her opponents like no other and can book a good match. Belokk Mortal Kombat Gold. The scrapped demon-looking guy from Mortal Kombat Gold makes his way into being the third ent Ben Throttle Full Throttle.

Ben Throttle is the protagonist of Full Throttle, an adventure game developed by Lucasarts. Ben is the leader of the Polecats, a biker gang that was framed for the crime of Malcolm Corley, the founder and CEO of Corley Motors, the last domestic motorcycle Benimaru from King of Fighters. Based off his XIV appearance. Has moveset and logic, points The space gal who loves to fight. Despite her rowdy image, she makes a loyal friend and is quite good-looking.

From Urusei Yatsura. One attire. Has moves. Logic coming soon Betty Rat Queens. Betty ain't no fool. She's the hippie lesbian Smidgen thief of the Rat Queens. Make sure to keep your eyes on her at all times, because she's watching you too. Just don't put her in charge of provisions; all she'll bring is candy and 'shrooms. Outfit 1: S Biff Slamkovich.

Ahh Biff Slamkovich, the other soviet wrestler created by Capco Bill S. Preston, Esquire. Full moveset and logic, plus four costumes: E Bill Withers. Birdy Cephon Altera. Black Adam Teth Adam. The nemesis of Shazam and the Ancient Egyptian predecessor of Shazam. Uses big grappling powerhouse moves, similar to Shazam but not a carbon-copy. A more trained and less straightforward version of Shazam, similarly to how Zod is a more martial arts focu Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance.

Dinah Laurel Lance, the strategist and one of the best martial artists of the Justice League. Has a thing with the Green Arrow. Black Manta David Hyde. The sneakiest pirate, merc. The nemesis of Aquaman. I very nearly made Deathstroke instead of this guy, that's until I saw that he's coming out on Injustice 2 soon so I thought may as well Black Widow. The elusive Black Widow, the exotic wrestler with a surreal bodysuit and a synthesi Blair Dame.

Moveset is mostly based around kicks and leg submissions. Complete with Moveset, Stats and Logic. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome Blaze Fielding. From the legendary Streets of Rage series. First version, includes stats, moveset, CPU logic and two outfits. Tried to approximate her moveset to follow the games as much as possible, but had to improvise in some places. Feedback is welcome, enjoy! Blossom Utonium.

Full move and logic, probably not my most quality work as she's ported from my early FPR Blue King. Abilities and ratings of TWW edits are based on the order you fight them in th Blues Hablam. Moves, skill, and logic. Based on original edit by MacKenus, All i did was to tweak the character, giving it extra attires,parameters and change the moveset for accuracy - All credit for logic, and original base is due to MacKenus. Here's something funny about Fire Suplex - It Bob Newbie The Sims. Tired of endlessly telling players how to rotate the camera, Bob Newbie decides to leave the neighbourhood and pursue a career in wrestling.

Bob is clearly not a fighter so he fights dirty to keep the upper hand. Bob has a full moveset, AI and 4 costumes b Bobby Random. Bobby Random no in game name from Saturday Night Slam Masters appears with 2 other guys after beating the game twice Moves, skill, and logic. Borat Sagdiyev.

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Moves and Logic included. Popular reporter from Kazakhstan Boris Chekov. Bret Hart The Simpsons. Brian Peppers. Point is pt. Brienne Of Tarth. The greatest and most honorable knight of Westeros, now ready to face her foes in unarmed combat. But only because swords aren't in this game Bruce Lee. So I am trying to use it with logic and return technique. Bubbles Utonium. Buena Girl from "Mucha Lucha". As always, some license was taken on her moves. Features basic AI logic Burger-Pants BurgerRef.

For those peeps who wants a Undertale Related ref Not sure if this is the first one tho Buttercup Utonium. Oh my!

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Oh Dear! I cant wait to Power-Bomb some dodongos! Captain America Steve Rogers. To start things off for Marvel's Roster - the flagship, Hitler-punching, shield or in this case - chair swinging American icon. Captain Commando. Captain Commando, based on his Marvel vs. Capcom appearance! Captain Harlock. Captain Marvel. Carey Fangbattle. Carey Fangbattle from The Adventure Zone. Cassie Cage. It does run in the family! Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat X. Chairperson Rival Schools. Chairperson, from Rival Schools, is here to take her alleged mastery of Saikyo-ryu by mail to your Fire Pro universe!

Has a moveset and AI. You can down Chameleon Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Not really a Kombat Underdog people like the ninjas that actually exist so y'know , but I wanted to do this little experiment anyway. And you don't have to highlight another character and hold 5 buttons until the fight starts to play as him! His movese Chang Koehan. Also known as "the fat guy" in arcades around the world, it's Chang Koehan from The King of Fighters series! Charles Barkley. Charlie Nash.

Charlie Nash from Street Fighter. SFAlpha classic 2. SFAlpha classic Pallete swap 3. SF5 New Resurrected Skin 4. Please leave a rating whether you Cheetah Barbara Ann Minerva. One of the more important villains of Wonder Woman, Barbara was an archeologist who became an avatar of the Cheetah god, obsessed with Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and its powers. Plays as a vicious close and personal striker. Lots of palm strikes, dives Chen Kenichi. Chloe Price. Chloe Price from Life is Strange. Cunning and devious, but still a loyal tag team partner in her way.

Smackwiches included Chris "Turn down for" Watters. Chris Watters, Gamespot and Ubisoft, author Watter you waiting for! Chris Gethard. Appearance is based on the Fight for the Fish episode. Includes three attires, has moves and logic, and uses only 65 points.

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Chuck Norris. Actor Chuck Norris had a legitimate karate background, he was a great point fighter. Once full-contact karate became popular though, he became an actor.

He was also featured in Fire Pro Advance 2. I went wi Cid Highwind. Drink your tea. Although she has a strict curfew, she gets all she can while she can. This rags-to-riches girl is delicate yet deadly. Claude Speed. Clover Field. Apparently this isn't her first rodeo. Two outfits: and VLR Clown Akira.

Clown gang from film Akira. Three attires. Moves, logic, parameters, full edit Coop from Megas XLR. Still working on moveset. Open to suggestions for his moveset Cortana CTN Corvette Owner The Big Lebowski. After the Dude's car is found by the police, he finds the homework of a high school student named Larry Sellers stuck in one of the seats. Walter and The Dude go to his house, believing Larry has also stolen the briefcase full of money that was in the car Count Juan Raphael Dante born John Timothy Keehan, Chicago, Illinois, 2 February , died 25 May was a controversial American martial artist figure during the s and s who claimed he could do extraordinary feats such as Dim Mak.

In Counter-Strike Terrorists. The terrorist team from Valve's Counter-Strike, one skin for each attire! Craig Boone. Boone, the 1st Recon companion from Fallout New Vegas! Creepy Susie is a friend of Milo and is one of the Clubhouse kids. She also is a student at Hill Valley High. She is of French descent and has an accent. The pollution has given her the ability to float 6 inches above the ground, and gave her a lazy eye Crested Ibis. Could you be a fan of mine? Crimson Glory. Born and raised in the American midwest, Glory always had a passion for more roughneck Curt Wootton Pittsburgh Dad.

D-Mob started out as Darrell Lewis, and grew up in Baltimore. While still in his teens, he turned a neighborhood corner into a network of hustlers who worked for him. By the time he came to New York, he was a bonafide crime lord. In his bid to control the The original Perfect Dark simulants weren't always humanoid like in their appearance. They were fabricated scraps of metal bound around a coal furnace and oil lubricated pistons.

Coming in colours of heal The Tournament of Power is underway, and the Great Priest is enjoying the show with a sadistic grin! The Great Priest from Dragonball Super is a fair judge, but he will not tolerate any illegal action, or permanence outside of the ring he personally cre Dake Ken. Damian Wayne. This is Damian wayn, vurrent Robin and son of Batman.

The fourth in line of Robins Batman has had as sidekicks. Dan Backslide. Unhand that title belt Dan Backslide! Comes with moveset, and cpu logic He protects the citizens of Amity Park from the dangerous ghosts of the Ghost Zone as a ghostly superhero. Danielle "Dani" Phantom is a younger, female version of Danny Phantom, created accidentally by his archenemy, Vlad Masters when trying to clone Danny Phantom.

She is the only clone that wasn't destroyed. Dani has 4 outfits 1 Human Form Outfit 2 Ghos Daphne Blake s the fashion-loving member of Mystery Inc. Daphne's characteristic trait in the gang is her tendency to get into danger. Daphne has displayed many abilities, such as having a black belt in Karate; she can use different kinds of. She can us Dark Demon King Dynamite Headdy. Having taken over the puppet world, Dark Demon King seeks to spread his kingdom to pro wrestling.

DD has a full moveset, AI and two costumes. I cannot believe it! Darth Vader. The feared Star Wars dark lord. Uses the Force to bend or destroy all opposition to serve the Empire. Dave Grohl Foo Fighters, Nirvana. David Eric Grohl is an American rock musician. He reached fame as the drummer for Nirvana and he is the founder and frontman of the Foo Fighters, of which he is the lead singer, one of three guitarists, and primary songwriter. He is a singer, songwriter David Byrne.

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground Deathstroke Slade Wilson. One of the most deadliest assassins of the DCU and the resident badass.

Yeah, I know that FPWW doesn't allow switching colors of separate parts of a piece making his signature black-orange two side mask impossible to replicate, but I really love ole Deady Dee Rat Queens. An agnostic priestess of a Lovecraftian cult, Dee suffers from crippling social anxiety, but she won't let that stop her from battling along side the Rat Queens.

Delia Blue Eyes. Delia Ketchum. Desus Nice. Fuego, Stanley Cups, Mr. Becks on Deckington. Don't talk to him in the Uber Pool, he doesn't know you. Dick Tracy. Dieter The Big Lebowski. They come up with a plan to get money from Jeffrey Lebowski the millionaire, not The Dude when Bunny Lebowski left town. They pre Dimebag Darrell Pantera. He'll be seeing you. Doyle McPoyle. Outfit, moveset and logic Dr Guildo. Drakken from Kim Possible. Check out my profile for more Kim Possible characters The classic version of Dr. Eggman has decided to become a referee to get some funds for his badnik-creating material.

He doesn't care about calling it right down the middle and prefers to get his matches over with, so he counts everything very fast. He als Dropsy The Clown. Dropsy the Clown from the self titled indy game. He's a clown that wants to be your friend and loves giving hugs! Duck Hunt Dog. Nintendo Wii U. Includes movelist and logic edited from longhill30k's Vanessa.

Dynamite Headdy. Headdy makes the jump from the puppet show to another type of performance- professional wrestling! Headdy has a full moveset, AI and 4 costumes. And yes, there are headbutts Eddie the Head. Iron Maiden's mascot comes complete with logic, moves mysterious style, equal parts high-flying and dast Edgar Allen Poe. El Stingray. The masked luchador whose Capcom totally ignored when Street Fi El Tigre. Elena from Street Fighter. Pallete swap of Classic Red 3. SF4 Alternate Schoolgirl 4. Please leave a rating whether you like or disli Ellen The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

She's a girl, and a friend, but not a girlfriend. From the cult classic Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete and Pete," Ellen is a precoscious and determined young lady and the best friend of the elder Pete. She will be fair and thorough when calling a Elsa Frozen. This hot blooded Ice Queen isn't bothered by the cold, nor does she live by society's expectations. Elwood Blues. During recruiting, all souls are fair game.

Although the squad's traits vary extremely, recruiters generally search for lost cause souls; typically peop Ember McLain is a character and ghost villainess in Danny Phantom. According to one of the creators for the show, before she died, Ember was an unpopular high school-aged girl who had large dreams of becoming a rock star. One day a boy asked her out to Endless Mike's outfits include Standard, Uniform wrestling attire, and Main Event wrestling attire from the episode 'Pinned. Ermac from the Mortal Kombat fighting games has arrived!

Complete with 3 attires, moveset, and AI logic. Suggestions are welcome for future updates. Esme and Miss Floom. Esmeralda The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This saucy temptrest doesn't descriminate when it comes to doling out punishment. Agile and alluring, she can make a priest question his lifestyle. Perfect Dark simulants can also enforce the rules of battle. They scale from fast to slow in regards to counts, interactions and recovery from falls. They are coded according to colour. Subscribe to all 5 for access to varying speeds. Fat Clown Batman Returns. Low stats, moveset hip drops and sentons and 2 attires Filthy Frank.

Final Fight 2 Thugs. Final Fight Fat Thugs. The fat enemies from Final Fight, one for each attire: G. Oriber, Bill Bull and Wong Who. Also with low stats, but with better defense and attack than the normal thugs. Final Fight Thugs. They have very low stats, so use them as punching bags. Fionna previously spelled Fiona and also known as Fionna the Human is an in-universe fictional character and the gender-swapped version of Finn who was created by the Ice King in his fan-fiction from a strange red glowing inspiration during Ice King's sl Foo Fighters Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

She's not in the new timeline. She's been rejected from a playable role in not one, but TWO crossover fighting games. She didn't even get a cool Medicos figure. So what's a lonely mass of plankton in the shape of a lesbian to do? Well, thankfully, Fox Mulder. Appearance only for now Franken Furter. Somewhat accurate recreation of the best part of Rocky Horror.

I plan to fix up the AI down the track Frankie Foster is caring, friendly, hard-working, sweet, capable, easygoing, attractive, but still short-tempered granddaughter of Madame Foster. According to her driver's license, she was born on July 25, , is 5'8" ft tall, and weighs pounds and h Franzska von Karma. Foolish fools fooling with foolishness. Full moveset and CPU logic included Fred is statuesque and brave; everything that the group's other male human member, Shaggy Rogers, isn't. Over the y Freddy Fazbear. From the manga Futaba-kun Change! A member of his school's wrestling club, he comes from a family that changes sex when "excited" First attempt at making an existing ch Gajet from "Tuff Enuff" aka Dead Dance in Japan While he have some the same moves like his brother Vortz, he also have some heel-like moves as his own.

One of the X-Men. Garcian Smith. Garcian Smith, the Cleaner from Suda51's Killer7. Garfield is the titular main and primary protagonist of the long-running franchise of the same name, created by Jim Davis Garnet From Steven Universe. Garnet is the fusion of Ruby and Sapphire and the current de-facto leader of the Crystal Gems. Garnet is one of the last surviving Gems on Earth who joined the Crystal Gems in the rebellion against the Gem Homeworld, and afterwards assisted her friends in Garrosh Hellscream.

Garrosh, Warchief of the True Horde, has come to the Ring of Blood and Honour to prove himself in Mak'gora, or whatever rules your wrestling promotion has. Even when taking your lumps There's no man in town as admired as you You're everyone's favorite guy Everyone's awed and inspired by Gen1 Megatron. Gene Starwind. General Zod Dru-Zod. The exiled general of Krypton. Not kneeling before Zod is known to be bad for health.

A more disciplined and focused on martial arts version of Superman with more technical slams and quicker, more focused strikes. Warrior Sp. Skill instead of Superman's H George R. Who else should be the final say in what happens to all of Westeros? Surely not David and Dan? Head edit from darthramious Giant Dad. Dark Souls meme with full moveset and logic. Kallark, the Gladiator, leader of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard! Glenn Danzig Mature version. Glenn Danzig decided to stop touring and recording to finally pursue a wrestling career on the WWE.

He's ready to destroy all the PG content and make wrestling a force to be reckoned with once again! Goblin - Xeb Des.

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  • There are currently three attires standard and business goblin and AI has been sorted through, but not thoroughly tested as m Gochack Bigbomb. Goku Ultra Instinct. Goku's new form in Dragon Ball Super with shirtless as an alt Goku Son. Goldar Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Theme song file name: Amon Amarth - Asator Gordon Ramsay. Yes CPU Logic? Grand Dad. Greco Chrono Cross. One of the only worthwhile Chrono Cross character designs fight me , Greco is an ex-wrestler who is also a psychic, who is ALSO an exorcist. It's Chrono Cross, just Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

    Focus on "American" punching. Relatively strong phy One of the legendary Greybeards from the land of Skyrim has decided to try his hand as a referee. No one knows which one since they really don't talk.

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    That also plays a part in his officiating. Since even a whisper of their voice is said to kill a man, the Gulab Jamun. Guy Fieri. Guy Kazama Last Alert. His theme is the Stage theme from Last Alert, with the filename 's-lastalert. You can d Guy is the field reporter for the heavily dubbed television show, MXC. His logic is based around moving around, slowly approaching for an interview with one of the fighters. Gyro is a master of the Spin, applied with his Steel Balls, developed in the service of the King of Naples. He joins the Steel Ball Run race to win amnesty for a child he is assigned to execute.

    Gyro Has 3 outfit If hats get added into the game I Dusted off and added to t Han Zo Mon. Hannah Rat Queens. This rockabilly Elf sorceress founded the Rat Queens to make money and party. Unfortuantely, they create more problems than they fix. The only thing more complicated than her lovelife is her lineage. Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn with 4 attires, full moveset, and logic. Harley Quinn Harleen F. Harleen F. Quinzel was tasked of treating the Joker in Arkham Asylum, unbeknownst to everyone - the Joker was treating her.

    Uses quick jabs as setups for slower more acrobatic kicks. Shares a couple of heel specific moves with the Joker and likes her I love "Suicide squad". I edited "Hurray Quinn" specialized for "Suicide Squad". Harry Callahan "Dirty Harry". Pts "We're not just going to let you walk out of here. Harry Potter. He should be good to go Haruhi Suzumiya. On the surface, the beautiful club leader of the SOS Brigade. In truth her increasingly eccentric behavior has the potential for supernatural catastrophe.

    Mabase's newest resident, an extraterrestrial investigator for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood.

    Mac Lethal “Black Widow Spider”(Remastered)

    She becomes the Nandaba household maid while working to find Atomsk, the most powerful space pirate in the galaxy. Hatsune Miku Sand Planet. Awesome information!! I am definitely going to have to read this again to guide my personal study and prayer time. I have been a procrastinator for 28years, all of my life, and have yet to shake the habits of this daunting spirit.

    I have prayed and cried out for God to deliver me ever since I noticed this was a struggle. What do you think? Although we do have to go through things in this life and often we have things that do not go away readily, I believe the Word of God fully. I believe that God desire for us to live an abundant life full of joy and happiness John ; and that all good things come from Him James If you have had a lifetime of allowing the procrastination spirit to stunt you, then you will need to walk away from that spirit and learn new habits, a new way.

    This will take time and commitment from you. God will not make you do anything, but He will guide you and give you the strength to do it. And, always remember; although Paul had a thorn in his flesh he continued to cry out to God until he received an answer. Have you received an answer from God that you must be burdened with this spirit your entire life?

    Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this blog. Barbara, I have not received an answer from God that I must be burdened with that spirit for life. I will continue to seek God and pray on this. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. Wechat Free Download Android 2.

    nmt-android/ at master · harvardnlp/nmt-android · GitHub

    Ipa Iphone 3g. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. About Meet Ms. Here are a few more steps to help you move forward and away from procrastination: Start with something easy. Do not take on a task or project that is going to be challenging, hard, or a lot of work.

    Start anywhere. Stay away from excuses. Believing that you work better under pressure. Thinking that you can finish it at the last minute. Blaming sickness or poor health. Waiting for the right moment. The key is recognizing they are excuses. You must increase the value of completing the tasks. The more value, the more motivation. You must think concrete to overcome procrastination. Thinking concrete helps you get started. Write down the things you need to get accomplished. Do not rely on memory.

    You may get to a point in the distant future when you can depend on your memory to get things done, but it takes practice and becoming more aligned with acting and not procrastinating. Do not over think; do not doubt. Doubt will kill your motivation and create the atmosphere for procrastination. The scripture tell us that doubt is fear; doubt is unbelief. Forgive yourself. When you forgive yoursel f for procrastinating you actually release yourself to feel better about the task at hand. Telecharger Android Market acer aspire one ao roccat kave xtd 5.

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